Yan Ni was so beautiful! Wearing a slim sweater with a hip skirt, this waist and hips are rare than girls


The influence of figure on a person’s temperament is huge, especially for female stars who are bright and beautiful before the camera. Speaking of the representative of the body’s counterattack, Yan Ni must be mentioned. Yan Ni was open. How much did Yan Ni lose weight? Such a tight sweater is also not full, with a half -body skirt waist and hips amazing.

Yan Ni was so beautiful! Wearing a slim sweater with a hip skirt, this hip hip is rare than girls. This sweater uses blue that is more suitable for mature women. Compared with black and white gray, the mysterious atmosphere presented by blue is more intense, and the performance of mature women’s charm is also richer. Feelings will not make mature women look too exaggerated and tender. The part of the unilateral shoulder is decorated with yellow stripes, which is simple and a casual beauty.

The knitwear uses the half -neckline style at the position of the neckline. The conservative and implicit aesthetics presented by the semi -high collar will be stronger. Although the slender neck lines will be hidden, the elegant and atmospheric visual vision will be presented. The feeling is very good. The slim version is matched with some vertical stripes, which is more visually thin. Yan Ni really lost weight. Such tight sweaters wear a loose sense. With the high -waisted half -bodied hip skirt, it highlights the slender waistline. This waist and buttocks are too stunning. Many girls may not be able to maintain this figure.

The lower body is paired with a checkered skirt. The checkered style is richer than a single solid color system. The use of color is simple, fresh, and has a good femininity. The part of the swing uses some irregular folds and oblique splits, and the layers and femininity are very good. If mature women feel the color is more monotonous when mating with a skirt, it can be fully rich in the design of the version design. Express the richness of the skirt.

Yan Ni, who was thinner, was glowing, and the hairstyle of three or seven points exposed a very delicate and charming face. The makeup on her face was not very exaggerated, but the fresh and gentle female charm made her whole person. They exude charming light.

The red suit top shows a feeling of jumping and enthusiastic, with the white inside to show a good color foil on the color. It is more comfortable and less serious in the workplace. The lower body with black pants is neutralized in color.

The skirt of the suspender version will require higher the slender and skinny maturity of the upper body. Generally speaking, the skinny women will show a very delicate and compact feeling. The effect is cool and sexy. The part of the waist is raised by natural tailoring. The part of the waistline can be seen visually that the waist is slender and the proportion of the legs can be stretched well. Some loose version designs are very tolerant of the body. Even girls with not so slender and well -proportioned legs can be boldly controlled.

Many women have a sense of power when wearing red, but the temperament of red and Yan Ni seems to have a natural sense of fit. The shape of the oblique shoulder reveals sexy collarbone and fragrant shoulders, with beautiful red, let her make her The femininity of the whole person was perfectly displayed. The slim -fitting version sorted out the proportion of the bumpy feeling on the figure, and I had to say that Yan Ni’s body clothes were doubled.

The suit sets in the workplace are often more conservative in color, but the diversity of the female stars’ body suit suits will be better. It feels very strong. The straight version of the suit pants will presented Yan Ni’s slim legs straight and slender. It is difficult to believe that this is a woman who has passed the year.

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