A woman around 50 years old, the shoes are not as much as they are, this year’s 2 pairs of shoes, fashionable and beautiful


Why do you wear the same dress, others are very delicate, but you wear themselves but show your breath?


I believe many people have such doubts. Obviously the same costumes, others have performed high -level fashion, but as soon as they reach themselves, they seem bland. Putting aside the appearance and figure, in fact, those who look good in dresses know how to work hard on the details.

As the saying goes, the details determine the success or failure, and the pleasing dress must have carefully created details. For example, it determines the integrity of wearing and shoes with dress style. It seems inconspicuous, but it is a key step for the whole dress temperament.

Especially for middle -aged women, the right shoes can be revealed inadvertently

Beauty and taste

Essence In this issue, let’s talk about 2 pairs of shoes suitable for middle -aged women, so that your clothes can be advanced quickly and advanced. Let’s take a look:

If you want to choose a pair of boots suitable for women, it must be Chelsea short boots. Some people say that Queen Victorian’s exclusive boots were widely popular. There were also rumors that it was originally used as riding shoes and was used as daily shoes. These also laid its personality: elegant, noble but also casual.


Low heels, round utensils, laces without shoe, high and ankle

, Tightening the boots on both sides, this is a typical Chelsea boot. Its entire style is relatively uniform, mainly due to different materials, generally there are

Velvet, matte, bright skin


Three types:


The fluffy material will be more retro and more elegant. If there are many clothing in the closet, it is recommended to choose the Chelsea boots.

If you don’t know your style, then choose a more basic matte material, easy to control, and high degree of matching. If the personal style is strong, you can try the bright skin material, which is strong, but it is not so easy to control.

As for the color, it is recommended to be khaki -colored, matte black or brown, and bright black or white. These colors will be better controlled and classic.

With the development of the trend, in addition to classic shoe types, such as socks, boots, and high -gangcici boots have become the trend of the times. Pay attention if you want to choose such shoes:

Socks and boots


: It is more fashionable, but it is also classic, just pay attention to socks and boots

High requirements for ankles and calves

If you are not careful enough, you do n’t recommend choosing.

Gao Gang Chelsea boots

: The version is similar to Chelsea boots, but it is higher to help. The advantage of this style is


Very small ankle


The style is a little casual. If you think that Chelsea boots are too usual, you can consider this pair.

Chelsea boots are the representatives of elegance and leisure. If you want to further strengthen the style, you can consider these three shoes:


Leisure Martin boots, fashion knight boots, elegant short boots


① Martin boots

There is a saying called “The beauty of the flowing water, the iron -bearing Martin boots”, and the popularity of the punk style in the last century brought Martin boots to people’s vision. Later, it began to return to the tide in the 1980s and 1990s. However, there are two extremes. The love of Martin boots is unreasonable, and those who don’t like it will not try it at all.


In fact, as a boots (the shoes worn by the husband), it really makes leisure and comfort to the extreme. Of course, the biggest bug is that it is easy to expose the legs and short legs.

But want to modify the leg shape



It is the key. Generally speaking, Martin boots are the most commonly appeared in 6 holes, 8 holes, 10 holes, and 12-20 holes.

The height of the cylinder below 10 holes is generally one -third of the calf, and below the calf belly. More than 10 holes will be stuck in the middle of the calf, and the leg shape will be exposed. It is also recommended to choose between 6, 8, and 10 holes.

The classic is 8 holes, suitable for most legs. If it is small, it is not recommended to choose 10 holes, 6 -hole and 8 holes are more suitable; if the calf is thicker, it is not recommended to choose 6 holes, 8 holes will be more suitable.

② short boots


If you want to improve your temperament or increase your sense of maturity, short boots are the best choices. Short boots can actually be called ankle boots, which is high in the ankle. The overall line is simple and the style is neat. It is a good -looking and fashionable shoes. For middle -aged women, it is recommended to choose such a pair of thick and easy -to -walk. Whether it is matched with skirts or pants, it is very temperament.

When choosing, pay attention, the style of the toe is different, and the style changes very much. There are generally three types:

Round head, square head, pointed head

The round head is relatively casual, relatively easy to control, and not so high in style; the square head is relatively fashionable, and people with width feet are not suitable; pointed women are the strongest sexy, more elegant and feminine, and the difficulty of control is relatively difficult. higher. As an entry, it is also recommended to choose a round head or square head.


When choosing a short boots, there is one thing in common:

Don’t be too wide

Essence Too wide boots are prone to procrastination without beauty, and the width does not exceed two fingers.

③ Knight boots


Less calf

Middle -aged women must try knight boots. This kind of shoes that can reflect both handsome and feminine shoes, have a sense of desire to say, sometimes change to a style, but also add clothes. Everyone has been found out:

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