Is the ceramic fish tank raising the butterfly tail goldfish?


Hello everyone, I am the old fish farming, and I have more knowledge about fish breeding and breeding practical knowledge. Please pay attention!

Many fishermen saw the old fish farming. I bought a ceramic fish tank. Did I use this ceramic fish tank to raise the butterfly tail goldfish? In fact, the original plan was not like this. Today, there are fishermen asking that it is better to raise these traditional goldfish in the ceramic tank or in the mud tank?

The answer must be


Because the cylinder wall of the mud tile tank is much stronger than the ceramic fish tank, whether it is hanging moss, attachment bacteria, and more wide mouth,

It is more advantageous than a ceramic fish tank.


But why do I choose a ceramic fish tank?

In fact, it is mainly for appreciation

In fact, my original intention was to buy a mud tile cylinder and find a very cheap ceramic tank, that is, a single cylinder, without filtering and chain, just for appreciation. Breeding in the mud tank, accidentally obtained a ceramic tank to watch, and the cost is also very low.

But we can’t see a few mud tiles here. I finally saw one.

The new ceramic tank should be handled


, I still bring my own filtration. I just bought it a few days, but the owner was not at home for a few days or two.


This is not yesterday I gave this ceramic tank home. It seemed that it did not use it at all. I also doubt whether the buddy bought the goldfish, and quickly worshiped and then sad. I went to raise it, because the ceramic tank raised goldfish, koi and other cold waterfish. It is difficult for ordinary fishermen to play.

Especially the koi, basically there is no return.

Which ornamental fish are more suitable for appreciation or raising in ceramic fish tanks?

Any ornamental fish for ceramic fish tanks is actually not from the perspective of fish farming, but from the perspective of fish viewing.

Unless it is our feeding density extremely low, it is possible to succeed.


The ornamental fish suitable for breeding in a ceramic fish tank is basically some traditional goldfish varieties, such as

Bubble, butterfly, Wangtian, Tiger Head


Wait, and most of them are

Juvenile or small pressure

This depends on what we buy

The size of the ceramic fish tank

It is, of course, the larger the water body, the better, but some ceramic fish tanks with too large water bodies have no different types of indoor furnishings, so we cannot choose too large individuals, which are more contradictory issues.

So for this,

Using ceramic fish tanks can be called fish farming only when the density is extremely low, otherwise it can only be regarded as fish appreciation.

Is there no filter in the fish tank?

The problem of this fish tank filtering system is actually relatively speaking. Why do this, because in such a light water -level ceramic fish tank, our filtering system cannot be added too much, and it is a soft and weak traditional goldfish. ,,

The excessive side -as -visual variety cannot enter the ceramic tank breeding

Therefore, the pump power of the fish tank may not even be too large.

Another is

The water flow of the round fish tank is completely different from the water flow of a square fish tank

If you want to completely filter the debris in the fish tank, it is estimated that it is unlikely no matter how to adjust the placement of the water pump. It is assumed that it is filter.

If it’s like my present

Lower filter equipment

In fact, it is just punching the bottom of the ceramic tank, and a one is set under the eyes of the hole.

Magic bag

Just, we need to be scheduled regularly

Fish tank water

Take the magic bag and clean it. At this time, many fishermen will understand that when the magic bag is moved, the water quality cannot be seen. It takes a long time to be clear. In other words,

This physical filter cotton is in the water.

However, this ceramic fish tank also has a relatively good design.

There are sewage pipes,

We can discharge regularly. This is a good way and helps us change water regularly, because we must add water after sewage.

I also observed it carefully for a whole day. Generally speaking, the water quality of the fish tank is relatively clear, but

On the wall of the tank

Don’t forget, I haven’t started to feed.

Do I need to cultivate nitrifying bacteria?

Yesterday, a fisherman asked, this

How should we cultivate nitrifying bacteria for ceramic fish tank?



Nitrifying bacteria is no longer necessary for this fish tank,

If possible, it is better to cultivate moss. Buy a burst lamp or in a place with sunlight, see more light, so that the tank wall is covered with moss, and it will also help the fish tank feces to clean up.


As for nitrifying bacteria? The first is us

Unable to add biochemical filter materials

Even if you can make a small filter, the style of this fish tank will be incompatible, and the pump may not be able to achieve the due effect. Besides, the butterfly tail goldfish may not be able to stand it.


The second point is that the filter is empty, and we cannot add the filter.

The third point is that the inner wall of the ceramic fish tank is as smooth as the glass fish tank. It is almost the same. It is better to find a way to cultivate moss. Therefore, we should not remember it. No, that’s another thing.

Change the space for a while, too much debris, drain, change the water, change the water

Therefore, we usually have a lot of ideas, which is simply unrealistic about raising goldfish in a ceramic fish tank.

The only one who looks more realistic is two points:

The first point is

Cultivate moss water,

But this may also affect our appreciation effect. Another is that the training time cannot be a day. Another thing is that

The moss that falls off may be stuffed with magic bags, and we must clean it in time.

The second point is that we want

Play this fish tank with the operation of time changing space

It is like breeding colorful Maoma and ancient breeding. There is no difference.

To put it plainly, just

We need to prepare a lot of stuffy water, discharge pollution at any time, and change the bottom of the water at any time to change the water

It is used to reduce the discharge of organic matter in the fish tank at any time, because goldfish is also a master who can eat and pull. Living in such an environment, if you want to achieve a very good appreciation effect, most fishermen will never have a diameter in a diameter. In the 60 centimeters of ceramic tanks, only two six or seven centimeters of butterfly tail goldfish are raised.

I saw a lot of fishermen in such a ceramic fish tank. The 15 cm koi can also raise two or three, plus a group of small koi, and then there is no more than a few days.

In the above I mentioned, in addition to the traditional goldfish varieties, other ornamental fish are almost not suitable for raising in a ceramic fish tank. Small tropical fish may be possible, and it will also involve one

The problem of jump tank and water temperature


Therefore, if we want to raise goldfish in such a ceramic fish tank, there are only two steps:

Stick water and regular water changes to keep up, otherwise, don’t raise it.

I am the old fish farming, so please pay attention to more ornamental fish, thank you!

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