Zhao Luji worn five pants, the neutral wind girl can match, the style is simple but it is very resistant to watch


# Summer cool life #

# 变 美 百科 全 # #

Sharing the most classic fashion dress, so that you can make a high-level sense in the four seasons, women are not lacking, only lack of stimulating skills, will wear, let you become an elegant woman with taste!

Pants have different styles, the most popular in summer is shorts, shorts are simple and refreshing, girl shorts are more shorts, the length is in the middle of the thigh, the occlusion effect of the trousers is limited, such shorts is casually matching one The T-shirt is very nice.

But the shorts are too common, the three-point shorts lacks the characteristics, and the wear personality is not enough. This year, the three-year shorts can be changed to five shorts, the length of the fifty shorts is near the knee, similar to the design of the male version of the shorts.

Many women are reluctant to try five-fifth shorts, therefore missed the opportunity to become a street, and the advantages of five-point shorts are more shorter, and the wearing effect is also very varied. Women can match different styles.

Zhao Lusi likes to wear five-point shorts. She is really a leader, wearing five pants, wearing a striped shirt. Zhao Lui worn five pants, the neutral wind girls can match, the style is simple but match.

Zhao Lui’s five pants wearing fashion

Design and type of five pants

The length of the five pants is the most prominent feature.

Knee position

The design can make the wearing a more typeless, making the temperament of wearing more special. Five pants to the leg

Blocking effect

To exceed other shorts, it is stronger than the optimization and modification of the leg.

Five pants has different types, and the legs have

Riding pants

And the body is


, Loose version

Bermuda shorts

These types of five pants have personality features, riding pants


More feet, jeans




Trend temperament

Moderate, and Bermuda shorts


The strongest, so the five pants are stronger.

Top match

The top of the five-year shorts is not difficult, and the common basic tops can be combined with five pants, wearing a style.


Very high. Want to make the style more lady or female rhyme, you can

Five-point jeans


Five-point jeans and striped sweater is simple, but it can make

Small wind breath

From the wear, it is emitted to make the style of the style become stronger.

Fashion style

Taking a style has different shapes, the choice of items, and the way of matching can make the dress style special, five pants can enhance leg type

Hard-to-face sense

Therefore, in the process of wearing, pay attention to the strength of its advantage.

If the hem of the top is longer, you can choose to put the lower pants into the trousers.


Keep it out, so the body ratio can be fully displayed.

Five pants dressing advantages



The temperament modification is more stronger than ordinary shorts. Even if the design is simple, the basic style characteristics can also make the advantage become strong, let


as well as



It has become better.

The shape of the thigh is very influential, and five pants can completely cover the thigh, so


Highlight, when the leg type looks, the leg

Visual length


It will also be eloquent.

Five pants is suitable for different types of style, the styling style will be affected by the upper clothes, and the small details on the wear can make the image more stronger, so that the image has great improvement. What are the style of the five pants?

Five pants personality wearing style

Girl style

Many women want to have girls, what is a girl? Not single finger



The body, also refers to the image



, Five pants can also create such temperament charm.

In the female style, five pants can be combined with short jackets, short tops and five pants can be highlighted.

Last short

The body characteristics.


Short coats can highlight image



The short costumes look more playful, more help to shape with

Girl temperament

The image, and the effect of five pants is more expensive.

In the shaping of the girl’s style, in addition to pay attention to the choice of the top, you have to pay attention to the shoe and socks, there is a girl who has a girl, five pants with neutral temperament, so shoes will play a balanced role, choose

sports shoes


Better effect, with design


, More girl charm.

Neutral style

Five pants can be very atmospheric, keep it good



The dress charm, the mode of neutral style is more simple than other styles, direct matching




Can choose broad


Such a styled T-shirt also has neutral charm, so wearing a combination of atmosphere, and the style is strongly integrated, and the matching effect is particularly prominent.

In the wearing of the neutral wind, the T-shirt does not need to put into five pants, you can directly slide, although it will cover

Pants waist

Cover up

Body proportions

, But wear a chic atmosphere, in line with the charm of neutral wearing.

Women are very suitable for neutral style, and the fitting advantages is clear.



Does not affect the display of neutral temperament.

Five pants dressing style, wearing a diverse, women can use five pants to combine models suitable for their temperament, so that the charm of the style is fully displayed.

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