12M+Oil -free egg yolk biscuits: baby supplementary food nutrition recipe recipe


Yesterday, I made two egg yolks left for warm heart. To avoid waste, make small biscuits for children. I did it with a mentality of trying it. I did not expect that the finished product was crispy and delicious. You can also take it when you go out and play, which is quite hungry. Unfortunately, I baked it for a while and a half, and I was not warm enough to eat two meals. I decided to do more next time. This little biscuit does not add milk powder, the possibility of foaming is less, and it is relatively easy to do. However, because there are more yolks, it is more difficult to pass. I played a total of half an hour before it was appropriate. Therefore, it is recommended that there is no patience or a mother who is not strong enough to try. I put 10 grams of sugar, and there was basically no sweetness. If Baoma minds, it can not be sugar, but it may take more time to pass. Babies that have added egg whites for more than 10 months can eat.


By warm -hearted baby’s complementary food daily [Dou Guo Food Official Certification Master]




1 whole egg

2 egg yolk

60 grams of low -gluten flour

10 grams of fine sugar

10 grams of corn starch

About 10 drops of lemon juice or white vinegar

Practice step


1. Prepare ingredients, a total of three egg yolks and one egg whites. The quantity of sugar can be controlled by her own. It is easy to pass more than sugar. Lemon juice is used for fishy and stable air bubbles. If not, you can use white vinegar instead.

2. Put the decorative bag on the appropriate cup in advance to facilitate the follow -up of the batter. Bake on the baking sheet and use oil or oil cloth for later use.

3. Add a few drops of white vinegar or lemon juice to the eggs. The electric egg beater is opened to spread the egg liquid at a low grade, and then open it at high grade. When the color of the egg paste becomes lighter, add 10 grams of sugar and all corn starch when it can be made with obvious lines. When the egg paste is uniform and delicate, the color is white, the volume is increased to 4-5 times, and the egg head can draw the full 8 words and beat it. Then turn to a low gear and beat at a low speed for 2 minutes, so that the stability of the egg paste will be better. Because the whole egg is hit, it will be more difficult to pass. I must have patience. I played it for half an hour to fight.


4, sieve low -gluten flour into the egg paste, the flour after sieve is easier to stir well.

5. Stir the batter evenly. You must not stir in the circle, and it is easy to remove bubbles.

6. Stir until the existence of dry powder, don’t stir too much. It is normal for the volume of the batter to become smaller after mixing the dry powder, not caused by excessive bubbles. Do not panic.


7. Pour the mixed batter into the decorative bag and push the bubbles with a scraper.

8. At this time, the oven is required, set to 160 degrees 6 minutes. Cut a decorative bag and squeeze out small cake embryos on the baking tray. It will swell while baking, and a certain distance should be left before the cake embryos. The squeezed batter is not smooth and it doesn’t matter. It is beautiful to bake.


9. After the batter is squeezed, the oven is almost preheated. Put the baking sheet in the oven, bake it for 15 minutes at 160 degrees, and bake until the biscuits are slightly colorful. I squeezed a half, put the middle layer, and the other plate was placed in the lower layer. When it was baked until 7 minutes, the position was exchanged and continued to bake for 8 minutes. I am a 40 -liter oven. The above is only for reference. The specific situation needs to be adjusted according to the temper of my oven.

10. If the baked biscuits are still soft, or the top collapse, or it cannot be taken on the oil paper, it means that it has not been cooked, and you need to lower the temperature and bake it for a few minutes.



1. The decorative bag and oil paper must be prepared before the eggs are prepared to avoid the bubbles of the egg paste. 2. Different ovens have different temper, temperature and time need to be adjusted by myself. I can only write for reference. 3. Be sure to see it when baking. The biscuits can be taken out with a little coloring. Don’t bake it. 4. Suitable for babies who are not allergic to ingredients for more than 12 months. 5. It is recommended to adjust the size of the ingredients according to the baby’s monthly age and chewing ability. The amount of recipes display does not mean the amount added to the baby.


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