The tiger, paper tiger, shell tiger, clay sculpture tiger … The Spring Festival is approaching, the Laoshan group “Shangxin” Tiger New Year Cultural and Creative


Qingdao Daily/Guanhai News, January 17th. This morning, it was directed by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Qingdao Culture and Tourism Bureau, Qingdao Laoshan District People’s Government, Laoshan District Culture and Tourism Development Committee, and the CPC Laoshan District Committee Hosted by the Propaganda Department, the new cultural tourism, new start, and new future hosted by the Laoshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau -20122 Laoshan Tiger New Year Creation Conference online conference to the horn of Haier Iceberg has opened to the country.

Zhang Mingchi, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Wang Lanbo, director of the Cultural and Tourism Development Committee of Laoshan District, Xu Hongwei, deputy inspector of Qingdao Culture and Tourism Bureau, Liang Haitao, deputy head of Laoshan District, Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Bureau of Culture and Tourism Bureau Zhang Jun, the Director of the Social Cultural Relics Division of the Museum of Culture and Tourism of the Qingdao Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Qu Zaiyu, director of the Laoshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Wang Penghai, director of the Affairs Service Center of Laoshan District, attended the event and jointly launched the release of 2022 Laoshan Tiger New Year Creation Works. ceremony.

Innovate the development of the industry

The development of cultural and creative products is an inevitable requirement for cultural self -confidence, an important support for the development of the cultural and creative industry, and an inevitable needs of the people’s high -quality life. It is reported that in order to promote the development of Laoshan non -heritage and cultural and creative development, through this activity, the Laoshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau build a platform with a service concept and promote the industry with innovative thinking, which has promoted a series of strategic cooperation from research and development to industrialization development , To open up the entire industrial chain from creative research and development, publicity and promotion to the market operation, and promote the industrial development of cultural and creative works.

At the event site, the Laoshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau signed a cooperation agreement with Qingdao Ruoqi Jewelry Culture and Art Museum to jointly build and jointly promote the zodiac IP to promote the development of the zodiac IP industrialization; Agreement, jointly created Laoshan’s characteristic cultural and creative, allowing intangible cultural heritage to live; the Laoshan Cultural Tourism Industry Association reached strategic cooperation with museums and non -heritage representative projects, respectively, promoting the joint efforts of the association and cultural and creative entities The industrialization of museum collection and non -heritage projects. This marks a new model of the government’s settlement of the government, the Cultural Tourism Industry Association and the cultural and creative subject, and jointly promote the development of cultural and creative industrialization.


Promote the integration of cultural tourism at a high level


In the context of the epidemic prevention and control, this activity innovation adopts the form of online release, so that consumers from all over the country can witness the new changes of Laoshan Cultural Tourism.

Qu Zaiyu said that Laoshan Cultural Tourism will focus on the construction of quality urban areas, “Nandi North” and “Encouraging Innovation in Laoshan”, closely linked to the five major industries, implement the “ten one” project, and highlight the construction of mountains and sea vacations, rural leisure, research on research, research Education, festival events, and marriage and tourism core product systems make tourist destinations more energetic and more connotative. At the same time, it will increase the support of the non -heritage policy, encourage and support the museum to rely on various cultural relic resources, develop a wide variety of cultural and creative products, and actively explore the cultural industry chain through the IP authorization and other models to make more more Multi -culture and non -heritage integrate into modern life, and constantly meet the spirit and material needs of the audience.

It is reported that this event is an important part of the series of “Hi You Qingdao Yuexiang Winter Interesting Dao Laoshan”. It is also the first time that the national tourism department has established an annual non -heritage and cultural and creative works by the cultural tourism department, showing the Laoshan District The support and incentives of innovation and creativity show the determination of the economic and social development of the Laoshan Wenli to enable the region, and to promote the happiness and improvement of the people in the region.

Multi -cultural and creative star shine

In order to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the excellent traditional culture of China, promote the empowerment of a better life in the cultural tourism industry, and analyze consumer voting and big data, the conference site, the Laoshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau released the Laoshan District Tiger Year of the Language and Bo Federation Exhibition. Focusing on the cultural and creative of the year, I found the new gameplay “Hi You Qingdao Yue Enjoy the Winter Fudao Laoshan”.

Among them, the Haier World Appliance Museum brings the theme of the year of the Haier Brothers, the Mark Cup, sweater and other surroundings. The trend is interesting and elegant;

The Qingdao Jintang Museum brings cultural and creative products such as “Haiyue Chun Hui” Sali Gann white wine, Taiqinghai Yueyue tea set;


Qingdao Wanlijiang Tea Museum launched the craftsmanship purple sand gold fish pot, and use the pot to make good tea to give you the limitation of the tiger of the master of the famous artist;

Qingdao Tianshu Longquan Celadon Museum launched the “Tiger Drossing Style” ornaments.

Qingdao Haiyu Laoshan Greenstone Museum is carved with Laoshan Greenstone to become a series of cultural and creative products of the Tiger, and it is naturally stable and calm;

Qingdao Ruoqi Jewelry Culture and Art Museum design creation and creation of the zodiac IP “Xiao Yin” to pray for the year of the tiger;

The theme of the Ceramic Art Museum of the Qingdao Fushan Kiln Ceramics Art Museum combines the fierce and majestic beast with the romantic and gentle flowers to launch the exclusive cultural and creative product of the year of the tiger;

The Qingdao Cup Cup Museum launched the “Tiger Tiger” cup series, with 24 traditional handicrafts, holding golden tigers, tigers and prestige;

Qingdao Suxia Paper -cutting Art Studio absorbs folk art elements such as mud tigers and cloth dolls, combined with the characteristics of Laoshan, cutting a red paper to bring the blessing of the year of the tiger;

Qingdao Zhenyi Beibei Co., Ltd. chose shells of natural primary colors as warm as jade, carefully carved according to the depth of the material, creating the “Golden Tiger’s Old Yin Hu to welcome the Chinese New Year” shell carving series;

Qingdao Liu’s clay sculpture studio launched the Laoshan New Year tiger clay sculpture in the form of painted clay sculptures, which means the New Year’s dispellation of the plague and wicked evil, festive harvest;

Qingdao Yami Impression Jewelry Co., Ltd. launched a new “zodiac tiger”, “black tiger biting gold”, “tiger and tiger” cultural and creative products, breaking the tradition and exquisite craftsmanship;


Qingdao Xiaoyang Chun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. uses high-quality malt, Laoshan tea and other raw materials to brew, bringing “Laoshan Tea Beer-Fuhu Shengwei” series of products to give the year of the tiger’s prosperity and increase the fortune;

Qingdao Mofei Art Organization launched the micro -spray print of “Big Blossom Flower”, “Food Paradise”, “Space Series 11” to show the charm of contemporary art;

Laoshan Academy launched a handmade waist pillow and the shadow of the tiger’s shadow tiger culture and creation products. (Qingdao Daily/Guanhai Journalist Yi Tao)

(Author: Yi Tao)