Use a plasma surface treatment method before spraying paint? What is its effect?


Use a plasma surface treatment method before spraying paint? What is its effect?

Can I improve the coating adhesion of automobile plastic parts in normal pressure plasma cleaning machines?

As the proportion of automotive plastic parts application rises, people’s requirements for plastic paint coating are getting higher and higher. Compared with the metal substrate, the surface of the plastic substrate has low freedom energy, small, and residual demand agents on the surface. These factors can easily cause the plastic coating adhesion to deteriorate. Therefore, how to improve the adhesion of plastic parts is one of the key issues that need to be solved by plastic parts.

The front surface treatment of plastic parts mainly includes chemical solvent cleaning, flame treatment method, hand -wiping method and plasma treatment method. The following mainly analyzes common low -temperature plasma treatment methods.

Plasma processing method: Plasma processing machines are mainly composed of plasma generators, gas conveying systems and plasma nozzles.

Its working principle is to generate high -voltage and high -frequency energy for plasma generators. Low -temperature plasma is generated through glow discharge, and plasma spray plasma on the surface of the plastic part with the help of compressed air to eliminate the static electricity on the surface of the plastic parts and remove the hydrogen on the surface of the plastic parts. Class dirt. This process has changed the molecular chain structure of the surface of the plastic parts, producing free groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl groups that are conducive to coating bonding, thereby increasing the adhesion of the plastic coating.

Normally -voltage plasma cleaning technology mainly uses glow discharge and other methods to discharge plastic surfaces. Using the high -energy and high -response free radicals, ions, ultraviolet rays, etc. of the plasma, the plastic surface molecules have oxidation, degradation, aggregation, aggregation, Wait for the reaction to introduce the polar group to enhance the coating film to attach force on the plastic surface.

Plasma cleaning technology has the characteristics of short processing time, good effect, environmental protection, etc. It is a common method for the current processing of car plastic paint.

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