Lepi Refined FM268, 268C


After in -depth understanding of the FM268 front -level amplifier circuit, 1: 1 is engraved, the input amplification circuit uses the latest HR input module to achieve high resistance and low resistance, and with various signal sources. The input module THD+N is as high as 100db or more, which has excellent anti -interference ability. HR is a high -precision adjustment, including the output amplification module is precise adjustment, and the consistency of the hot -cold waveform and the output module is corrected.


FM268 has a linear EQ function, and adjustable music is very important. Frequency bands are not as determined as ordinary devices, but the frequency of human hearing has proven to include the basic element that includes music reproduction. In the 50H, 200H, 800H, 3.3kHz, 12.8kHz setting linear circuit control frequency bands are divided into five frequency bands. We use bridges to make precision pairing and use AP to adjust frequency to make true indicators consistent with the original factory. EQ adjusts positive and negative 6DB and 12DB. This linear EQ is different from ordinary EQ. The linear circuit is not a filter, but in the signal path, not in series to control the amplitude characteristics of each frequency band. Without phase interference, high -performance frequency control can be performed in the simulation domain without affecting the quality of the signal system. You can restore music according to the entire system and software and environment.

Enter 1 and 3 with attenuator switches. The input sensitivity can be set to 0db/-10db. FM268 is most suitable for any type of input and output circuit. The three balanced inputs have the function of reducing the input sensitivity 10dB according to the source equipment (CD, DVD player, etc.), which allows optimization of the volume position.

Lepi 268C front

Lepi 268C back

Le Di 268C

The unique ARC (environmental acoustic processor) circuit improves listening fun and real sense by eliminating or reducing the room resident mode and other resonance.

We will refer to the original test diagram in each machine, and compare the comparison of the repeated machine test to the customer. Ensure the reliability of the equipment for re -engraving.

Filter capacitors we use 4700UF/V Mengdorfa -fired capacitance, and the coupling and coupling use are consistent with the original Nikon PW and Electtel film capacitors.


We use the same transformer as the original factory, which belongs to the dual shielding transformer.


Original transformer and Monto 4700UF capacitor


The input module frequency width is as high as 1m. The input and output module uses the transistor to test by the precision aging pairing to ensure that the positive and negative output swing is consistent with the square waves, that is, adjusting the precision of the zoom. The adjustment is also a relatively difficult difficulty in adjusting the module. It is necessary to consistent with both positive and negative square waves. It is a relatively difficult core technology. The transparency of the positioning level in the playback will be greatly performed.


“FM268” can reduce (or eliminate) the unpleasant sound of sounds such as CD, LP and tapes, and can also strengthen the weak part of the music signal. All these are completed in the simulation field, which completely retains the characteristics and transparency of the original signal. The range of linearizers from subtle and subtle differences to incredible areas.


Take a look at the linear controller on the front panel of “FM268”. It looks just a balancer, but the working principle of the “FM268” line electric linear linear is completely different from the equalizer, thanks to the equalizer


Le Di 268 Internal View


The company’s re -engraving 268C production process will send videos to the ordering provider to ensure that the test indicators reach the original value.

Equipped with an all -aluminum alloy remote control, you can perform volume, mute, linear EQ switch.

Input and output the perfect balance line front placing large

Original 268eq and Le Di measured EQ curve comparison


Original EQ Test Figure 1


Le Di EQ Test Figure 1

Original EQ Test Figure 2

Le Di EQ Test Figure 2

Original EQ Test Figure 3

Le Di EQ Test Figure 3


Original EQ Test Figure 4

Le Di EQ Test Figure 4


Original EQ test graph 5

Le Di EQ Test Figure 5

Original EQ test graph 6

Le Di EQ Test Figure 6

THD+N0.00232% during 3V output of Le Di 268

268 Signaling to 107db 107db


Le Di 268 Frequency Ring curve

Function and configuration

Le Di 268

Aluminum alloy remote control (1, -20db, 2. EQ use function, 3. adjustable sound.)

ARC (environmental acoustic processor)


Linear EQ

Original power transformer

Monto 4700UF filter capacitor

Machine wire



52,000 yuan

58,000 yuan


● gain /maximum input level /input impedance: 20DB /7.75V /100kΩ


● Maximum output level /output impedance: 18.5 V /20Ω or lower

● THD+N: 0.003%or above

● Fast noise ratio: 95db or above.

● Enter (line, stereo sound): balance (XLR) x 6

● Tape input/output (stereo): Balance (XLR) x 1

● Output (stereo): Balance (XLR) x 1


● Power: 230V, 115V AC, 50 / 60Hz

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Le Di 268C