“Almighty Special Forces” in sneakers! I have never seen any of the increase and function


Beijing’s autumn can be said to be fleeting.


In order to live up to the good weather in autumn, Xiaobian called three or five friends to go out outdoor outing.

As a sneaker editor who must be particular about all aspects, sports equipment cannot be made up.

I prepared a pair of “Almighty Special Forces” in sneakers early

Columbia Facet 45

Accompany the journey.


In addition to the beautiful scenery along the way, the unique experience of this pair of shoes also makes Xiaobian unexpectedly gain!


▼ Xiaobian took a live with Columbia Facet 45


Not to mention, starting with this pair of Columbia’s experience makes Xiaobian feel particularly happy.


Opening the outermost courier packaging, as usual, it should be the courier box of the logistics company.


But Columbia actually equipped a logistics packaging box alone, which was very surprised to make the editor who bought Columbia for the first time.


I realized the intimate service from the brand.

▼ The black one on the left is the shoe box on the right side of the logistics express box

The design language of these shoes, at first glance, does not feel the shadow of traditional outdoor shoes, more like a pair of high -street feature shoes.


Socks -style shoe body, the back of the foot is smooth and regular.

Side diamond cutting style thermal rubber not only has a supporting effect, but also has a good sense of decoration.

Equipped with OUTDRY three -dimensional light and waterproof technology upper to meet sports needs in various environments.


The three -dimensional locking system is added. The fast lace design effectively improves the overall package of the shoe, and can also reduce the weight of the shoe body.


▼ Quick Live System


The soft sock set also uses Outdry Technology to ensure the ventilation and dryness of the ankle.

The midsole with high recognition in appearance is the design of mountain ridgeline industrial design.

The multi -faceted design midsole, the ultra -light composite Fluid Frame midsole is used to provide a high -quality rebound stable cushioning, which ensures that the reliability of the movement is to take into account the high -quality comfort.

▼ After the midsole, follow the stable module

▼ Fluid Frame midsole technology

The high -pressure area of ​​the heel in the middle of the foot and the foot of the foot adds the drain of the nails to effectively enhance the grip.

▼ The triangular nail covered with full palm

It is very all aspects of science and technology configuration, functional structure, and aesthetic design.

To further feel the feet of the feet, Xiaobian’s biggest experience is “Special Foot”!

The socks of socks are easy to wear and take off, and the ankle is stable but not stuck.

The exercise experience of running jumping, jumping and climbing downhill is very good.

If you really need high -intensity exercise needs, these shoes can meet the needs of protection and support to the greatest extent, which is enough to be called a pair of very versatile outdoor equipment.


▼ Professional climbing players readers, please do not imitate

Finally, you must boast this fast lace -up system.


First of all, the weight of the shoe body is largely reduced to a large extent, and the exercise consumption is reduced at the source.

Furthermore, in addition to satisfying the stability of exercise, this structure really makes wearing outdoor shoes no longer work hard.

It will definitely be the gospel of friends who are having trouble to wear functional outdoor shoes.

In general, if you want outdoor shoes that are strong enough, the shape is cool enough to match, this pair of Columbia Facet 45 is a very good choice.

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Columbia Tmall flagship store is available, priced at ¥ 1399 yuan

Interested friends can copy the passwords below to buy!

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