Is it difficult to buy tea offline? Taobao Million Spring Tea Picks with you


Right now is the season of spring tea picking. Recently, the circle of friends has begun to be brushed by various tea -picking scenes. Due to the good weather last year, this year’s Spring Tea was listed 8-10 days earlier compared with previous years, and the output also increased significantly. Experts said that from the current purchase price of fresh leaves in the opening garden, the price this year is relatively stable than last year.

At present, spring tea has been picked and fired in the south. If you want to try early spring tea, you can buy it through Taobao. “Many buyers were worried about the time of the new tea listing before, and there were a lot of people who came to consult.” A Taobao shop owner told the author that although the tea before the Qingming before this year was listed on schedule, it was an indisputable fact. The high price of the offline tea market has allowed more and more tea customers to join Taobao to buy tea. According to the Taobao index, the search index of “Spring Tea” in the past seven days has increased by 3.0%month -on -month, and the search index of “Spring Tea” in the past thirty days is 473.1%.

It seems that people who love spring tea have been acting. Taobao characteristic China also launched the Taobao tea festival. Spring tea that purchased West Lake Longjing not only free shipping, but also enjoyed a discount of half price.

Taobao Kaicha Festival half price and free shipping

Mr. Li is an old tea customer who has been more than ten years old: “I used to be listed in new tea in physical stores before. But compared to offline shopping, there are many advantages in choosing tea online. For example, if I want to buy Longjing in Hangzhou, I choose the store in Hangzhou. Many tea farmers will put the product on the day of picking, which is very fresh. “

As more and more tea merchants touch the net, tea has become a major category in Tmall and Taobao food vertical lines. Taking Tmall as an example, nearly 1,000 brand tea merchants with more than 100 tea species in various places have been collected, and the Spring Tea Festival has been held for several years. Searching for “Spring Tea” on Taobao shows a total of 58,100 treasures. Many merchants on Taobao have already hung up the signboard of “Spring Tea”.

The shopkeeper of a Taobao tea shop said that spring tea such as Biluochun and Zhejiang Longjing has been listed and sold from 800 yuan to thousands of yuan per catty. Affected by the weather this year, West Lake Longjing has been picked in advance, and the large number of spring tea such as Maojian and Anji White Tea has also been listed one after another.

From the perspective of spring tea, green tea in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is still the target of the market. On March 27, the 2015 China (Hangzhou) West Lake International Tea Culture Expo and West Lake Longjing Kaishui Kaijie opened. Taobao characteristic Chinese channels also held the Taobao “Tea Festival” of West Lake Longjing. First of all, Dr. Tea teaches you how to choose tea, such as the classification of West Lake Longjing. The boutique head tea is the first picked in spring, the tea taste is light, the tea is fresh, and the gift is given more gifts. The first choice of Jian; before the rain, the tea is picked before and after the rain, and the time is divided into level to four levels. The tea taste is strong. It is the favorite of senior tea guests.

Similarly, West Lake Longjing is also divided into several producing areas, such as Shifeng production area, which is centered on Shifeng, including Longjing Village, Shangtianzhu and other places. The tea garden is about 1593 acres. During the Tea Festival, the original price of the Shifeng Longjing Tea Gift Box, which was 9,000 yuan, only required more than 6,000 yuan. Longjing tea with the original price of 235 yuan was only 139 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that the green tea in the Southwest region is increasingly recognized by consumers due to the moderate price and excellent quality. Compared with Longjing and Biluochun, Yibin Green Tea, Bamboo Leaf Green, and Yunnan Yuluo in Sichuan have been listed earlier and the quality is also high. “Yibin Chunya, which is priced at 1580 yuan per catty, has been sold out.” Taobao tea shop shopkeeper said.

Spring tea after the Qingming Festival is more affordable

When it comes to spring tea, most citizens are yearning for “Mingqian”, but the spring tea after the Qingming Festival is more affordable.

“Compared with previous years, affected by the increased costs such as picking and labor, the overall price of spring tea this year is the same as last year. Among them, the price of low -grade spring tea rises by about 10%, while the price of high -end spring tea is reduced by 10%. After the Qingming Festival, the Qingming Festival A large number of spring tea, including West Lake Longjing, will be listed on the market, and the price will rise accordingly. The price per catty ranges from 300 yuan to a thousand yuan. At that time, the room for citizens will be greater. ” With more light and longer production time, the taste of spring tea after the Qingming Festival will be more mellow.

If you don’t like to drink green tea so, there are still a lot of tea and grass tea on Taobao. Gold and silver flowers, roses, rose flowers, Hangbaiju, lily, lavender, etc. are also gradually sought after. Flower tea can be scattered, and some are also packed into small bags. The price of each bag ranges from 3 yuan to 10 yuan. In order to allow customers to understand these flower tea, Taobao merchants also marked the descriptions of various flowers and grass tea and the role of drinking.

Make a day tea farmer

Nowadays, spring tea has entered a period of comprehensive picking, and many people living in the city also come to rural areas to experience tea picking and fried tea, in close contact with nature, and enjoy the fun of farmhouses. First, tourists can participate in picking and experience the fun of tea picking; the other is to let tourists understand the process of making tea and see the process of making tea with their own eyes. After the production of tea is made, tourists can pick them by themselves by themselves. The fragrance of tea.

If you want to pick up tea, you can travel through Ali ยท Go to reserve the itinerary. Before April 9th, you can get a red envelope of 50 yuan in the booking hotel in Ali. Make a pot of tea picked by yourself, breathe the fresh air in the countryside, and taste quietly, but don’t have a taste in your heart. Mr. Liu, who is life -threatening, said that picking tea is a patience, and it is impossible to do without patience, but it is very decompression. You can forget the troubles of work and feel nature.