The Japanese antibacterial mites -removing towels that never stinky are 100,000 times better than pure cotton towels, and 1 catties of water is dried in 3 seconds! The towel at home should be upgraded


“What else can a towel? You can dry it!”

This is probably the only person for most people, the only requirement for the towel


However, you may not know

When you wipe your body with a towel face

At the same time, it is also transporting a large amount of mites and bacteria on the skin


No antibacterial towel is like a bacterial bomb, which is dirty than the toilet

This is really not alarmist

The People’s Daily not long ago, the topic of towels was released

It is reported that most towels contain white chanting bacteria

Bacteria, E. coli and other bacteria

And the quantity will increase geometric multiple

There are also “Wenzhou Evening News” experiments show

A wet towel for a wash face, bacteria can reach nearly 10 million


More online reports about towels on the Internet

Bacteria, mites, toilets, dirt and other words

It’s shocking

Towel is a necessity when everyone is cleaning

Many people may find that the towels are used for a while

There will be a phenomenon of yellowing, hardening, moldy, and odor

There will be a very slippery feel to feel

In fact, these are mites and bacteria sticking to the towels

In addition


And the fat and dirt left when cleaning the skin


Coupled with the toilet environment of towels is more humid


The warm and humid environment gives mites bacteria

Provided breeding hotbed, every time it wiped

There are millions of bacteria mites on your skin upstream

Those bacteria can make the skin itch for no reason and acne

Large pores, ribbon blackheads

In order to cause diarrhea, purulent and acne

And mites are the strongest allergies known in the world

Long -term contact will not only make you “bodyless body”

What is even more scary is

According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Asthma and allergic rhinitis caused by mites

The proportion is as high as 91.6%

not kidding

Now it is troublesome to your skin

The culprit is the non -antibacterial towel

Many towels on the market will be used as antibacterial gimmicks


In fact, an antibacterial agent is injected in it


But these antibacterial agents will increase with the number of times

Gradually dissolved in water until no

This way they are no different from ordinary towels


If the towel fiber itself has antibacterial anti -mites and anti -odor function

Then the towel really has permanent antibacterial effect


Many people now use a new type of antibacterial towel

Bamboo charcoal fiber fabrics that use natural antibacterial mites

Not only the soft and smooth touch of goose down

And the antibacterial mate rate is as high as 95%


Super 7 times water absorption, anti -mildew and breathable speed dry

Can’t afford the hair and can’t afford the ball

“Japanese TEHOT Cations Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Towel”

This is a rare on the market

Towels with natural antibacterial mite removal function


Bamboo charcoal fiber in the towel


It is the fifth natural fiber after cotton, hemp, hair, and silk

But it is softer than the yarn, softer than cotton, and more durable than hemp

Natural bacteriostatic, mite removal, odor and release negative ion characteristics

Known as “the fiber that can breathe”, “fiber queen”

Tehot is a Japanese professional textile brand. With his persistence and details of quality and details, he once became the “first quality brand” in the Japanese textile industry.

Code bamboo charcoal fiber towel is a new type of antibacterial towel developed by the Tehot brand in recent years. It has natural bacteriostatic mites, mildew and drying, and breathable deodorization effects.

It has become a hot -selling product for the Japanese several times, at least three people.

However, the island country is small, the population is not large, and the market is limited. In order to expand the market and reduce production costs, it also allows more people to use this useful and healthy towel.

The Tehot brand moved Japanese original technology and raw materials to China and set up factories in China for production. The same technology and fabrics will be much cheaper.

When I got the towel for the first time

Touch it with a unique goose down fluffy softness

Paled hard, and there was no fluff to fall off

Pour on the face, the skin -friendly texture of the original fabric

It is completely different from the towel with a soft agent on the market

It is basically fast to hang in the bathroom after washing


Don’t worry about wetness caused by bacterial mites to breed

And water absorption is super strong

It can be dried in only 3 minutes after washing the hair

It is completely not used to damage the hair dryer


One more special experience is

You will find it after using this towel for a while

I have repeated acne on my face before

It’s all slow, and will not take new acne anymore

The pores on both sides of the nose are obviously more delicate

This change can’t believe it


Even for a long time


It will not stink, hard or even moldy like a traditional towel


This is the most powerful evidence of no bacterial mites on the towel

This sense of security can be said to be unprecedented

Comes with natural antibacterial mite removal function, with an antibacterial rate of 95%

Super strong attachment, effectively decomposition odor and odor


The biggest feature of this towel is that there is a possession

Natural antibacterial mite removal and odor function

And let it have this function is the bamboo charcoal fiber

Select Japan Maozhu, which grows for more than three years as the raw material

Adopt a new technique and new technology with pure oxygen 800 degrees high temperature

Make bamboo charcoal inherently detailed and honeycomb

Finally made by special craftsmanship melting spinning

Not only is people admired as “fiber queen”


Internationally, it is even known as the “New Guard of Environmental Protection of the 21st Century”


The natural sterilization ingredient “Bamboo” contained in bamboo charcoal fibers

Make towels with natural bacteriostatic, anti -mites, deodorant characteristics

Can effectively inhibit the breeding of mites and bacteria and create a sterile environment

Reduce human sensitive sources and protect human skin

Examination and verification by the National Cotton Textile Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

The same number of bacteria observe under a microscope


Bacteria can be reproduced in large quantities in cotton and wood fibers

The bacteria on the bamboo charcoal fiber were killed more than 95%after 24H

The antibacterial mite removal ability makes other textile fabrics be overwhelmed

And bamboo charcoal fiber special ultra -fine micro -hole structure

Make it adsorbed more than 10 times more charcoal

Can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances

And decompose it


Effectively eliminate the odor and deodorization of towels

At the same time, bamboo charcoal fiber contains

Chlorophyll and chlorophyll copper sodium ingredients


It also has a deodorant effect on towels

This bamboo charcoal fiber towel has also passed

Thoroughly dehydrated, sugar, and protein treatment


While adsorbing and removing skin dirt


Effectively prevent stains from generating chemical reactions on the towel

It can always keep the cleanliness of the towel

There are no mites bacteria, and the towel is not easy to become sticky and smelly

After all towels at home are replaced by this antibacterial towel

You will be surprised to find out

The acne on the face is gone, the pores are small, and the blackheads are gone

The skin is not itchy, and there is no acne behind the chest

The skin of the family will become healthy

Soft and comfortable, absorb water instantly, breathable and dry

A towel that can breathe freely

This towel has a super fine 7mm fluff

The touch is as smooth as silk, and the goose down is soft

Can give the skin the most comfortable and smooth care

It is a baby’s first choice towel, and also the superior beauty towel

Bamboo charcoal is naturally loose and porous structure

The cross section is covered with tens of thousands of oval pores

It is highly hollow, and the capacity of the capillary is extremely strong

You can absorb and evaporate a lot of water in an instant

Its moisture -absorbing, breathable, and quick -drying ranking of major textile fibers

Water absorption is 7 times more cotton


600ml water, suck in 3 seconds


There is no drop

The other side is still dry state

There is no harm without comparison


Two glass of water with the same capacity fell down

The Tehot towel has not been penetrated

And there is already a pool of water under the ordinary towel

(Left: Tehot towel right: ordinary towel)

Super strong water absorption


Not only can the skin be kept clean and refreshing quickly

And for girls with long hair, it is a major gospel

Wet hair after washing, dry in 3 minutes

No hair dryer, no damage to hair quality

Easy to enjoy natural hair

This porous structure of this bamboo charcoal fiber towel


It is also easy to evaporate in water, and it is not easy to leave water

The towel is very fast

Naturally, it is not easy to yellow and mildew

Compared to ordinary towels

Its natural ventilation

I feel like I can breathe myself

“Towel that can breathe” is really deserved

Wet with hot water and apply it to your face

It feels so comfortable

It’s the same as doing SPA for the face


However, it’s not just comfortable

The towel also contains rich minerals such as zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and magnesium

And can release a large amount of activity negative ions

Can remove free radicals and ester peroxid compounds in the body


Promote skin blood circulation and enhance cell elasticity

Effectively improve facial skin

Do not fall off, do not fall off, can not afford a hair ball

Really safe and healthy environmentally friendly towel


Many towels on the market will use

Rich on carcinogen dye dye dye towels such as aromatic amine

Such towels are not only easy to fade

It will also seriously damage the skin and endanger health


Tehot towel adopts environmentally friendly activity printing and dyeing


Add a lot of cations to the towel

They will increase the dye molecules on the chroma

The hydrophilic base is closed on the fabric

Formed insoluble dye salt precipitation

Effectively prevent dyes from falling off and hydrolysis from the fabric

Very high color fastness

Choose a dark towel

Put in the laundry fluid water


Soak for ten minutes without fading

Water is still clean and clear


The TEHOT towel with cation is added

High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and wrinkle resistance are also very good

Life life is longer

Use steel wire ball to rub hard


Do not fall off, can’t afford the ball

The hair loss rate is close to 0

Use transparent glue to stick towels many times without hair loss

Towel toughness is super strong

32 bilateral woven

A few times thicker than ordinary towels


Fine and uniform fluffy fluffy

Natural fluffy

Soft and elastic feel

There is no odor to smell

The entire towel uses exquisite double lock edge technology

Straighten on the sewing, rigorous wiring

Reinforcement treatment to prevent the off -line opening

Intimate Hanging Ring Design

Convenient for hanging

Tehot Code Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Towel

In the process of raw materials extraction and manufacturing, physical methods are used

Calfin -free drifting dye no fluorescent agent without aromatic amine

Safe and healthy


Already reached the international Class A standard

(Infants and young children can use the highest standard)


Tehot brand insists that only solid color systems are made


Reduce the destruction of the fiber structure to the greatest extent

Enhance towel comfort and antibacteriality

There are three colors of rice white, light gray, and sky blue to choose from

The color of the whole family is universal


Babies who have bought it home

No one is not praised with praise

Antibacterial mites super comfortable towel


This is the first choice for safety and health

I want to remind you here

Towels are specially dedicated, special towels are dedicated

There must be at least three towels per person per person

Avoid reused use of bacterial cross infection

There is a duration of everything

Home Textile experts believe that the duration of towels is best for 3 months

Never lose big due to small loss


Don’t just ask the towel to dry it.

No antibacterial towel is far more horrible than expected

This Japanese TEHOT cationic bamboo charcoal fiber towel

Natural antibacterial mite removal, eliminating odor

Do not stick to it, do not dry, not moldy

Skin -friendly, soft, comfortable, safe and healthy

Definitely the first choice towel for the skin

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