See you safely! Min Shi high -definition electronic rearview mirror system helps you get rid of the blind area


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Minhuan high -definition electronic rearview mirror

Intelligent rearview mirror with “camera+screen” as the form is rising to become


One of the vehicle electronic products. What is this rookie?

Smart rearview mirror

It is an upgraded version of the car reflective rearview mirror. It has an independent operating system and storage space. Through WIFI or mobile communication networking, it can achieve many functions such as driving records, electronic dogs, navigation, reversing images, audio and video entertainment. New star!

You during driving

Do you encounter the following problems?

Ⅰ. Vehicle (truck, bus, etc.) blind spots are large. The driver will be difficult to see the situation around the car and increase the risk of driving.

A, B, C area: semi -blind zone

The danger range depends on the size of the car.

Area D: Full blind spot

In the field of sight of the driver’s direct sight and the sight of the three rearview mirrors.

Region e: Full blind spot

A pillar of the windshield blocked the sight to form a blind spot.

Ⅱ. Various reflective mirrors and small round mirrors on the bus and trucks not only have a narrow range of sight, but also switch back and forth by the driver’s sight, which is easy to fatigue.

III. Rain and snow foggy driving, the anti -light mirror vision is blurred and easy to make an accident.

时. When driving at night, if the rear vehicle high beam is turned on and the light is darker, the sight is seriously blocked.


Lack of light


12.3 inch 1080p HD electronic rearview mirror

(HD250D, FHD410)

Support 2 road 1080p camera input

Support maximum 128G SD card

Screen resolution: 1920 x 3 (RGB) x 1080, high -light IPS screen

Screen brightness: 1000cd/㎡

Screen contrast: 1000: 1

Support maximum 2 roads 1080p/30fps video

Power voltage input: 10-32V

Seismic level: ISO 16750-3 (maximum 6.3g)

This scheme is adopted

Two -dividing mode

, Bring up

WDR function camera

Double records on both sides, and the resolution of the back -pull camera is as high as 1080P,

This makes this HD rear -view mirror scheme not only in the public transport market, but also in a large passenger truck market that has always had a blind spot.

HD electronic rearview mirror system

Application in the field of public transportation


Visual angle is N times larger than the vision range of traditional rearview mirrors


Avoid the danger that the rear windows and dust and dust causes to be unclear


Effectively reduce wind resistance (installed in the car)

In public transportation, in order to improve the safety of the vehicle, assembly

Sensing 12.3 -inch HD electronic rearview mirror

It provides comprehensive technical support in response to the blind spots of vehicle vision, special weather driving, and emergencies. It effectively avoids the occurrence of adverse situations. It has greatly increased the safety factor and makes citizens more secure to travel safely!