Wanted the whole city of meat beast, you want to feed you delicious beef! | End at the end of text


It is said that there is such a type of ethnic group in the city




Hobbies: eat meat

Special: I can eat meat. I love food. Favorite food: Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!

Deadly weakness: No meat to eat …

They are active in the streets and alleys in the city,

Looking busy …

It is for a sip of delicious meat!

Baked fried chicken

Braised beef steak turkey

Shabu lamb pork elbow roast duck pot meat

Boiled pigeons stewed chicken and lion head Hunan small fried meat boiled meat

Piece Dongpo meat buckle steamed cabbage meat roll shiitake mushroom meat sauce eggplant eggplant

Back to the pot, winter vegetable steamed cake pork roast cumin toothpick, Japanese -style honey chicken wings

“No meat”

It is definitely their meaning of life,

They have been trying to find the best meat!

Then take it and eat it!

The Tuanzi recently learned that the vitality has launched a new product


“Gravity of Royal Niu”!

It’s a full screen! Meat! Meat!

I can’t help sharing with you!

通缉全城食肉兽,要给你投喂美味牛肉啦!| 文末福利

It is said that the new vitality of this time has been selected strictly

Imported Angus Beef


Fleshy taste

通缉全城食肉兽,要给你投喂美味牛肉啦!| 文末福利



Chewed again,

Each piece of meat can be in the mouth

A new taste experience,

It is definitely the ultimate pursuit of meat and beasts!

Don’t hurry to lick? Intersection

Fresh gravity

He and his beef salad

His cow fell into rich fruits and vegetables, like a breeze in the midsummer! Mom said that although the meat is delicious, you can’t forget the nutritional balance!


Spicy tastes, his beef sushi

通缉全城食肉兽,要给你投喂美味牛肉啦!| 文末福利

A large piece of energy -contained Angus beef, with hot radish mud, instantly evokes your original carnivorous beast!

通缉全城食肉兽,要给你投喂美味牛肉啦!| 文末福利


Scallion roast beef sushi

Angus beef, accompanied by black pepper, was roasted at high temperature. The rich atmosphere that exudes makes people can’t help but touch with the tip of the tongue!

Fresh gravitational

通缉全城食肉兽,要给你投喂美味牛肉啦!| 文末福利

Wind wind beef sushi

通缉全城食肉兽,要给你投喂美味牛肉啦!| 文末福利

Fresh and tender gravy and sweet oil vinegar blend in thick Angus beef. All delicate integration at this moment, the taste is tempting!

Mixed grase

Avocado, his beef warship

通缉全城食肉兽,要给你投喂美味牛肉啦!| 文末福利

Mixing his beef, avocado, and flying caviar. The multiple taste is intertwined with the entrance to melt into the tip of the tongue, which makes people immerse in the delicious imaginative song, and instantaneous up and up up!

After speaking for so long,

It’s time to eat meat beast babies!

Cardiac Beast Wanted Order

Are you a meat beast?

Do you like meat?


通缉全城食肉兽,要给你投喂美味牛肉啦!| 文末福利

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