Please leave at least 20 cm of the bed to the bed, put the thin cabinet as a bookshelf, the more children use it more


With children’s families, children’s housing design is definitely heavy! It is necessary to take into account the design, and it is necessary to have practicality. In the following, the children’s room is an example, with an area of ​​12.7m2, but the parents don’t have to choose the bed, but they have made a change in the bed in a limited space. Today, the completion effect is really disappointing!


▶ Abandon bedside table, bed should be thinner

The bedroom area is really too small, if you want to open the door, if you want to put the bedside table on the side of the bed, it is not true, but you have to have items to store items. At this time, you can take your bed. Abandon, brain is moving to the bed:


Directly 20 cm in the bedside.

Of course, this cable cabinet is divided into 2 parts: 3 rows of open bookshelf, 60 cm length, so that children like toys, books are placed, and it is very convenient to take it in bed at night.

Some of the thin cabinet is behind the bedside board, don’t look like being blocked, in fact, the door design is up, so it will not be affected during use.


And there is a great advantage in the bedding thin cabinet, that is, it does not affect the opening of the wardrobe door, greatly improved the convenience, the more the child is, the more it is, the more it! If the room is small, please leave at least 20 centimeters for your bed.

▶ Make an arc shape


In addition to the storage space, in order to enhance children’s housing, the bedside wall is also designed →


Make an arc shape


This arc styling wall is a woodworking master with a plaster plate. It is fixed and then brushed outside the pink paint, and the gray paint forms strong contrast, greatly enhances the design of the bedroom, meets the child’s childhood, and overall It will not be too exaggerated in shape, and children will not feel greasy from primary school.


Children’s room is equipped, the child is happy, I don’t know if this 12.7m2 children’s bedhead design, has you brought some design inspiration? Welcome to the commentary message ~