The life of autumn is given by the sports suit


Sisters, wearing clothes in autumn is too cool, it is comfortable and reasonable to match!


We repeatedly mentioned



It is even more promising in autumn. Today I mainly tell you what other new ideas are wearing.


Long -sleeved sweater + short sports pants


Tell you that autumn is a second -sized fragrant. When it is not cold or hot, this kind of long -sleeved and short sleeves does not have time to perform.

However, it is no different from the combination of short -sleeved+trousers in summer. Can I get the heat in the summer in summer?


OK, return to the topic, the idea of ​​wearing the main idea in autumn


Just show

Essence If it is convenient, Tianer is slightly cold, and if you want to go out, you want to be fashionable and convenient. I must be a combination of long -sleeved sweaters+shorts.


The big cousin Liu Wen is very suitable for the current season.

The recent sets of Shen Mengchen shared that the top is also responsible for keeping warm, shorts and breath, retaining a respect for Qiu Tiger.

Her American retro style is also worthy of reference. The long -sleeved sweater we said before


sports Shorts



Just right

The hot girls are worth having.

If you are afraid of hot, do n’t wear a sweater with a hat. You can wait for a few months in the Guangshen region.

Saying that sports suits are not necessarily non -complete,

The top of the sports element+the next matching is not wrong

Essence For example, if you want to be cool, you can use a windproof sportswear+personal sports shorts like a Korean blogger Sungheekim:

Look at the black and white gray nude color, this year

Some color will be more fresh

YOYO CAO goose yellow suit with green slippers still leaves the vitality of summer, and the temperature can be held slightly.

This year’s blue blue is also very hot, Shen Mengchen this set


The set of sets is a bit cheap Croxin, this color white skin must be absolutely absolutely bad ~

If you are worried that the sports suit looks bloated and unrestrained, you can choose a yoga suit and add a jacket to go out of the street normally.

Don’t think there is only thin girl, slightly fat girl


You can also try yoga clothes


Essence Good brands such as Lululemon and other well -existent brands can actually outline the curve. You can add a suit long jacket like a blogger KeriFay everyday.

The point is not fat and thin, but self -confident sisters!

You can use the same color shirt to ride pants like a blogger Aimee Song. A little bit of the sisters, but it’s very lively, it is handy!

Knitting materials and even wool towels are also very hot this year


Many brands have set up sportswear styles.

The knitted set is like the fusion of home clothing and sportswear. It is softer and glutinous visually, and the material is light luxury. It is a very middle -class look.


BUT fabric

More suitable for skinny, flat chest

Sisters are engaged in a little bit, it is easy to bloated ~


High waist top + sports trousers

Contrary to the formula of “long sleeves+shorts” in front, “high waist top+sports trousers” is also suitable for this season, such as hailey:

Jennie’s recently exposed sportswear is also showing a small thin waist, and her choice is full of youth.


When JLO danced, he was directly high -waisted vest+sports trousers, which felt hot and comfortable.

We can also refer to this idea everyday,

High -waist vest+sports pants

There is an obvious waist and hip ratio, and it is natural to expose skin.

Add a coat to cope with the cooling in the morning and evening.


This way of wearing is Xinyue’s favorite, let alone the fat girl can’t get it anymore. As long as the waist of the pants is high enough, it is a little small. The remaining meat jackets can be covered tightly and arranged with confidence.

The slightly fat girl with pear -shaped figure can also be loosely set and expose a waist, highlighting the waist and hip ratio:


Usually add the vest, and you can take off the sweater as a shawl when it is hot.

The yoga suit can also use the idea of ​​”high waist vest+trousers”.

The blogger Taylor Lashae adds a short flight jacket like this, which is very figure.

Ken Dou is wearing the Los Angeles brand


Alo yoga

The color of the single product is very gentle, and the price is also more friendly than Lululemon.


Fat girls can also wear it like this, but they are close to each other.

New ideas

Conventional long -sleeved trousers set, you can try bright colors. Lisa’s endorsement Celine and Jennie are all very hot berries.


The two sets of Asian DJ Peggy Gou are also cool. The windproof jacket was dragged, and the fluorescent color was more energetic.

After watching these colors, this year’s wind -proof sports jacket can be done, and it will be fire!

The contrasting sports suit is also good -looking, you can play it yourself.


Finally, share a few more fashionable sportswear Tips:

○ Roll up the pants legs as 7 -point pants to wear

, Exposure sports socks:

Or the trouser legs directly plug in the short boots:


○ With some retro elements.


The New York blogger Leandram Cohen is very tide in the 1980s, and the top is LV, and the big name is also back to the tide route.


Di Lierba and YOYO CAO are also classic:

Girls who like black and fear can also be a beauty retro style ~

○ Only exposed feet can also increase lightness.


Like a long -sleeved suit with sandals, it will not look too strict this season, and it is not boring at all.


○ You can try the pearl necklace and put on sportswear.


In terms of accessories, the practical big gold chain is familiar with everyone. Recently, I saw a Korean blogger Sungheekim with a pearl necklace in a sportswear, which is also good -looking!

Drive sports suits in autumn, the purpose is

Let the exercise elements serve the style


, Instead of letting the whole set of wear for exercise.


Seemingly non -stained leather boots, pearl necklaces, and knitted materials can be tried boldly.


In short, do n’t take it as a sportswear, it ’s fashionable.