It’s so delicious that the flying lazy version@ fails


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Small dried fish moderate amount

A little incense



Old smoking moderate amount

Moderate amount of edible oil


Affordable amount of green onion ginger

2 dried peppers

2 green peppers (not added)

A little chicken essence


A spoon of water


Practice step

1. Small dried fish in the New Year, soak for one night.

2. Add Lidami in the small pot. Thirteen incense. Old soy sauce. Edit oil. Onion ginger. Chicken essence. Dry pepper. Green peppers (I did n’t put green peppers this time), a spoonful of waterCan).


3. The soaked small dried fish goes to the end, cut it into a small section, put it in the soup, and stir it to steam it in the pan.

4. Cold water pot, steam for about 15 minutes after the heat on the fire.

5. Put out of the pan!


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