These 45 classic ancient poems, you only know one sentence, but do not know the full text


01 Bailu Cave two songs · one

Tang Wang Zhenbai

I don’t feel the spring is deep,

One inch of time and one inch.

It wasn’t the Taoist who came to laugh, Zhou Qing and Kong Sizheng pursued it.

02 Gift

Tang Cui Jiao

The son -in -law and grandson followed the dust, and the green beads cried.

As soon as Houmen entered the sea, Xiao Lang was a passerby since then.

03 quatrack

Song Xia Yuanding

湖 Visit the way to Xianghu, and Wanjuan Poems are turning to foolish.

There is no place for stepping on the iron shoes.


Tang Mengjiao

In the past, it was not exaggerated, and nowadays, there is no idea.

Spring breeze is proud of horseshoe,

Look at Chang’an flowers one day.




Ming Li Kaixian

Ascend to the poverty thousands of miles, sad clouds and lock Hengyang Road.

The fish book is not so wild, and the emptiness is sorrowful.

Back to the Xishan Moon is oblique, and the lonely guests of the world are really difficult to cross.

Her husband had tears and did not bounce lightly, because he had not been sad.

06 Yulouchun · Zun, I plan to return to the return period

Song Ouyang Xiu

Zunbu proposed to return to the period, and the words of the desire of Chun Rong first swallowed.

There is love in life, and this hate is turning turning off the wind and the moon.

Leaving the song and not renovating, a song can teach the intestines.

It is necessary to look at Luo Chenghua, and the spring breeze is easy.

07 Book of Songs · Xiaoya Heming

He Ming was in Jiuli, and heard the wild.

The fish is sneaked, or it is..

The garden of Lebi has tree sandalwood, and it is vitamin.

The stone of his mountains can be wrong.

He Ming was in Jiuli, and heard it in the sky.

The fish lies in 或, or potential.

The garden of Lebi has tree sandalwood, and it is vitamin.

Stones from other hills, can learn.

08 Langtao Sha · By asked about Jiangchao and Sea Water

Tang Bai Juyi

By asking Jiang Chao and Sea Water, He Xunjun’s feelings and hearts?

Hating is not as good as the tide,

Acacia starts to feel that the sea is not deep.

09 Five Poems · Five of Poems · Two

Qing Zhao Yi

Li Du’s poems have been passed through, and so far they are not fresh.

There are talented people in Jiangshan

, Each leading for hundreds of years.

10 Winter Night Reading Show Zi Zi

Song Lu You

The ancients had no effect, and the young workers were old.

I have to feel shallow on the paper.

11 Jiasheng

Tang Li Shangyin


The Xuanshi asked for a sage to visit the minister, and Jia Sheng was even more unprecedented.

Poorly night in the middle of the night,

Don’t ask Cangsheng to ask ghosts and gods.

12 golden coat

Tang Du Qiu Niang

Persuaded Jun Mo to cherish the golden clothes, and persuade the king to take the teenager.

The flowers bloom and fold straight, so don’t wait for the flowers without flowers.

13 mountain garden Xiaomei

Song · Lin Yan

Zhong Fang shakes down alone, taking advantage of the style to Xiaoyuan.

The sparse shadow is clear and shallow, and the dark fragrance floats the moon and dusk.

Frost poultry wants to steal the eyes first, and the pink butterfly breaks the soul.

Fortunately, there are micro -chanting, and there is no need to have a golden bottle.

14 spring day

Song Zhu Xi

Shengri Xunfang Surabaya, the boundless scene is new.

Waiting for the east wind,

Wan Ziqianhong is always spring.

15 Miscellaneous Poems on the Lake

Yuan Mei

In February Day of Guling, tourists come and go to the fairy.

The old man’s heart is different from tourists


Don’t envy the fairy and envy the teenager.

16 Yihai Miscellaneous Poems

Gong Zizhen


The mighty sorrow is oblique, and the sip of the sip is the east of the world.

Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Chunni more quadrangle.

17 hit the soil song

The sunrise is made, and the daily entry is accepted.

Drink and drink, eat the fields.

Why is Dili me?

18 Performance Poems

Tang Yan Zhenqing

Three more lights and five more chickens are when the man is studying.

The black hair did not know the early study, and Bai Shifang regretted that he was late.

19 Master of Furong Snow Furong Mountain

Tang Liu Changqing

The sun is far away, and the cold white house is poor.

Chai Men heard dog barking,

The snowy night returns to others.

20 Lang Tao Sand · Qiba

Tang Yuli

Mo Dao said that he was deep in the waves, and Mo Dao moved his guest like sand.

Thousands of thousands of hardships are hard,

Blowing out the mad sand to start to gold.

21 Finan South Bianye

Tang Wangwei

The middle age is quite good, the late home Nanshan 陲.

Every time Xinglai goes alone, I know it.

Walk to the water poverty, sit while watching the clouds.

Occasionally, Lin Yan, who has no time to talk about it.

22 Seven Mailing Poems · Mingyue Zhao Tao Building


Wei Cao Zhi

The moonlight shines on the tall building, and the flowing light is hovering.

There is a sad woman, and there is a sorrow.

Who is the sigh? It is a guest wife.

For more than ten years, he is alone.

Jun Ruoqing Luchen, Ji Ruo turbid cement.

When will it be harmonious?

May the southwest wind, the long death enters the king’s arms.

Jun Huai is not good, what is the cheapness?

23 Book of Songs · Guofeng · Fengfeng · Drumming

Drumming, actively using soldiers.

Soil country city canal, I alone southbound.

From Sun Zizhong, Ping Chen and Song.

If you do n’t return, you are worried.

爰????? Yuan mourning his horse?

Yu to ask for it? Under the forest.

Life and life are wide, and said to Zicheng.

Stop the hand of the child, grow old with the son.

Yu Xunxi, not me to live.

Yu Xunxi, don’t believe in me.

24 Book of Songs · Wang Feng · Cai Ge

He Cai Ge Xi didn’t see it a day, like March.


Bi Cai Xiao Xi,

No see one day, like Sanqiu Xi.

Hei Cai’s Ai Xi didn’t see it for a day, like three years old.

25 Changganxing

Tang Li Bai

At the beginning of the hair, the drama of the folding of the flower door.

Lang rides bamboo and Malay, getting blue plums around the bed.

Together, the two small guessing.

Fourteen for a gentleman, the shame was not open.


Towards the dark wall, can’t call it.

At the beginning of the fifteenth, the eyebrows were displayed, and I would like to go with dust and gray.

Frequent pillars, how can you look at Fufutai?


Sixteen monarchs travel, Qutang 滟滪 pile.

In May, the apes were mourning in the sky.

Late trace in front of the door, one by one green moss.

The deep moss cannot be swept, and the leaves are early.

August butterfly yellow, double flying Xiyuan grass.

Feeling this sad heart, sitting up with sadness.

In the morning and evening, Sanba, pre -pre -book newspaper reporter.

The meeting is not far away until Changfengsha.

26 The water on the river is like a sea -potential chat short description

Tang Dufu

A good sentence for human nature,

The words are not amazing.

The old poem is dazzling, and the flowers and birds in spring are worried.

The new water threshold is used for fishing, so it is instead of floating.

He was thinking about Tao Xie’s hand, so that he described and traveled with the same tour.

27 Miscellaneous Poems

Jin Tao Yuanming

There is no root in life, and it is like a while.

Dispostering the wind and turning, this is very body.

The landing is a brother, why bother!

Be happy as a fun, fighting wine to gather neighbors.

The year of prosperity does not come back, it is difficult to get in the morning for a day.

Encourage in time, not to treat people in time.

28 Observation books feel

As soon as the half -acre Fangtang opened, the sky -high cloud shadow hovered together.

Ask Quet? Come to live water for source.

29 Swordsman

Tang Jiadao

Ten years grind a sword

, Frost Blade has never tried it.

Today, the monarch, who is uneven.

30 Qing Pingle

Southern Tang Li Yu

Don’t come to spring and semi, touch the intestines.

The falling plum was like a snow, and it was full.

Yanlai has no dependency, and Lu Yao returns to dreams.

The hate is just like spring grass, and it is more and more born.

31 Bie Dong

Tang · Gao Shi

Thousands of miles of yellow clouds and white sun, north wind blowing geese and snow.

Mo Chou has no confidant in front of the road, whoever does not know the monarch in the world.

32 Recalling the Jiang Shang Wu Hangshi

Fujian went to sail, and toads were reunited.

The autumn wind is born with Weishui, and the leaves are full of Changan.

The party was here, and the thunderstorm was cold at the time.

Lan Di was not returned, and the news of the sea cloud.

33 Water threshold to send the heart two.

Go to Guo Xuanzheng to open, and there is no village to look at 赊.

Chengjiang Ping Shao, the trees are too late.

The drizzle fish came out, and the breeze swallows were oblique.

There are 100,000 households in the city, there are two or three.

34 Shangtang Deng

Master of Tang Huangzheng

The dust worked very much, and tightened the rope.

How can I get the plum blossoms in fragrant without any cold bones.

35 poor girl

Tang Qin Taoyu

Pengmen did not know Qiluo Xiang, and he was intended to be a good media.

Who loves romantic high style and spares makeup when co -pity.

Dare to exaggerate the ten fingers, not to paint the double eyebrow fighting.

Hating the golden thread of the year,

Make wedding clothes for others.

36 Butterfly Love Flower · Spring Scenery

Song Su Shi

The flowers faded with red green apricots. When the swallows, green water around people.

There are fewer Liu Mian on the branches.

Where there is no grass in the end of the world.

The autumn thousands of walls in the wall. Walls and foreigners, beautiful women laughed in the wall.

The laughter is gradually gone,

Love is ruthless.

37 Li Si · Qi Qi

Tang Yuanyu

once having seen the best, the rest is not worthwhile looking.

Take a lazy review of the flowers, half -fate practicing the monarch.

38 Huanxi Sand

Qing Nalan Rongruo

Who reads the West wind alone? Xiao Xiao Huang Ye closed the window,

Contemplation of the past to make the sun.


Sleeping in the spring, the gambling book disappears the tea fragrance,

It was unusual at the time.

39 Magnolia Orchids


What happened to the autumn wind and sorrowful painting fan.

It is a way to change but the hearts of the people, but the old people’s hearts are easy to change.

Laoshan said in the middle of the night, and the tears Yu Linling finally did not complain.

He Ru Bo Xing Jinyi Lang, wishes that day.

40 and Dong Chuan stay away

Roughly large cloth wrap career,

Abdominal poetry and gas from China.

The old Confucianism cooks the leaves, and follows the Zizi to step on the locust.

If you do n’t want to find a spring horse, you can choose a car.

Proud of the world, the new wet characters of Huang Huang are like a crow.

41 bee

Tang Luo Yin

Regardless of the flatness and Yamami, the infinite scenery is occupied.

After picking a hundred flowers and honey,

Who is hard for whom?



Song Wenbao

Near the water tower first monthly

Xiangyang Huaxu is easy to spring.

43 Shu Xiang

Where to find the Prime Minister’s Ancestral Hall, Bersen, outside Jincuan City.

Yingjie Bi Cao is from spring, and the leaves are voiced in yellow.

Three times are bothering the world’s plan, and the old ministers of the two dynasties.

When the teacher did not die, he died first, making the hero tears.

44 Spring Festival


Spring Festival is worth thousands of dollars

, Flower has a fragrance moon and yin.

The soundtrack of the song management building was fine, and the Qiu Qianyuan was heavy at night.

45 Cross Huaqing Palace Stalled Sales

Tang Du Mu

Changan looked back and embroidered, and the top of the mountain was opened for the second time.

As soon as the concubine laughed, no one knew that it was lychee.

(Source: Poetry Magazine)

Song Zhu Xi

Tang Dufu

Tang Dufu

Tang Jiadao

Song Su Shi

Song Su Shi

Qing Nalan Rongruo