Support quiet live broadcast and bring goods, recommend more affordable products for netizens!Promote domestic goods


Today’s Douyin is really lively!The anchors of major brands are working hard to sell their products every day!I was surprised by me who was just patronizing the mall before — the original product can be so affordable!


In order to support Xu’s mother and quiet, I started to download Douyin. I opened it every day to see them. Recently, the two little cutes were almost not coming out. It was a bit regrettable, but I could understand the quiet practice.IntersectionHalf a month ago, the Watson brand, which was lived quietly, I bought seven products of Watson for the first time. I liked it very much and good quality!Especially the air frying pot, embrace every day, roasted sweet potatoes, steak, chestnuts … it’s extremely convenient!In the future, I will continue to support Watson!


Today, I was live broadcast for the Tip Sports brand. I stayed for a morning and bought a dozen pieces for my family!Really affordable!More than any of my usual clothes, do you buy a brand of clothes at dozens of dollars?too excited!Quiet live broadcast tonight, look forward to!