15KW screw machine maintenance practical exercise


15KW screw machine maintenance practical exercise

Today we will do a 15 -kW screw machine maintenance practice.

Preparation: Special screw machine lubricant, oil and gas separator, oil filter and air filter.

首先,我们打开空压机的门板,接下来我们打开卸油口,取出堵头,装上放油管,缠上生料带,用扳手锁紧,插上导油管,取出一只桶进行接脏Oil, open the oil valve. Next, we start the air compressor and put oil to the air compressor. As long as we feel the gas flowing out, it means that the oil has been cleaned. Turn off the air compressor, turn off the oil removal valve, remove the oil pipe, and install the block. At this point, the oil exchange work has been completed.

Next, we started to replace the air filter element, remove the air filter element, put the new air filter element, and cover the filter element lid. Just align the arrow and the arrow during installation.


Next, we replace the oil filter element, use a belt wrench, lock the oil filter, and remove it. We replace the new oil filter element and lock it in the right hand with a belt wrench.

Next, we replaced the oil and gas separator to remove the oil and gas separator. In the first step, let’s take a look at the pressure table of the oil and gas tank to be removed under the state of zero. Next, we unplugged the pressure sensor data cable, removed the exhaust pipe, removed the oil pipe, then removed the air path pipe, removed the oil barrel cover, cleaned the cover, and scraped the remaining asbestos. The film, we will put a new oil core. Finally, all the pipes and oil cores are now installed.

Adjust the maintenance parameters, click the menu in the first step, the second step, click the maintenance parameter. The third step is to enter the password, the fourth step, let’s take a look at the current use time to be modified to zero. Step 5, we set the setting value to 2500 hours.

Add new dedicated lubricant, open the oil inlet, and add new lubricant. The fuel level of refueling, the normal air compressor is normal in the middle of the two red lines in the middle of the two red lines.

Putting on, everything is normal, and all the pipes installed after inspection are not oil leakage. The maintenance is completed.

Product Recommendation: 15kw compressor