The down vest is too easy to wear. It is really “unbearable” when wearing it at the age of thirty or forty.


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Winter warming items are complicated and thick, as well as light and simple. You can adjust the form of dressing according to the change of temperature. In terms of suitable temperature, the practicality of the vest is better than other types of items.

The down vest can protect the main part of the body, improve the warmth of the dress, and the sleeve part is omitted, which looks simpler. But simplicity does not mean that down vests are not fashionable enough, shoulder design or fabric design can play a role in optimizing style.

The design sense of down vest has a strong sense of design, with obvious differences in style and thickness, and there are a lot of attention to its combination. Fully analyzing these problems, you can make wearing more temperament.

The skills of down vests are not difficult. From young people to middle -aged and elderly people, they can master. The down vest is really a hidden “king”. The sweater and shirt can be worn. It is really beautiful in winter. The down vest is too easy to wear. It is really “unbearable” when we wear it at the age of 30 and forty.

The style of the down vest


Fit down vest

Whether the vest fits the key to the design of the shoulder position,

Vest shoulder width

If the width of the shoulder width is consistent or slightly narrower than the actual shoulder width, then it shows the effect of coexistence and dressing, and the dress looks more neat.

Design of fitted vest


As well as

Low -key

, Similar to the design effect of traditional vests, but the down is added, the warmth effect is better than knitted vests or leather vests, and has a strong advantage in practicality.


Wide -shoulder down vest

Wide -shoulder down vest and

oversized wind

The design is in line with the width of the shoulders, and the charm and trend of the more neutral style are wearing.

The shoulder extension can cover


The body will not be fully revealed, wearing a mystery, and the matching is very distinctive. The wide -shoulder down vest also expands the matching space, and the heavy items can also be combined with the vest.

The thin design of down vest

Thin down vest

With the improvement of women’s requirements for dressing comfort, the design of down clothing has begun to rise


The direction of the direction, the light and thin vests occupy less space, can be matched in other coats


If the light vest is relatively large, you can match it in the light vest thicker


Multi -layer item

It can not be exhausted, but also shows a super practical effect.

Fluffy down vest

The design of fluffy down vests and conventional down jackets are the same. The surface of the clothing is drumped and looks thicker, but it is not heavy.


It can also appear.

From a intuitive point of view, the warmth effect of fluffy down vests is better than thin. Fluffy down vest suitable for matching

Narrow leg pants


The upper and lower styles are generous and will not be fat.

Combination of down vest

Plel vest with sweater

The down vest can be worn with a sweater. The sweater is one of the fashion tide clothes. The style is loose, rich in color, and in winter


The sweater can be used to ensure the comfort and warmth of wearing.

The color of the sweater is also very many, suitable for matching

Pure color vest

Come to wear, the color combination is fashionable and high -level, which can make wearing dynamic and temperament. The age reduction of this combination is obvious.

Down vest with shirt

The shirt is relatively thin and has


The characteristics of the down vectors are combined to show practicality


, It can also show the rate and characteristics of wearing.

In addition to the shirts can be paired with down vests, it is also possible

Stacking sweater

The combination of down vests is more effective, rich and fashionable.

Down vest with sweater

Sweats are common fashion items in winter. The superposition of down vests will not look deserted, which can ensure warmth and comfort. Both sweaters and down vests can be selected

Solid color

, Fashionable and stylish.

The down vest can expose the arms and collar, so it can be matched





The design is very special style, which increases the tide of matching.

The next match of down vest


Plush vest with wide leg pants

Plel vests can be matched

Wide leg pants

In this case, it is best to choose high -waisted wide -leg pants, and vests choose to wear it open. This combination can highlight the advantages of each part and ensure the effective presentation of the image charm.

In this combination, the tops and bottoms are all showed



, The advantages of wearing are clear, the combination is combined with the effect of fashion, and the workplace will be very good.

Plel vest with tight leg pants

Tight -leg pants can show the figure, so the body requirements are high, and the slim leg shape is more suitable for wearing


When matching the vest, you can choose a longer down vest to cover the position of the lumboscus and optimize the charm of the image.

In this kind of match, it is best not to be too wide, tight or slim -fitting can improve the overall matching


, Make it highlights and attractiveness.

The down vest has a temperature and can also ensure the style of wear. Women of all ages can choose this kind of match. They use personalized wear to highlight the temperament and express the charm and temperament of dress.

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