The driver must be installed in the same year, now there is no one dare to use it, what happened to the e-dog?


Electronic dog is more unfamiliar for many new owners, many people don’t even know what is an electronic dog. In fact, if you recall, you should think of this thing, usually a car model, blocking the control station in the car, this thing can detect the radar signal, and can also carry out advance warning, have to say the function is very Powerful, now a lot of electronic dogs are further further on the basis of the original violations, and even electronic maps, even if this is to avoid the ticket.

This thing is very popular before, but now it is basically sold, then what is it going? Electronic dogs are more known as safe driving early warning instruments, or directly referred to as a warning instrument, which is not used by riders, but because the country has made the use of electronic dogs.


Of course, the electronic dog is also divided into many kinds. If the formal electronic dog product is used, there is no problem, but some unscrupulous merchants and illegal buyers can avoid legal constraints, manufacture and purchase electronic dogs that can interfere with transportation equipment. This instrument For the country’s traffic regulations are serious provocations, as long as the machines are installed or used to interfere with road traffic evolving equipment, they are illegal, as long as they are caught, they must be fined and the equipment is confiscated.


It is said that the electronic dog does have a big problem in a safe point. First, many people adventurous installation electronic dog is because of its powerful features, where there is a signal, there is no signal, as long as there is no signal You can drive unscrupulous speed, although there is no legal bondage, but the dangerous danger of speeding, it is very clear that everyone is very clear.


In fact, the function of the electronic dog is powerful, but it is not universal. Sometimes everyone wants to circumvents when the speed is too fast, because the speed is too fast, when you want to circumvent the speed brake, but high-speed state The brake is very dangerous. One accident may cause chasing the joint or more serious accidents, so everyone must be vigilant.

It is said that the country is not allowed to use, but the traffic police does not advocate the use of electronic dogs. With electronic dogs, there is an e-dog for a lot of car owners. How to run, this is very dangerous, now there are fewer and fewer in the market, everyone is not very useful, what do you see?