How much is Chinese boy tall to wear long coats?


Winter is here, Parker coats, trenches, and long down jackets. Essence Wait for all the use.

Every Chinese man imagine the demeanor and aura as European and American when he interprets long models.

But in the evolution of the Asian nation


Compared to long legs and short legs

This natural result.

Many people wear long models in the eyes of others.

So how much Chinese boys are suitable for wearing long coats?

Some people say that at least 173cm, some say the minimum 176cm, and some say that people who are less than 180cm wear coats in Habit.


What is the answer?

Let’s first look at Teacher He, who is less than 170cm tall. The coat of the same length wears three different effects on him.

Mr. Wu Qilong, a 173cm tall, has also suffered such a loss. The left side looks upright on the left, and the effect of the right side is significantly lower than 173cm.

The 172cm tall treasure model wearing a 107cm long coat was stable and stabilized.


Why is there such a result?

First of all, the inner jacket and pants chosen by a little brother are the same color, and naturally it has visually raised the overall coordination.

Then if the middle set of Teacher He is used as a standard, the left and right sides can immediately separate the victory.


Therefore, today’s topic is actually a “pseudo -proposition”, as long as you do not have the “natural flaws” of the 4th.


The short man of each boy is qualified to wear a coat, the key depends on how to wear and what to wear.

One: The length is too long, the version is loose, and the fabric is heavy.


How long is a coat?

Very simple method: the knee is prevailing, the length of the jacket is 5-10cm higher than the knee.

Slim and fit is the core standard of men’s dressing, especially on long jackets. Once loose or hypertrophy, it will be clumsy.

And the loose fabric will make you walk with wind, and the heavy fabric will be able to press the waist.

As for the warmth of winter and winter, a down vest can be solved.



Most of them are mainly dark and gray. Many brands will have camel coats. This color will appear to be yellow and yellow and yellow for yellow people. It is difficult to hold it, unless you are white enough!


Two: Improve the waistline & weakened waistline.

When choosing a different color of the inner jacket and pants, remember to be a shorter jacket, the appropriate dress can cover the leather hole, or stuff the jacket into the pants, and tie the belt (please choose not to have big logo and color strips. Belt)


A high -waisted coat is also a good choice.

Weakening the waistline is another way to blur the upper and lower body proportions, which is used in the inner top and pants of the same color system.


Three: Choice of pants and the treatment of the ankle.


1. Choose a slimming, leg collection, refuse wide legs, low waist pants and other versions.


As for choosing jeans & canvas shoes, small white shoes. Still suit pants & leather shoes, which depends on your own preferences and occasions.

2. Dark color, if you choose light colors, you must rely on the upper pretend to grab the vision.

For example, Uncle Nick of 1.68 meters of Nick raised his sight by the belt around his waist, with a light blue shirt in the upper body, and once again shifted his eyes, successfully interpreted the dead white trousers.

3: Exposing your ankle can make your aura two meters eight meters, or students who do not want to expose ankle can choose the length of the pants to the upper or pants.


Remember not to allow pants to accumulate at the ankle.


Four: Hats, scarves, height insoles, jewelry and other details

With a bow tie, hats, sunglasses, etc., no exception has embellished the parts above the chest, which improves the visual center of the whole person, especially the hat, which can not only be 3-4cm high, but also modify the face shape, the head of the head, and the body look higher. Essence


If it is a scarf and tie, don’t be too long, it will lengthen the proportion of the entire upper body.

No matter how powerful the blogger can’t save it.

So, how much is the height of boys suitable for wearing long jackets?


The answer is: the height is not important, self -confidence is the most important.


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