Do you really choose the right air filter?


Do you really choose the right air filter?

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Do you really choose the right air filter? Winter is the traditional haze in severe haze. No. Just just the winter solstice, the Northeast PM2.5 index exploded. To prevent the haze from the efforts of the whole society. On the day when the haze is raging, all we can do is to stay in the house as much as possible, and the air purifier will bring us a trace of fresh air.

However, the price of the air purifier from hundreds to tens of thousands, uneven, and there are thousands of varieties. Can you pick one casually to hide? How about it once and for all?

The basic principles of air purifiers are actually very simple, mainly depending on fans and filters. Some people on the Internet DIY the air purifier. For example, the above one, tied to a ready -made fan with a filter, is a simple version

Air Purifier

It’s right. The cost of DIY is estimated to be more than 100 yuan. Because the HEPA filter is chosen, the purification effect is not weak!

Therefore, the technology of the air purifier itself is not too deep, and its core is that the filter will find that the replacement of the filter is often expensive.

Common air problems include dust, adsorption particulate pollution (PM2.5), nicotine pollution, kitchen oil and smoke pollution, indoor odor, bacteria, viruses, decoration chemical pollution.

At this stage, household air purification technology usually does not cover all air problems, so you still need to choose the appropriate purifier according to your own needs.

The common Shenzhen air filter network is also divided into the following:

1. “activated carbon adsorption technology” -to adsorption ability is strong

Advantages-strong adsorption ability, can effectively absorb harmful substances in the indoor air (such as dust, particles, free-molecules, bacteria, etc.).

Disadvantages-activated carbon can only be temporarily adsorbed, and with the temperature and wind speed, the adsorbed pollutants may be swimming out, so the filtering material should be replaced frequently to avoid adsorption saturation.

Second, “negative oxygen ion technology” -the purification of second -hand smoke pollution, eliminating indoor odor effect significant

Advantages-negative oxygen ion purifier, which has a significant effect on second-hand smoke pollution, can effectively remove dust, can effectively enhance the ability of blood porting by about 20%, effectively promote the body’s metabolism to improve sleep, obvious effect on indoor odor elimination, and effectively eliminate computer TVs, etc. The generated high -voltage electrostatic protects the vision, and the release of trace ozone at the same time has certain sterilization and disinfection effect.

Disadvantages-negative oxygen ions have a short life in the air, so it needs to be continuously released; the pollution purification effect of formaldehyde phenylbenzene objects caused by decoration is very average, so you need to distinguish it.

Third, “active oxygen technology” -the can sterilize quickly and thorough

Advantages-Ozone’s active response to bacteria is very fast, and the thoroughness of sterilization is not doubtful. It is the internationally recognized most environmentally friendly and thorough and effective purification method when rational use. When its concentration reaches a certain value, sterilization and disinfection can even be completed instantly.

Disadvantages-Excessive ozone is seriously harmful to human health! High-concentration ozone can cause sore throat, chest tightness and cough, cause bronchitis and emphysema, cause nerve poisoning, and destroy the human body’s immune function. Because ozone is strongly irritating, people have already avoided them in time, so poisoning is generally not generally not used during use.

Fourth, “electrostatic dust collecting technology” -Efficient to remove dust, cigarette flavor, etc.

Advantages-efficiently remove particle pollutants in the air, such as dust, smoke, pollen, cigarettes, and kitchen oil fumes; at the same time, it can also effectively absorb gas pollutants in the air and filter up the pathogenic small organisms in the air.

Disadvantages-easy to produce ozone, and only effective for large particle gases such as particulate matter, mainly used for dust removal, and is almost effective for chemical pollution caused by decoration and decoration of formaldehyde, benzene, tvoc.

Fifth, “low temperature asymmetric plasma air purification technology” -The electricity saving

Advantages-When the technology is indoors, the man-machine coexistence, which can save 80%of the electricity year-on-year, and for life-long disassembly. With fast elimination of virus, super purification ability, efficient

get rid of

Slice, eliminate static power, increase oxygen content and other characteristics.

Disadvantages-As a new technology that has not yet been popularized, there are not many products based on this technology, and there are price opaque.

6. “Molecular complexity technology” -The effect of governing indoor decoration pollution is obvious

Advantages-This technology has a relatively obvious effect on pollution such as formaldehyde, benzene, and tvoc caused by indoor decoration, and is a targeted special application.

Disadvantages-solution or similar components containing collateral ions requires regular replacement, especially when the degree of high pollution is high frequency.

Seven, “Light Cataract Catalytic Decomposition Technology” -The ultraviolet rays can play a role

Advantages-optical catalytic technology has a broad-spectrum practical effect, and the purification efficiency is high.

Disadvantages-Catalysis must be played under ultraviolet rays to play a role. If you cannot get a sunlight and want to activate the light catalyst, you must add ultraviolet lights to the ultraviolet light, so the general photocatalytic purification device is installed with ultraviolet lights (the wavelength is 254nm or 365nm). But too much ultraviolet rays hurt the human body, so avoid the exposure of ultraviolet lights.

8. “HEPA Efficient Filtering Technology” -the filtration efficiency is good

HEPA is an internationally recognized and best efficient filter material. The HEPA filter is composed of a stack of continuous and folded sub -glass fiber membranes, forming a wave -shaped pad to place and support the filtering quality. The filtering efficiency of HEPA high -efficiency particulate filter is proportional to its surface area. At present, the HEPA high -efficiency particles filter of the HEPA air purification device is multi -layer folding. After the area is expanded, the area is more than dozens to dozens of times, and the filtering efficiency is very outstanding.

Advantages-The effect of filtering particles is very obvious! The capture capacity of particles is strong, the aperture is small, the adsorption capacity is large, the purification efficiency is high, and the water absorption is 99.97%for the particle purification rate of 0.3 microns. If you use it to filter cigarettes, the effect of filtering can almost reach 100%.

Disadvantages-The dust in my country is relatively serious, and the service life of HEPA may be relatively shortened, which means that the HEPA filter needs to be replaced frequently.

In summary, the Shenzhen air filter should be selected according to your own needs. For PM2.5, the best adsorption effect is the HEPA purifier. The only disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, and the other needs to replace the filter regularly.

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