What are the CPC standards and precautions of children’s products in the United States?


1. CPC certificate must be based on CPSC approved third-party testing laboratory test results; Column; 4. The information that the CPC certificate needs to be included:

1 product information (name and description);

2 All regulations and conditions for products apply;

3 Information of importers or manufacturers (US native): including name, address, and;

4 Supporting the test results of the certificate holder’s Contact Information: Name, Address, Mailbox Address,

5 Product production date and address, the date of production must go to the year, the address must be specifically to the city;

6 Detection time and address or certificate based on the certificate;

7 Third-party detection mechanism information (CPSC-approved laboratory): name, address, contact.

CPSC has announced a total of 38 standards, and the main detection content involved is:

1CPSIA total lead and phytophenyl;

2 US toy standard ASTMF963;

3 Electric toy safety standard 16 CFR Part 1505;

4 铃 toys require 16 CFR Part 1510;

5 pacifier safety standard 16 CFR Part 1511;

6 children’s clothing, carpet combustion properties, such as 16 CFR Part 1610;

7 kinds of children’s products: strollers, children’s beds, fences, straps, safety seats, bicycle helmets and other product standards.

Common product proposal test items:


1CPSIA total lead + phytophenyl;

2ASTMF963 toy standard;

316 CFR Part 1501 widget (for the toy has been covered by ASTMF963);

416 CFR Part 1510 Rattle toy requirements (rattle toys required, have been covered by ASTMF963);

516 CFR Part 1505 Electric Toy Safety Standard (Electric Toy Requirements)

kids’ wear:

A. CPSIA total lead + phytosis

B.16 CFR Part 1501 Widel

C.16 CFR Part 1610 clothing textile combustion performance is good

D.16 CFR Part 1615 Children’s sleeping performance, size 0-6X (only for children’s pajamas)

E.16 CFR Part 1616 Children’s Pajamas Burning Performance, Size 7-14X (only for children’s pajamas)

Amazon’s common product and standards that require CPC certification

Beds Baby Bed ASTM F2906-13 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Kidney bed ASTM F1821 – 16; and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Full-size Baby Bed ASTM F1169 – 19 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Non-full-size crib ASTM F406 – 19 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Currency Baby Bed & Cradle ASTM F2194 – 16E1 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Safety doors and fence ASTM F1004 – 19 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

High-rise Chair ASTM F404 -18A and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Baby Rocking Chair ASTM F2167 – 19 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Fixed movable seat ASTM F2012 – 18 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Baby Cradle ASTM F2088 – 13 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Bicycle helmets for children 16 CFR § 1203 or ASTM F1898 or ASTM F1447 or SNELL B-90A or B-95; and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Ski and ski ski helmets for children ASTM F2040 or SNELL RS-98 or S-98; and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Bicycle helmets 16 CFR § 1203 or ASTM F1447 or SNELL B-90A or B-95

Ski and ski ski helmet ASTM F2040 or CSA Z263.1 or SNELL RS-98 or S-98

Baby feeding CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Baby Bathroom ASTM F1967 – 19; and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Baby Bath Bathtub ASTM F2670 – 18; and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Baby bike and baby stroke ASTM F833 – 15; and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Baby Diaper Replacement Supplies ASTM F2388 – 18; and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Mountaineering lock ANSI / Asse Z359.12-2009, ASTM F1774 or UIAA 121

Baby layout ASTM F2050 and 49 CFR 571.213

Advertising chair (unrestrained back and seat belt) 49 CFR 571.213

Front Child Cabinet Constraint System 49 CFR 571.213

Rear-way child occupant 49 CFR 571.213

Travel system (foldable child occupant) ASTM F833-15, ASTM F2050, 49 CFR 571.213

Child Jewelry ASTM F2923-14, CSPA phthalate and cadmium and small parts warning *

Children’s backpack CPSIA lead, CSPA phthalate and cadmium, 16 CFR 1500.50 and small parts warning *

Children’s book cps CPSIA lead, CSPA phthalate and cadmium and small parts warning *

Children’s luggage / box CPSIA lead, CSPA phthalate and cadmium, 16 CFR 1500.50 and small parts warning *

Children’s pencil box / bag CPSIA lead, CSPA phthalate and cadmium, 16 CFR 1500.50 and small parts warning *

Children’s underlayer clothing ASTM F1816-18 and CPSIA

Fingertid Gyro ASTM F963-17, CPSIA and small parts warning *

Fireproof and smoking mask OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 Standards and / or ASTM E2952-14

Child Invisible Ink Pen ASTM F963-17 (Toys), CPSIA (lead, phthalate) and small parts warning *

Magnetic clay ASTM F963-16 or 17, CPSIA phthalate

Magnetic blocks ASTM F963-17 (Toys), CPSIA (lead, phthalate) and small parts warning *

Child Wet Soft Toys ASTM F963-17 (Toys), CPSIA (lead, phthalate) and small parts warning *

Beds Baby Bed 16 CFR § 1222ASTM F2906-1316 CFR 130316 CFR § 130715 U.S.C. 1278 (a)

Children’s pajamas 9 months to 6 years old 16 CFR § 1615 or ASTM D6545 – 18; 16 CFR § 1610, § 1611 (if applicable); and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Children’s pajamas 7 to 14 years old 16 CFR § 1615 or ASTM D6545 – 18; 16 CFR § 1610, § 1611 (if applicable); and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Trampoline ASTM F381-16

Advertising ASTM F2640-18 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Folding chair and stool ASTM F2613-19 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Children’s Hands ASTM F2549-14A and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Baby fence ASTM F406 – 19 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Portable bedside handrail ASTM F2085-19 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Portable children’s outsourcing chair ASTM F1235-18 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Baby strap ASTM F2907-19 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Software Baby Band with ASTM F22360-16A and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

Gauze ASTM F963-17 and CPSIA (lead, phthalate)

More product test requirements and project content, please consult

US and European toys products CPSC and CPC are denied cause summary

I have recently asked the CPC certified friends who have many people. Before I don’t know me, some have been found to handle the CPC certificate, but still can’t be reviewed. I combed the reason for the rejection of Amazon.

IN ORDER TO LIST SESE TOYS ON Amazon, please apply by Submitting The Following Item.please Update CPSIA WARNING Attribute In Detail Page.

Answer: Product Page Edit Page CPSIA Nhat column does not fill in content, you need to pull to choose a warning that suits yourself!

Second, in Order to Review Your Documents Related To Product Assurance of Toys, please submit The Following Steps:

1. In Vendor Central, Click The items menu, and the select vendor certificates

2. Click on Missing Compliance Documents;

3. Search for the affected asin and the;

4. Click Add to Upload The Documents

Solution: Don’t reply to content and submit files in Case, you need to find the sales application in the menu directory bar, then find the rejected Asin, re-submit the certificate to review

Third, prompts the ASIN or product model and Product Descrpison (product description) in the CPC certificate

Solution: When the contact certification authority is tested by CPC test, you need to find experienced salesman docking. All according to the Amazon platform requirements, otherwise the CPC certificate made by the certification body is a real and effective CPC certificate, but Amazon is not Recognize, don’t understand your thinking. CPC is a relatively special authentication in all certifications, and the CPC certificate provided by the general manufacturer is not used, and most of the traders are handled by themselves. “Don’t think OK, let Amazon feel OK” (Amazon’s background review is not professional, but there is a template control, as long as the template is no problem, it will be reviewed)

Fourth, the picture must contain all the following related information: security information and registration card, compliance mark (including tracking tag), product hazard warning

Answer: This item involves personal experience, please contact private chat (free consultation). There are many certification agencies, but understand Amazon rules can make certifications for the corresponding requirements, which requires experienced personnel to docking, valuable not certified itself, but experience.

Amazon requires a CPC certificate to belong to a commodity security audit! So it is recommended that if you want ** to do a toy product, you should still do your certificate! In addition, friends who have been denied and reviewed do not have to worry. At present, as long as they provide the CPC certificate, they still have no reply during the review period, and they will not take your product.