Pregnant women’s belly pants


What is the belly pants

A high waist of pants, the pants that can be built on the top of the pants, can be panties or pants, mostly for women who are sagging on the abdomen.

Do pregnant women wear belly pants?

1. If the small belly is obviously swollen, the elasticity and Leicing of some pants will make the stomach uncomfortable. In order to be comfortable, you can put on a loose belly pants. It is recommended to wear cotton. Do not wear jeans.

2. If the abdominal fat is too much and obviously loose and droop, wearing the belly trousers can be more beautiful.

3. It is recommended to wear some loose cotton pants. It is best to wear less or not to wear jeans, because girls are slightly open during pregnancy, so hygiene is the most important. Jeans are sweaty. Cotton is cotton. the best choice.

Obstetricians believe that the growth of the fetus and the protective fat layer of the surrounding uterus are thickened and increased the volume of the abdominal cavity. Therefore, the abdomen of the pregnant woman will be radioactive to the navel with the belly button during pregnancy, which increases the spine and lower limbs. Burment, but the child grows up, the mother can bear it. So you can choose ordinary underwear, you don’t have to wear belly trousers.

It is recommended that pregnant women choose high -waisted underwear. It is best to choose when they are pregnant, and they need to be cotton. Low waist underwear will restrain the baby’s growth, bringing some trauma to the baby’s development.

Flat -angle underwear is not as beautiful as triangular underwear, but mothers who have experienced production experience suggest that women are best wear flat -angle underwear when they are pregnant. Because flat -angle underwear can reduce the symptoms of thighs and swelling, and it will not hurt so much when walking.

Under what circumstances should we wear belly pants

Under normal circumstances, prospective mothers do not need to use belt belt. In the following circumstances, pregnant mothers need to use belt belt:

1. The original fetal position is the hip position. After the doctor’s external transition is turned into the head position, in order to prevent it from returning to the original hip position, the belly should be used to prevent it.

2. There has been a history of fertility, and his own abdomen wall has been very relaxed, becoming a quasi -mother mother.

3. When each ligament connecting the pelvis has a relaxation pain, the belt should be used to support the back and relieve pain.

4. After being checked as a polygon, or the fetus is too large, the abdominal wall drooping is more obvious when standing.


According to different styles, it can be divided into trousers, cropped pants, cropped pants, pants, shorts and skirts. These different lengths of pants are the same as ordinary women’s pants. They have many styles, beautiful and comfortable. The difference is the design of the waist. In order to make the expectant mothers who are comfortable to wear, the front of the waist will be designed with a flexible abdomen type. As the baby’s monthly age increases, the belly -holding pants can also adapt to the corresponding size.

Abdominal pants function

According to different functions, it can be divided into belly panties, base trousers, casual belly trousers, strap belt trousers, sports trousers, pencil pants, etc. No matter what kind of function, it is based on the function of the abdomen. If you lose your abdomen function, it is no different from ordinary pants. Pregnant mothers are prone to fatigue and bulky in the middle and late pregnancy.

Belly pants fabric

According to the different fabrics, it can be divided into denim’s belly pants, cotton -bearing trousers, etc., just like the fabrics of ordinary clothes.