The original God 1.5 minutes away from the fixed ultimate pumping Raiders: rock king is the most cost-effective?


The 1.5 version of the original God is about to open, and the clock is about to come to the same period. I believe that many XP members who are missing the rock kaya latx are ready to move, can’t help your wallet to prepare a lot.


If it is not the true love powder of the Kings, do you want to get it?


Xiaobian suggestion: Don’t take a minute (dog header life).

Because the clock is the largest “scrap” breaker of the whole original God. With a clock, you will forget the shift, even if the abyss 12 floors is the same, all copies are difficult to reduce the kindergarten level; have a clock, you will forget the hard, fried, fried with the sword, one sword. The mine fried, Touswat is going to be hollowed out; if you have a clock, all rock covers are like a paper paste, you let the rock Dunqiu, how to live …

Ok, it’s not a skin, or you have to be buried by the friendly injury.

Xiaobian is strongly recommended that all players who plan to play “original god” will pick up the clock.

Because the improvement in the game experience is too large, mining, smuggling, breaking the rocky shield, can resist output, the key is also a hundred, put it in any lineup.


If you are not bad, the clock is sooted to a few lives. This is different from person to person, the key to see what genre is a clock.

The 4 mechanism of the clock, just in the corresponding 4 different clocks!

Rock element resonate flow: rush 1 life


1 Life: The rock ridge created by the center can be present at the same time.

The rock attribute character is undoubtedly a living, and a life can let the clock can resonate. Resonance damage is doubled than that of rock rock. Although it is said that the rock creative has the upper limit, but when I actually play, the clock is just a four-party resonance with the big trick of the rock! More bug is, the clock can even resonate with the enemy, such as the rock pier in the rock attribute Chiqiu Master.

1.5 version has also launched a clock-free exclusive sacred container, two sets increase 20% life, four sets increase the power of the shield 30%, the attack power is 20%, and the clock is still taken into force in the background! This mingssery is the exclusive set of Qingshen (Abbendo to life), which also makes the common stream are not limited to the fire, and the practicality is also greatly improved.


In short, if you like to create a “automatic kit monster”, you will have a nice.

Daxie with me: rush 2 life


2 life effect: big recruitment to send Yu Wei shield, you can add teammates


If you are online, you will pick up 2 or get a new person. The newcomer will inevitably call a “big brother”, can resist the output, can also add the shield to the teammates, really can give a very strong sense of security. In fact, it is also useful to be useless. For example, when the clock is from the Diwu Qiquang, if the long press E comes to the shield, the occasional pillar will grab the water element, occasionally can’t fight evaporation reaction (the method is good enough when I didn’t say it).


In short, if you are often online or a new person, 2 life is willing!


Big recruiting bomb BOOM stream: rushing 4 live

4 life effect: big tricks have been extended by 20%, petrochemical prolonged 2 seconds

Emperor is also able to play nuclear bombs! Even if there is no “monkey” (without any injury), if there is a mustache, the current version can also easily hurt 5-100,000 big strokes. But the four-life is just the increase of the scope and duration of the big move. If you want to increase the damage, you may wish to bring a 5-life. In the original God, the skills increase 3, and the damage will generally increase by 20%.


Dan Dad, I’m completely flow: rushing 6 live

6 life effect: set shield replies to life when he is injured, and the amount of reply is 40% damage.

For some lineups, it is negative income, such as a walnut lineup that requires blood. But telling the truth, this blood-blood effect is really leaving, not only unlocking

The nature of the emperor … Sorry “Dad”

For the emperor, it is almost never falling. It turns out that the Devil Wars of the Year is so winning!

The true love party can consider 6 lives, let the emperor become the most shining C bit!

Summarize, if you want to play the rock element, you will have a good life. It is recommended that the small prunity players rushed to 2 lives, and the whole life belts two incorrectly! 6 Although it is not recommended (the shield strength is enough), but if it is the emperor really love the powder, I want the emperor to be a dad, you can also consider, rush!

Finally, I wish all the readers of the blind 1 get a clock, 10 companies!