Beautiful and high -end coarse mink velvet mid -length sweater jacket


Overall effect chart

This mink velvet sweater jacket uses three high -quality mink velvet woolen woolen and mink velvete partners, which is woven with the 7th needle in the synthetic line. The bust is 96 cm, the clothes are 74 cm long, and the sleeve length is 56 cm. The lower jacket and the sleeves are designed with their own ingots twist and 4 rows of pupa flowers, which perfectly connect the upper patterns, which improves the overall effect. Its advantage is that wearing is particularly comfortable, warm, fluff long, not affordable, not bloated. Because mink dumplings are expensive, the knitting method used by this sweater is also designed with a lot of time, and the manual time is much higher than the value of the wool. It can be called a high -end sweater. Let’s share the basic methods below.

The effect map of the lower shirt


The whole clothes are woven together, and a single -sided 248 needle (after the needle will be shared at the video) starting with 2 stitches at the beginning and the end of the end must be woven 2 stitches, so that the benefits are used to pick the side. The flowers on the side of the clothes and the sleeves are 4 needles of twist, and the upper needle of the interval is 2 stitches. 8 lines to twist once, the point is to be relatively twisted, do not twist in one direction. Four rows of pimples were knitted at 4 times, (the weaving method of the flowers will be shared in the video)

Lower renderings


There are small twists with 2 needles above the clothes, and each side is across the needle on both sides. The flat needle grid is 11 stitches. Little Twist twist 4 lines. When the total length of the waist is half the length of the waist, 1 needle is collected in the 11 -pin pins. When the waist length is 4 lines, it will be collected again. Each grid has 9 stitches, which just goes aligned with the waist.

Waist 220 needle


When the lower part of the waist is divided into the lower part of the small twist, the small twist continues to weave the small twist. 9 needle flat needles are divided into two 4 needle marijuana, which are twisted, and one needle is used in the middle. (Figure)

When part of the flowers, the little twist also does not change the position. Continue to weave small twists. Two twists of 9 stitches become a hollow twist with the middle 5 needle, which is a needle in the middle of the 4 needle flat needle. 3 stitches between small twists. Twisted 8 lines of hollow twist, 2 stitches of small twist still twisted once in the original 4 lines. From the waist to the underarms, the needles are added on both sides 3 times on both sides, 2 stitches on one side, 4 stitches on both sides, and a total of 12 stitches in 3 times. The body can be added once more. The number of needles of the bust is 232 stitches.

48 stitches at the cuffs


The knitting method of the cuffs is the same as the side of the lower shirt. Twist is to twist. The splitting of the sleeve body is based on the small twist of the middle two needles in the middle, one needle is acupunctured on both sides, 12 stitches are across the needle. Come, start to add once, add 4 lines once, 6 lines, 8 lines to the sleeve length. Cling to 11 stitches, 1 stitch each side of the 2 rows, always receive the length of the sleeve enough.

The overall effect chart of the rear

232 stitches of the bust, 57 stitches in the front block, 10 stitches, obliquely collected, 2 rows once, 1 needle at a time. Receive a total of 10 times and weave enough length. 106 stitches in the rear, 6 times obliquely, a total of 6 stitches, weaving enough length. The collar is woven according to your preference.

Collar renderings


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Pocket details


Pocket pockets are picked up from the side of the clothes and woven the stitches.

(The specific weaving method will be shared in the video in the future)