How ridiculous is it at the end of the Qing Dynasty?


How ridiculous is it at the end of the Qing Dynasty?

Unconsciously, the winter is here again. At this time, it may be better to say to friends in the south, but friends in the north have begun to wrap thick down jackets, and the heating is also available. When sleeping at night, there is also an electric blanket, and it may even be opened. Now there are so many technological progress, and the production process of clothes has been improved so much, but that’s it, and it will still feel the maliciousness of winter. How did the nobles in the Qing Dynasty warm in the cold winter and how cold are Beijing?


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According to the temperature statistics in recent years, the temperature in Beijing in winter is about minus 6 degrees Celsius. According to some experts, the temperature may be lower than that in winter more than a hundred years ago. About ten degrees. A dozen degrees below zero, let alone ordinary families. It is estimated that the emperor in the Forbidden City can’t stand it. It is okay in summer. It can also let people help the fan, or take the ice cubes in the ice cellar to cool out the previous years to cool down the cooling cubes to cool down the cooling cubes to cool down the cooling cubes to cool down the cooling cubes to cool down the cooling cubes to cool down the cooling cubes to cool down the cooling cubes to cool down the cooling cubes to cool down the cooling clock If you do n’t work, go to those summer villas to cool down. In winter, you ca n’t go to the southern cities to warm up. Do n’t say human resources and financial resources. The busy government is not allowed to do so.

Everyone who has been to the Forbidden City knows the direction of the Forbidden City. It is sitting north to south. The sunlight itself is relatively sufficient, not to mention that the emperor stays in the place where there are stoves, and it is not extinguished in winter. In the spring, not worrying about the severe cold outside, then ordinary nobles do not live in the Forbidden City, nor can they burn the stove all day like the emperor (coal is still very expensive in ancient times). So, how does those ordinary nobles resist the cold?

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Let’s talk about the ordinary eight flags first. If some eight flags are in the house, you can wear mink coats, and this stove is always given to the home. The way of heating is actually a little worse than the emperor, but it is still very warm. Essence But some eight flags do not have such ability to wear minks and burning stoves at home. What should I do? In fact, their way of heating is very ridiculous. Although the family’s economic strength is not enough, they also resist the severe cold in winter by relying on this method.

There is a record in a book “The Culprit” described in the Qing Dynasty, which is called “the arms of a few wonderful prostitutes”. This sentence is replaced by modern vernacular. Girls, put their hands, feet, or something into these wonderful young women to warm up. There is also a more absolute eight flag children in this heating. The way of women’s siege, that is, find some wonderful women, surround them, and lie in among them. It is really ridiculous!

In ancient times, the way of heating was really strange, everything was everything, and the rich people wanted to go through this winter by hard resistance. It is really pitiful to say that the ancient people of ancient times were really pitiful. Today, with the rapid progress of science and technology, our way of heating has also been greatly improved, and the methods and effects are much better than the ancient emperors.


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