Analysis of the structural configuration of each subsystem of the comprehensive wiring


Analysis of the structural configuration of each subsystem of the comprehensive wiring


The comprehensive wiring system seems to be very simple, but it is difficult. How to plan the wiring part of the entire weak electric system? It is a very big difficulty. Today I will talk about the structure configuration of each subsystem of the comprehensive wiring system


Work area subsystem

The subsystem of the work area is composed of an information socket connected to the horizontal cable to the workstation terminal device and the connection cable and adapter.

The subsystem of the work area is composed of each office area. According to different requirements for information points, 6 types of information sockets are installed on the corresponding walls and grounds in the room. Information socket interfaces meet the TIA /EIA 568-B standard. The wall socket is installed on the wall specified in the position specified by the functional rooms in a embedded manner.

An area that needs to set up the terminal device is the basic unit of a working area. The number of sounds or data terminals in this area can be set according to specific requirements. The information socket that connects the terminal device or adapter does not belong to the scope of the work area. The information port must be able to support the settings and installations of terminal devices such as phonetic or data. The connection cables from port to terminal devices include connecting cables and connectors (adapter) with multi -core plugs. The application of the adapter should meet the requirements of the wiring and compatible with the system.

Installation as shown in the figure below: (the specific installation location is based on the construction plan map)

Work area subsystem and device involved

The wiring of the work area only refers to the jump of the work area, the network card connected to the machine, and some balanced equipment that may be encountered, such as RJ45-to-RS232. Due to the instability of its device, it is generally not included in the scope of discussion in the comprehensive wiring standard.

There are two types of jump lines used for computer points. One is the finished product jump line. It is completed with special processes. Each core of the jump line is composed of several copper wires such as hair. Long -term use will not affect the reliable transmission of data. We recommend using this jumper. The other is to use special tools to make a self -made jump. The cost of this jump line is slightly lower, but in order to ensure the absolute reliability of the system, we do not recommend using this type of jumper, especially for six types of systems.

In response to the needs of this project, the information and data information points are uniformly considered, and single -hole and dual -hole information panels and six types of information modules are selected.

The subsystem of the building work area consists of various work areas. The information export uses the TIA/EIA568 standard socket. The information socket consists of an eight -core module plug that complies with the international ISDN standard. All complicated information such as numbers and speaking signals are designed for high -speed information transmission for transmission bandwidth to 1Gbps.

Using right -angle types can be assembled on a variety of standard panels and modular furniture adapters;

Each port can be marked with embedded color icons. Through the markings of different colors, the information module of computers, the Internet, communication, fiber, and digital video network information is distinguished;

To prevent the socket from exposed to dust, the product also contains a dust door;

RJ45 socket, high -quality copper, nickel plating and gold plating, compatible with the RJ -11 interface, is used to insert computer network lines or telephone lines;

Simple installation, the module can pass through the panel before and after, so that the end -of -the -front work can be carried out before and after the panel installation and can be removed from the front of the panel;

The module is general type, compatible with T568A and T568B wiring methods;

All module thermoplastic materials meet UL requirements, high strength, flame retardant, UV corrosion resistance.

The connection between horizontal cable and information export

The horizontal UTP cable has a total of 8 cores, divided into 4 pairs according to function: the 2nd, 3 pairs (IO pins 1, 2, 3, 6 cores) are data cables; ) The simulation voice line; the fourth pair (IO pin 7, 8) is the power cord. 568A form horizontal cable and information export connection distribution indication indicates as follows:

Horizontal cloth subsystem

From the information socket in the work area, the inner wiring racks from horizontal cables to telecommunications room mainly include: information sockets, rotation points, horizontal cables and other devices. The horizontal cable length is not greater than 90 meters. Generally, 4 to 100 ohm twisted lines are used, and the information socket is a standard socket with 8 -core [RJ45]. Large -capacity data can also be selected with 62.5/125um multi -mode fiber and ST, SC or or SC or or LC and other optical fiber standard interfaces.

Selection and route design of horizontal cables

Considering the current requirements of the local area network transmission rate and adapting to the rapid development of computer network technology in the future, all the horizontal parts in this design use 6 types of non -shielding systems and can be swapped at any time. system.

Usually horizontal cables are embedded from the wall from the socket (usually 30cm from the ground), and the room is remitted to the corridor horizontal groove from the ceiling, and finally the floor wiring room.

There should be a metal wire groove on the ceiling of the corridor. When entering the room, the metal tube is led from the line groove, and it is buried from the wall (or top) to each information point along the wall.

The horizontal cloth line is as shown in the figure below: (the specific routing method is based on the construction plan of the construction)

Horizontal wiring design

The figure below shows the intuitive diagram of the project along the horizontal line tank to the various sockets of the work area:

Management interval subsystem

It is a bridge of the trunk subsystem and the horizontal subsystem, while providing conditions for networking for the same layer. This includes twisted line jumping racks, jumping lines, fiber fiber jumping racks and fiber fiber jump lines. When the structure of the terminal device or the structure of the local area network changes, sometimes it can be resolved as long as the jump method is changed without re -wiring. Therefore, it plays the role of the horizontal wiring of each layer to connect the corresponding network equipment.

According to the setting of the information point of this case, this design considers that the use of less investment funds can achieve better investment effects, save investment in network equipment, and facilitate management.

The telecommunications room provides services for the horizontal wiring of the relevant floors. The wiring frame is the main device. The wiring equipment can be installed directly on the wall, or it is installed on a 19 -inch cabinet. Generally, a telecommunications room can be set up in multiple layers on each floor, and two telecommunications rooms are set up in one layer. It must be comprehensive consideration according to the distribution of the information point. Telecom rooms can better reflect the rationality of the wiring in the middle of the floor.

Setting room settings

There are 18 distribution lines in this case, which are located on the east and west side of the east and west of the east and the west of the four floors on the east and west of the east and east side of the east side and east side of the east side and east side. Weak electric well. The 19-inch standard cabinet is set up between the distribution line to install the fiber fiber wiring rack and the copper cable wiring rack and other equipment; the wiring racks of the horizontal cloth subsystem are RJ-45 fast-connected wiring racks. The management subsystem wiring is convenient for future maintenance and management, and the horizontal cable end is connected to the voice data wiring rack and the corresponding module.

Because the wiring frame uses the management subsystem, it is the core of the entire wiring system. The proper consideration of its layout, selection and environmental conditions directly affects the flexibility of the normal operation, maintenance and use of future information systems.

Location and cable

The wiring rack should be as close to the weak electric well as possible to facilitate wiring and save investment. In this system, due to the large area of ​​the weak electric well, it can accommodate the management room equipment, so the management room is set in the weak electric well.

The cables between each wiring can generally enter the corresponding cabinet from the trunk groove. After completing the group, the shelves, the thread, and the tie, the final cable card is performed. The safety of the cable is neat and beautiful.

In order to keep the layout of the wiring room aesthetic, the vertical trunk slot of the introduced wiring between the wiring should be closely attached to the wall, and you should not stand in the middle of the house. When construction is required, the cut angle at the entrance of the wire groove can neither become a right corner nor the wall.

Wiring frame connection form

The connection form of the wiring shelf provides the sequence of cable connection between the wiring racks between each wiring. It is a must -have document for engineering construction installation and completion and maintenance. It is very important! On the one hand, it can guide normal construction, coordinate tasks allocation, and on the other hand, it plays an important basis for the final check of the device and the reference for future management and maintenance.

Use PDS color standard

The wiring system involves a large number of line connections, so that a large number of connections have brought some difficulties to management. The integrated wiring system color label scheme system scientifically stipulates how the lines and device terminals of the intersection are checked according to the parameters and recognition steps. As an important technical document, the color marking scheme is an important technical basis for future wiring management.

Use a cable manager

In order to avoid the possibility of a horizontal cable due to gravity, the possibility of poor contact in the future, in this plan, use a metal bracket installed on the back of the wiring panel. When the cable rises from the ground to the wiring panel, fix the cable first. On the manager, then press the wires into the module on the wiring panel so that the module will not be dragged by the cable gravity, so that the long -term reliability of the connection will be further improved. At the same time, the cable on the back of the panel will be Very neat, which is convenient to fill the cable in the future.

Management subsystem and related devices

In order to ensure good interchangeability, the choice of voice and data wiring support supports the PDF6E-24 module wiring frame from the front end to the terminal; it is designed with exquisite modular design to ensure its reliable performance, compatibility, and easy and simple Putting up, it is easier to jump and manage flexibly.

The main voice wiring rack selects the RJ45 type rack frame that supports online testing; the rack -type optical fiber wiring rack has comprehensively improved the convenience of management. Management subsystems brings together horizontal cloth subsystems and vertical main subsystem optical fiber and cables.

Because the management subsystem of the wiring system uses the advanced cabinet structure, the wiring system will install several 19 -inch industrial standard cabinets in each wiring computer room. Essence From the bidding drawings, there are active flooring between each wiring, and the cables can enter the cabinet from the floor. This is convenient for the routing and the interior shape arrangement.

Inside the wiring of each floor wiring, the pronunciation of the sound of the 19 -inch cabinet is used. This is because when the user follow -up understanding of the previous wiring project, it is often found that after the phone jumps, there are often small changes (for example Wait) In order to facilitate use, a 19 -inch cabinet wiring rack was adopted in the floor wiring room.

In the cabinet, all the information points will pass through a certain number of rules (this rule will be based on wiring standards, user ideas, and refer to the company’s experience composition) and color rules to facilitate the use of users.

The 19 -inch industrial standard cabinet is installed on the non -shielding disk, the end -connecting level and the trunk non -shielding twisted twisted line; install the shielded wiring disk, and the end -toes shield the twisted twisted line; Leave enough space to install computer network devices.

Environmental requirements near the wiring frame (floor wiring room)

Photo: Indoor lighting should not be less than 150lx, and the relevant fire protection system should be complied with the relevant fire specifications and configuration.

Power: Source of the source, the power itself does not require the power supply. However, in order to ensure that the power supply may be used during installation, testing, and future maintenance, it is recommended to install several power sockets. The capacity of each power socket is not less than 300W (if there are other devices additional); the UPS power distribution disk should be provided to ensure the operation of the network device and the operation and the operation of the network equipment and the operation and the operation of the network equipment and the operation of the network equipment and the operation of the network equipment and the operation and the operation of the network device and the operation and the operation of the network device and the operation and the operation of the network equipment and the operation of the network equipment and the operation of the network equipment and the operation of the network equipment and the operation and the operation of the network device and the operation of the network equipment and The maintenance of power supply and the actual demand of the power supply on the floor equipment on the floor, equipped with the power system (including the UPS system) that can meet the required power supply;

Temperature: The environment of the environment of the network equipment where the network equipment is located should be kept between 18-27 ° C;

Humidity: The humidity next to the wiring frame should be kept between 30%-50%;

Cleanline: Make sure that various sockets on the wiring frame work well, require good ventilation in the wiring room, and have no indoor dust.

Grounding requirements: Provide a suitable ground terminal, the copper thread with a diameter of 4mm*4mm in the rack/cabinet is connected to the ground end; the individual ground resistance is not greater than 4 ohm; the combined ground resistance is not greater than 1 ohm.

Vertical main subsystem

The vertical main subsystem is the connection cable and related support hardware between the device wiring rack and the telecommunications room racks of each floor, which is composed of all vertical trunk in the building. The trunk cables adopted by the wiring system are 100 ohm non-shielded twisted twisted pair (UTP), 62.5/125um multi-mode fiber or 8.7-10/125um single-mode fiber. For applications with a bandwidth greater than 100MHz, the length of the cable UTP should be limited to less than 90 meters, while the multi -mode fiber is 2000 meters and the single -mode fiber is 3 to 50 kilometers.

Selection of the main trunk cable

This project’s wiring data main trunk mainly uses single -mode indoor optical cables, corresponding to the use of 48 -core optical fiber wiring rack ends in the floor wiring room and the main matching line. Support 10D applications and compatible.

This project’s wiring voice trunk mainly uses 3 types of large -pair cables. This cable has good support for voice applications, and can ensure that the main capacity is 10%of the redundant of the total voice information point. Requirements.

The trunk cables in the entire building of this project are connected to the bridge on each floor, through the FD of various weak electricity vertical wells to each floor wiring, and then vertically preset the bridge frame through the well, and finally remitted to the MDF room between the main line. The main trunk in the vertical well is tied and tied well.

Routing design of the main trunk cable

The main line cable between the entire building of this project is connected to the bridge on each floor, through the FD of the weak electricity vertical wells to the various floors, and then vertically preset the bridge frame through the well The main trunk in the vertical well is tied and tied well.

In the design, the capacity of the vertical main metal wire groove of the vertical well is considered, and a coarse steel bars are welded in the metal wire groove in the metal wire tank during the construction to install and fix the vertical subsystem cable. The wire groove in the vertical well should be connected with a metal wire groove between the floor wiring cabinet.

There should be a metal wire groove in the vertical well, and a coarse steel bars are welded every two meters to install and fix the vertical subsystem cable. The wire groove in the vertical well shall be connected between the metal wire groove between the wiring rooms of each layer.

Division of the trunk area subsystem

Vertical main installation method

There are two main methods

Cable well method: open some square holes on each floor so that the cables can pass through these cable wells to extend from this floor to that floor. Let various cables with different thickness pass through any combination. This method is flexible, with a small area of ​​occupation, and can be blocked by fire -resistant materials through the floor. Although the installation cost is high and the structure of the floor is completely complete. Engineering, the vertical trunk method is installed with a cable well method.

Cable hole method: Usually the 4 -inch rigid metal tube is embedded in the concrete floor during pouring, 1 to 4 inches higher than the surface of the floor, the cable is tied to the steel rope, and the steel cable is fixed on the wall on the wall. When the wiring room is aligned up and down, the cable hole method is used. This method fires, provides mechanical protection, beautiful, but poor flexibility, which is not conducive to the expansion and upgrading of vertical trunk. It can be used for relatively independent small regional cables, such as the location of the floor in this project.

Vertical dry cable dosage table

Calculation method of vertical trunk cable

Vertical cable length (unit: meter) = (the distance from the number of MDF layers X layer height+cable well to MDF distance+end connection) × (the number of roots required for each layer)

Vertical dry cable subsystem and device involved

The computer network system between the wiring between each floor and the main line of the main match uses fiber and 6 types of UTP links. Each FD data composed of optical fiber can provide multiple all -dual -work transmission channels. It has great transmission bandwidth and unparalleled transmission quality. He has provided a reliable physical transmission link for other high -speed transmission applications independent of computer networks in the future.

Due to the use of optical fiber composition of data, the principle of optoelectronic isolation can be used to form electromagnetic isolation on each floor, the so -called “electromagnetic island”. This will greatly improve the system’s electromagnetic interference inhibitory ability.

The main voice of the phone voice uses three types of non -shielding large pair -pair cables.

Equipment subsystem

Equipment subsystems are composed of cables, connecting jumping racks, and related support hardware, lightning -resistant electric protection devices in the device. It can be said to be the central unit of the entire wiring system, so the consideration of its distribution, selection, and environmental conditions is appropriate, which directly affects the flexibility of the normal operation and maintenance and use of future information systems.

Equipment subsystems are the main cables from each telecommunications room, and are finally connected to the total wiring frame. It is a management place connected to the network device or communication device through jumping lines, including main assembly racks and jumpers.

Equipment configuration: 19 -inch standard cabinet in the computer main room, the data trunk adopts a rack -type optical fiber connection center; the telephone communication machine room is installed with a 19 -inch standard cabinet, and the communication trunk uses the RJ45 19 -inch standard wiring rack.

According to user needs, this design is reasonably designed in accordance with the standards stipulated in the “Design Specifications of Electronic Computer Room” (GB50174-93), and it is reasonably designed in accordance with the principles of security, reasonable, and advanced technology.

The computer center of this project is mainly responsible for managing the core equipment installed and running computer network equipment, program -controlled switch equipment, communication wiring equipment, light -end machine equipment, wireless cluster equipment, GPS mother clock system, etc. The parameters of humidity, illumination, power supply, grounding, anti -static and other parameters are comprehensively considered and designed as follows:

Temperature and humidity requirements

According to our experience assessment, the centralized air -conditioning system in the building is difficult to meet the strict requirements of the temperature and humidity of the air -conditioning system as the network central computer room. It is recommended to use a set of independent constant temperature and constant humidity precision air -conditioning system. According to national standards, the temperature and humidity in the machine room can be determined as A, B, and C at the time of booting and stopping. This computer room project is designed, constructed and accepted in accordance with the A -level standard.

The temperature and humidity requirements in the room



A -level



C -level






18 ~ 280C

15 ~ 300C

Relative humidity

45%~ 65%

40%~ 70%

30%~ 80%

Temperature change rate


Or dew



The temperature and humidity requirements in the room

5 ~ 350C

5 ~ 400C

20%~ 80%

8%~ 80%




Illumination requirements

The average lighting degree of workshop and the main room work room is not less than 500lx at 0.8 meters from the ground, the average lighting degree of the auxiliary lighting is not less than 300lx, and the average lighting of emergency (spare) lighting is not less than 5LX.

Noise, electromagnetic interference and cleanliness requirements

(1) Noise: The operator location test should be less than 68dB.

(2) The radio interference field in the host room is strong. When the frequency is 0.15 ~ 1000MHz, it is not greater than 126dB.

(3) The magnetic field interference field in the host room is not more than 800A/m.

(4) Cleanliness of the computer room.

According to national standards, the cleanliness of the machine room can be designated as two levels of A and B. This computer room project is designed, constructed and accepted in accordance with the A -level standard.

The level of dust in the machine room


Great or equal to 0.5um




Power supply requirements

Two roads low -voltage power supply:

The low -pressure cabinet dual roads from different bus sections of the change power room are introduced into the power distribution cabinet that can be automatically invested in the machine room.

UPS power supply

According to national standards, the quality of power supply power supply in computer rooms and other equipment can be divided into three levels of A, B, and C. The engine room project is performed in accordance with the A -level standard. According to the above equipment capacity, it is equipped with multiple UPS parallel parallel. Run for 30 minutes, equipped with a connected board. At the same time, it is equipped with a 100AH ​​battery, and the design, construction and acceptance are shown in the table below:





Stable voltage offset range (10%)





Steady -state frequency offset range (Hz)



Voltage waveform distortion (10%)

3 ~ 5

5 ~ 8

8 ~ 10

Allow relay duration (MS)

0 ~ 4

4 ~ 200

200 ~ 1500

The strong electric wiring adopts the floor layout of the floor, and at the same time, the strong power plug is reserved on the floor.

Land, lightning protection requirements

In order to ensure the normal operation of the computer and prevent parasitic capacitor coupling, protect equipment and personal safety, there is a good ground system in the construction of the computer room.

Ground method

This design adopts a combined grounding method (not more than 1 ohm). The computer room grounding system is connected to the ground terminal of the weak electric well -connected ground terminal through the flat steel.

Anti -static requirements

The design and construction of the active floor in the computer room are more critical. The ground pre -processing must be performed before laying the floor, and the paint is painted three times. Dust -proof, waterproof treatment, painting moisture -proof, mold -proof floor paint, and using insulation cotton for insulation and heat insulation treatment. Design and construction, pay attention to the installation of alien floor (such as air inlet floor, wiring floor, power socket installation floor, etc.). Set the waterproof special sockets used by terminals and other equipment on the floor surface and other equipment. Turn on time. Close when not in use, it can ensure convenient use and ensure safety. Ensure the anti -static effect and grounding effect of floor engineering.

Decorative requirements


The thickness of the civil walls must meet the heat load requirements to reduce the indoor heat load to the minimum. The materials used should not be flamed, and the heat insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption should be good.

Materials attached to the wall surface. It is not easy to produce dust, not static, non -toxic materials.

The surface shielding of the wall is shielded.


The ceiling of the machine room mainly has the following functions:

The space above the ceiling to the ceiling (or the upper floor) is used as a routing wire groove in the comprehensive wiring system in the computer room, and the air -conditioning water pipeline space.

Install fixed lighting fixture and wiring. Install fixed fire automatic detector.

There are two ceiling schemes: First, strip -shaped microporous aluminum plates are suitable for large spaces with large layers. Second, the metal grille is used, the inner pipeline of the ceiling and the top plate are sprayed black, which is suitable for the weak electricity integrated wiring to enter the cabinet.

System Configuration

In this plan, the equipment room is set in the control room of the 1 -level network center, jumping in the cable in the device room, and the cables in the cable control center are connected to the management room of each floor.

Architectural subsystem

The building subsystem is a comprehensive wiring system of two building groups, such as two or more buildings, and data, etc., which connects the cables and wiring devices between each building. There is generally no subsystem for a single building.

In this plan, the building subsystem is not involved.

Ground system

To ensure communication quality, equipment and personal safety, the ground system is required. Each equipment box is installed as grounded as a equipment ground.

In this plan, the ground system is connected to the floor system.






A -level

A -level




C -level


Relative humidity

40%~ 70%

Temperature change rate

Or dew

Or dew

Or dew

Or dew

Or dew

5 ~ 350C


System Configuration

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about High speed copper luminous 4p PVC LSZH jacket indoor lan ethernet networking Cat6a UTP cable patch cord, hope it can help you.