How about the mudfish honey mud mask


The outer box of the mask is affixed with the anti -counterfeiting logo of scraping coating to identify authenticity. After opening, you can see the glass bottle with a wooden lid, and you can see the material and color of the mask. This mask is a faint gray green, not the color of honey. The capacity of the mask is not small, with a total of 260g.

The texture of the Royal Mud Honey Mud Mask


After opening the jar, the mask I saw seemed like a mud, and the difference was that there were faint fragrance. Apply on your face, as soft and fragrant as a bit of sticky soil. Although it is a mud mask, it does not feel dry, it is easy to push away, and the ductility is okay.


The pH value of the Royal Mud Honey Mud Mask

After testing, the pH value of this honey mud mask is between 5 ~ 6, which is weak acidity. It is very mild for the acid and alkali of the skin, so various skin types are suitable. And this MM, which is particularly dry for skin, can be well hydrated.

Ingredients of Royal Mud Honey Mud Mask


Honey mud mask, at a glance, the main component is honey. Honey has been a favorite skin care product that people love from a long time ago. Because of its natural resistance and very little water, it is the only material that will never be corrupted. In addition to eating health, detoxification, moisturizing, beauty, whitening, it is also an elegant component in skin care products. The mud mask dedicated to the lack of water is rich in high mountains and honey, which can keep the skin gloss.


The sense of use of the mudfish honey mud mask

This mask is not like other mud mask. It is necessary to add water for a while when it is applied to the face. After washing, the skin is a very comfortable sense of refreshing. It seems that the mud has taken away the dirt on the face, and the skin becomes whiter than before, and it will not dry and tight.

Efficacy of Royal Mud Honey Mud Mask

After washing, the skin feels clean and not dry. Each cell is full of moisture. With this mask, dry skin is not afraid of cleaning problems! Under gently massage, the deep dirt and blackheads in the facial skin are completely removed, and the skin is delicate and soft. At the same time, it can also keep the moisture in the skin.