Precautions for polypropylene gel grains in Hong Kong Shipping Import Customs Customs Customs


Precautions for polypropylene gel grains in Hong Kong Shipping Import Customs Customs Customs

In the past few days, the Hong Kong epidemic has affected the hearts of countless people. Everyone is praying for them. Affected by this, the China -Hong Kong transportation industry from Hong Kong to Shenzhen has been greatly impacted. In order to prevent the epidemic from spreading again, Shenzhen originally had venue encoding fields. All the stations were suspended, and the goods were only allowed to get out of Hong Kong. Non -necessary goods could not enter the country for the time being. In order to resist the disease, we had to unite and firmly believe that this difficulty was temporarily temporarily.

当然对于各进口厂商来讲,近期如果计划从国外进口货物,并选择经香港转港车陆运进口案排,可能要先放一放了,或者说要改变运输线路了;对于那些已经发货, And the goods that have not yet arrived in Hong Kong, it is best to contact foreign countries and notify the shipping company to change the destination port; if the goods have arrived in the Hong Kong terminal or have already been in the Hong Kong warehouse, they can only be forced to put it temporarily. Do it again.

Then again, if it is a particularly urgent goods and the goods have arrived in Hong Kong, how do you deal with it? Next, the editor will be used as a case for the introduction of a polypropylene gel grain in Dongguan, a client in Zhangguan, to explain for everyone.

Note 1: This batch of glue grain was originally produced in Taiwan, and the container has arrived in the Hong Kong International Wharf. It was originally planned to transport to the Shenzhen Huanggang Port to declare in the country through the Hong Kong car. In the case of helping weaknesses, after the recommendation of a friend, I found the editor. The editor adopted the method of refuting the container from Hong Kong through the sea from the sea, and successfully completed the import customs clearance procedures to solve the customer’s urgent urgent.

说明二:香港至深圳海运驳船海运进口流程和普通的港运出口操作差不多,只不过起运地点为香港而已.简易流程无非就是:订舱→接受托运申请→排载→发放空箱→装箱→ Declaration → Customs Registration → Load (Shipping) → bill of lading → arriving in Hong Kong → changing orders → declaration → declaration of taxation → inspection → dragging cabinet delivery

Remarks: 1: The shipper will fill in the order order within a certain period of time before the goods start. 2: Export cargo agency attorney (commission, order order), if the commissioner cannot accept or meet certain requirements on the attorney, the entrusting party must respond in time to avoid delaying the shipping period. 3: The content of the attorney: ① the consignee, the notification person, the name of the product (Chinese and English). Mai head, pieces, packaging, gross heavy, size, shipping port, destination port, transit port, transport period, loading requirements, cargo transportation date, transportation method, whether can be shipped in batches; Requirements; freight settlement method (prepaid, to payment amount); ② other special matters: for example, special instructions for dangerous goods, frozen goods; ③ bill of lading records: bill of lading delivery, consignee, notification person

Explanation 3: Is the customs clearance procedure of polypropylene glyphosum, which is different from the operation of Lu Yun imports? In fact, it is exactly the same, and the customs clearance speed may be faster than Huanggang Port.

Polyacrylin Customs Customs Code: 39021000.90 Other Primary Primary Shapes of Polypropylene import tariff rate: 6.5% import value tax rate: 13% Customs Supervision conditions: Non -remarks: Because this code does not belong to the Customs Clearance items of the Catalog of Early Catalogs on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, so Do not enjoy the 0 tariff discount of the ECFA origin certificate.

Polypropylene import declaration form

Import customs clearance documents not only include: shipping bills, boxing orders, invoices, foreign trade contracts, declarations of declarations, MSDS, and product inspection reports. ; 3: Appearance (shape; transparency; color, etc.); 4: ingredient content; 5: type and proportion of single units; 6: source material (regeneration material, bottle slices, new materials, sideline materials); 7; 7; 7; 7; 7; 7; 7; 7; 7; 7; 7; :级别;8:品牌(中文或外文名称);9:型号;10:签约日期;11:用途;12:GTIN;13:CAS;14:其他;

Explanation 4: What are the problems needed to pay special attention to logistics in Hong Kong’s transfer of customs clearance in Hong Kong?

1) Because the docks and artificial venues in Hong Kong are very cabinets. If importers have their own warehouses in Hong Kong, it does n’t matter how long it ’s it. Where maybe it is stacked for a long time, the greater the amount of goods, the earlier the plan, the early transportation and saving money;

2) For goods with only a few hundred kilograms or a few tray, it is also possible to choose a sea -shipping illustration to come in, but it is limited to ordinary goods and cannot receive chemicals, because the barge company is worried about transportation safety, not to mention it will also be. Affects the quality of the goods of other manufacturers in the container;

3) It is best to settle 2 days in advance of sea transportation. Because there are a lot of goods that have been operated in the near future, the later you can’t get on the boat. After loading the ship, you will arrive in Hong Kong for 2 to 3 days after loading. Hong Kong is a free trade port. After leaving Hong Kong, you only need to register with the Hong Kong Customs, the procedures are very simple;

4) As for the choice of destination port, it is also very flexible, Dongguan Humen or Taiping, Shenzhen Yantian and Shekou, Guangzhou Huangpu and Nansha, Zhongshan, and Foshan have fixed boat periods.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about glue granules, hope it can help you.