“The State Plays” Xu Xu has a 31-year-old steady, white T-shirt with shorts, quite fresh


Sharing the most classic fashion dress, so that you can make a high-level sense in the four seasons, women are not lacking, only lack of stimulating skills, will wear, let you become an elegant woman with taste!

# 变 美 百科 全 # #

# 我 花 生生 #

In the fall, men’s wearing still is mainly refreshing, and the color of the refreshing style is simple and the male temperament is relaxed, 30+ men need to master the simple and refreshing matching method, let the image charm have personalized Expression.

T-shirts are a refreshing match, such a minimal simplicity, showing sunshine, and then produces age.

In many t-shirts, white t-shirts are best suited for men, and the clean atmosphere can make the temperament become fresh, pure, and simple printing can show trend temperament, so that the image is rich.

White T-shirts are matched with different types of shorts, but also form a different style, so men should pay attention to the style and color of shorts in the selection of shorts.


The white t-shirt Xu Wei’s white t-shirt is very different. Xu Wei does not wear sportswear. It is quite temperament. T-shirt is mixed with short pants, fresh and simple shows good body. “The State Plays” Xu Wei has a 31-year-old steady, white T-shirt with shorts, quite fresh.

Xu Wei’s T-shirt + shorts

White T-shirt design

Men’s T-shirt’s model can be divided into




Two kinds, compared, the audience of the loose T-shirt is higher, and the choice of loose T-shirt can cover up the body shape, showing a distinguished or strong.

The color of the T-shirt is more, many men like to wear a dark T-shirt, think of darkness can showcase temperament, while light color is relatively weak. In fact, the clean light color can make the wearing more



Give an image


Let the male have a relatively young image.

The charm of the white T-shirt is not bad, and anyone can look full of strength, if you worry about white gas, choose to have


The style can make up for insufficient.

Shorts design and match


The type of shorts can be from




Style characteristics

Many analysis, the length of men’s shorts is rarely above the knee, such shorts are mostly sports shorts, wearing a relaxed and energetic.

The color of the shorts is also very shallow, wearing a light-colored top, usually with shorts that are slightly deep than top, to ensure that shorts have enough carrying capacity, let the up and down match

Difference contrast

Whole temperament charm

Male wear to keep


Features, T-shirts and shorts are loose single products that enhance the advantageous temperament, showing uniqueness of matching.

Although the match with shorts and shorts is not a new wave, it can still wear personality and characteristics.

Personality features

Highlight, personal appeal will not be poor.

T-shirt + shorts

When the T-shirt is in short pants, it should be noted that the T-shirt is directly on the outside, and the male wear does not need to optimize.

Body proportions

, As long as the figure is displayed





The match with shorts and shorts is trying to show color

Combination sense



The match can make the image more temperament, which exhibits the characteristics and does not cause the wearing complicated.

T-shirts are also very modified for temperament, wearing a single or monotonous, with simple form, but personality will change with the difference between the single product design, master the white t-shirt and shorts Take fashion, men can trend over the autumn.

White T-shirt + shorts

White T-shirt + solid color shorts

Want to have a clean and net male temperament, then choose

Solid color


Wearing is the best, white t-shirt with solid color shorts to show refreshed and clean.

Black and white contrast color

The match can make the combination of combination more trend, and also more in line with the principle of tide men, white clean, black and stable, and match the individuality, the image and the sense of harmony and reasonability.

White T-shirt + color shorts

The color matching shorts are more clear than the solid color shorts, and the fashion temperament is more clear and obvious. Male shorts do not have to take special eye, color matching is simple,

Striped color

It is very practical, black and white stitching seems to be ordinary, but it can make the wearing a personality.

Color color shorts with white T-shirts to make the image more young, the dress is highlighted

Agefield effect

Most obvious, wearing a personality.

White T-shirt + side striped shorts

White T-shirt can also be worn with side striped shorts, side striped shorts are with

Sports temperament

Pants, sports breath, wear more vitality, but wear with ordinary sports


Fashion style


When you match the side striped shorts, you can choose to have






Designed white T-shirt, allowing up and down to take ride to form an echo.

White T-shirt is a common man to wear, autumn is still very practical, simple matching guarantees refreshing and relaxing, with simple but easy to wear temperament, it is clearly improved, age-age effect, and personal characteristics are very prominent. Matching methods can also be adjusted and changed at will.

Master the seasonal fashion elements and become a delicate person! Don’t play tall, just talk about the latest dry goods, let you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and comprehend!