Measured! Dozens of car brackets can not be dropped, the more the road is, the stable it is


Measured! Dozens of car brackets can not be dropped, the more the road is, the stable it is

Hello everyone, I am the director. I buy all kinds of novelty and good things every day to find the hard -core chop party for white mice.

Tell you a terrible thing: Xiaolei’s mobile phone next door was broken!


You know, those of us love to protect electronic products than anyone else. Although everyone has “ran naked”, the mobile phones are like new ones for a year or two. Not to mention the broken screen, even scratches are less.

After asking, I knew that when he passed the deceleration belt, the vehicle bracket fell off with a mobile phone and broke the phone directly.

While the director expressed sympathy, he also asked several colleagues with cars and found that they had tried this situation.


According to them, most of the car navigation on the market is extremely difficult to use, and it takes half a day to enter it alone.

Most old drivers choose to buy a car bracket and use navigation on the mobile phone.

However, the director also noticed that most people bought the kind of brackets used by Xiaolei, a sudden brake or a few consecutive deceleration bands that turned it down.

In order to find a easy -to -use car bracket, the director asked several car owners and friends to get such a set of standards:


Can’t be posted on the steering wheel


If an accident occurs, the airbag can blast the phone as a shell on our face.


Can’t just rely on sticky glue fixation

As a hot place like Guangdong, no matter what glue you are, it is accurate for a month.

at last,

It’s easy to get

Do not consider those fingers every time you take.

After many screening, the director finally finalized several useful mobile brackets.

Due to the limited space, today I will introduce the strongest one today-


COY car bracket


It uses power -driven, during the measurement process of the director,

Whether it is a reducer or a hand crazy, it will not throw the phone out. The way of suction cup is very firm, even if you hang up 10 pounds of dumbbells, it will not fall.

The more Lu was, the more stable it was. The old drivers in the company said: Itchy heart and wanted to buy it.

Clamp as soon as you touch, you can’t get rid of it


Many drivers see the COY car bracket, and one of the thoughts in their hearts is not firm. What should I buy a car on the car this year?

There are so many “claws”! The three claws are the least, and the four or six that are reliable, and they have to buckle inward so that the mobile phone will not slip out.

Everyone said that, that would be underestimated.


It uses electrical drive, and only needs to put the phone up, and its smart two -way lock arm will grasp the phone like a human finger.

4.7 -6.9 inches mobile phone

It can be stabilized, and it will not drop whether it is left and right or up and down.

Is it firm enough to see the actual measurement of the director.

Normal point, first suck on the table, and let’s move around.

It can be seen that the mobile phone is still firmly sucked on the bracket.

Then I asked my colleagues to hold the bracket and jumped a few times. There seemed to be no problem.


Is it not enough?

So I prepared another one

1kg heavy scale

, Hanging on the bracket, then throw it.

It can be seen that the mobile phone just crooked his neck, but he still did not fall.

It seems that the indoor scene is not difficult to fall, and the director decided to put it on the car to test it.


In order to increase the difficulty of testing, the director specially selected a section with a lot of reducer and more manhole covers.


As a result, there was still no problem, and the mobile phone didn’t even slide down a little.

You can see that although this bracket has only two “claws”, it can still be caught firm.

It’s easy to put it up, it’s easy to take it down,

Press the side button on the side


The tight lock arm will let it go.


It can be operated with one hand whether it is put on or down, which is very convenient.


Don’t worry about the fixture suddenly without electricity. There is a prompt light on the fixture. You can know the power of the fixture by the light. The blue light is full of electricity.


It uses our favorite digital enthusiasts

Type-C interface

, Just find a mobile phone charging cable to charge,


30 minutes of charge, one month in battery life

Don’t always remember charging.

Super strong suction cup, 10 catties of dumbbells will not drop

The director asked a lot of drivers and friends that they often did not fall down, but the bracket fell off with the phone, so whether the bracket can firmly suck the car center console is also an important test indicator.

The bottom of the cOY bracket is adopted

Suction cup

Compared with simple glue, suction will be stronger.

Paste the suction cup on the plane, and then press this small part, the bracket will firmly lock on the plane.

In order to allow everyone to intuitively see the firmness of this bracket, the director also prepared several experiments to test it.

First, lock the bracket on a piece of glass and lift a thick glass, which is not difficult.

Do you think that’s it?

The director found a

10 pounds of dumbbells


, Connect with a rope and bracket.

Then buckle the glass in the middle of the two tables and let go of the dumbbell.

With such a strong drag, the general bracket has fallen long ago, but this COY bracket is still fixed on the glass, and it can even hang dumbbells for a while.

So firm, even if you are in the car, you don’t have to worry about the stent falling.


Rotate 360 ​​°, can bend and retract, meet your various needs

In addition to being firm, this bracket is also very flexible.

Under its fixture is a spherical joint,

Can rotate 360 ​​°

, Change the direction at will.

Whether it is a vertical screen to look at the navigation;

Or when you stop and wait for someone, watch the video horizontally, and this bracket is all at ease.

In addition, on the bracket


You can adjust the angle of the extended arm

is acceptable

Extended length

, Even if your car is wider, you can use it.

If you really don’t want a black pole to block your sight, you can also choose a bracket.

With such a small volume, you don’t need to worry about blocking the wind.

Except for the exotic outlets of some models, most of the air outlets are available.

After the actual measurement of the director, the COY car stand is indeed firm, especially the suction cup, which is one of the most solid vehicle brackets I have tested.

And its price is not expensive, sandwiched on the outlet


Just 89

With suction cup

As long as 99 suction cups


, The cost -effective is extremely high.

There are different versions

Two colors of gray black

And what kind of interior is suitable for matching.


It is necessary to think about it at least a few hundred. It is better to buy a reliable stand for less than 100 money.



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[Can’t get rid of the electric lock] COY vehicle electric bracket built -in battery does not need to be plugged in

¥ 89


















In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about durable phone stand, hope it can help you.