A speech by a strategic scientist tells you: How can hydrogen be able to change our future?


Recently, the “hydrogen engine” developed by Youth Automobile Group was on fire. For a while, hydrogen could enter everyone’s vision again.

The development of human beings is consumed a large number of unable to renewable fossil energy mainly based on coal, oil, and natural gas, leading to surge in carbon dioxide emissions, and global environmental pollution and greenhouse effects are becoming increasingly serious.

Finding new clean energy is imminent, and green energy mainly based on atomic energy, wind energy, water energy, solar energy, and hydrogen energy gradually enters people’s vision.

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. 72%of the surface of the earth is covered with water. Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen can be made through fossil energy or electrolytic water. It is renewable energy. Hydrogen is the smallest density gas and is extremely flammable. The liquid hydrogen can be used as a rocket fuel. The gradually mature hydrogen fuel cell is a star product used by hydrogen energy.

In short, hydrogen energy is low -carbon and even “zero” carbon emissions. It is one of the most ideal alternative energy sources for human beings in the future. In recent years, it has attracted much attention.

my country’s “Government Work Report” in 2019 proposed that “promoting the construction of facilities such as charging, hydrogenation, etc.”. This is the first time that hydrogen is written into my country’s “Government Work Report”, which has a landmark significance for the promotion and application of hydrogen energy in China.

What are the far -reaching impacts on the development of hydrogen energy on my country’s energy security and environmental protection?

What is the new scene of the “hydrogen society” in the future?

How will hydrogen energy change our lives?

Gan Yong, former deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of the Consultation Committee of the National New Material Industry Development Expert, and the chairman of the Chinese Metal Society. Long -term engaging in strategic research on national industrial development, as well as the research of new materials, metallurgy, and modern steel process technology, is a well -known strategic scientist in my country.

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There are two paths for the conversion and optimization of the energy structure: the first is that the non -renewable fossil energy must be replaced by renewable green energy; the second is the transition from a high -carbon to a low -carbon process.

Hydrogen is undoubtedly the best element. Hydrogen is non -toxic, clean, and high. Ancient people used wood for energy. If hydrogen should be compared with wood, its energy density is 1000 times that of wood. Later, humans used coal to do energy. Hydrogen was 6.8 times that of coal energy density. Now we use oil and gas. Hydrogen is 3.3 times the energy density of gasoline, 3.4 times that of natural gas.

Therefore, the energy density of hydrogen is the largest, and it is most in line with the clean energy we want to choose.

What are the disruptive applications of hydrogen fuel cells?

At present, the use of hydrogen or hydrogen energy, especially the application of hydrogen energy on fuel cell vehicles. After a small climax period, the hydrogen fuel cell is a power supply -powered generator, and there is no heat cycle. It can mention 90%of the work efficiency, and the power generation efficiency is very high.

How does hydrogen become electric? The hydrogen fuel cell is precisely nothing to do with the boiler and heating. The generating mechanism of the hydrogen does not use the thermal cycle. It is the two electrons that release two electrons under the catalyst of platinum. These two electrons flow away and form an current. The breakthroughs in the application of hydrogen fuel cells in the field of transportation should thank these car workers. They did a lot of work in the process of completing the application of hydrogen in the car, and finally made it engineering and commercialized.

Toyota in Japan has now provided thousands of passenger cars and commercial vehicles to the world, and has been formally operated. Famous companies like Mercedes -Benz, BMW, Toyota, and Honda have jointly established a hydrogen energy committee. They believe that human beings must enter the hydrogen era in the 21st century, so to prevent the earth’s temperature twice in around 2050, it is necessary The proportion of hydrogen in the energy structure accounts for more than 18%, which can reduce the discharge of carbon dioxide of 6 billion tons per year, and the application of the hydrogen supply system of the hydrogen itself is a large industrial chain, which can form a very large large industrial chain, which can form a very large large industrial chain, which can form a very large large industrial chain, which can form a very large large industrial chain, which can form a very large large industrial chain, which can form a very large large industrial chain. In the industrial field, they are estimated to be $ 2.5 trillion. By 2050, such a large hydrogen industry can be formed, and 30 million people can employment.

In addition to the application of hydrogen in the car, diving in the deep sea. Among the drones, as long as the moving device needs power, the hydrogen fuel cell can be used.

Everyone is familiar with the high -speed rail, and it is very convenient, but its fatal weakness is on electricity. Once the natural disaster is disconnected, if the train stops on the desert without reserves, people may be killed there. Hydrogen fuel cells can be used on the train, so CRRC Group said that it is necessary to join the hydrogen alliance and develop hydrogen.

In our 5G era, all base stations, its energy system and power supply system can also use hydrogen energy.

There is also distributed power generation in life. In fact, each household can put a hydrogen fuel cell, which can heat and cool the family. All home appliances, including cars, can be solved. A hydrogen pipe can provide all the energy sources in the family, and it is very convenient. Even when there is no electricity outside, it can become a source of power generation power supply, which can balance the entire power grid. It turned out that our grid has a peak peak valley. With this distributed power generation, we can actually make a good dynamic coordination and adjustment to improve our power generation efficiency and the quality of the network operation.

Compared with the fuel cell and lithium -power batteries made by hydrogen energy, if lithium -power batteries are used as initiative power, on heavy -duty aerospace or large mobile devices, its range of mileage is insufficient, and its energy density does not have high hydrogen fuel cells height The advantages of this aspect are not as good as hydrogen fuel cells. Because hydrogen is more than three times the energy density of gasoline, hydrogen fuel cells such as aerospace such as aerospace are very suitable.

Can hydrogen be safe?

Since there are so many advantages of hydrogen energy, everyone will ask, is it dangerous to use hydrogen now?

Hydrogen energy is always dangerous as fuel, and its smell after burning is not poisonous. We often see the scene of fire explosion. People have not touched the fire, and the toxic gases have pumped people, and there is no such problem in hydrogen. In addition, in terms of fuel’s explosiveness, the diffusion speed of hydrogen is 12 times that of gasoline. It can spread out soon, and it may suddenly go up, but it will not cause other more serious consequences. Under the condition of fuel and hydrogen fuel vehicles falling into the fire, hydrogen fuel vehicles, hydrogen burning a fire, spreading quickly; and gasoline cars have no way, it only burns, gasoline is too late to spread. In the end, the gasoline vehicles were all burned out of the skeleton, and there was no other danger in hydrogen fuel vehicles, nor could they hurt people.

In fact, in terms of safety, hydrogen fuel is slightly safer than gasoline.

We used hydrogen before, and everyone also came into contact with hydrogen. When the hydrogen was used as a reducing agent, the amount was small and there was nothing unsafe. But now to use hydrogen as energy, it is necessary to apply it in large quantities and enter the among the people. The people are afraid. This hydrogen may explode and the hydrogen balloon explodes. For example, there was a place that had built a hydrogenation station before. Now this place is not used. No one dares to move, and there is no place to approve this. For seven years, this hydrogenation station has not been moved, and the local governments to be moved disagree, and whoever approves does not know.

In fact, hydrogen is not so dangerous. The hydrogen transportation of China’s pipe network is also about 400 kilometers. Hydrogen is transported on the road. In the past, we went to hydrogenation to the hydrogenation station. After the hydrogen came, it was not allowed to add during the day. It was not allowed to add hydrogenation at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. The establishment of the hydrogen system is to formulate the operating rules of absolute safe hydrogen. Of course, since it is fuel, we certainly have to determine the rules, but it is still more dangerous, especially during the beginning of the promotion period, pay special attention.

Just like we used oxygen in the 19th century, we started to be very dangerous. After all the rules were set, even at night you pillowed a oxygen pillow, and we were not nervous.

Therefore, if the standard is set, there is no danger in accordance with the entire hydrogen rules. It turns out that it is certainly a certain reason that we use it as a hazardous chemical product, because it does not have much dosage, people do not know uniformly, and there is no standard for formulating systems. If it is a large energy source, it can actually formulate the rules of use and formulate the rules and standards of hydrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen, which is actually safe.

Is the hydrogen energy ender?

The problem of haze, I think it is an important issue at present.

Existing diesel vehicles only account for 9.4%of all cars, but

On the problem of haze, the contribution rate of diesel vehicles is very large.

We say that the entire haze problem is caused by the exhaust emissions of the car. Its contribution rate is generally 29%to 45%, and about one -third is caused by it. Among these thirds, about 70%of diesel cars, most of the particles are discharged by diesel vehicles. It contributes to PM2.5 a lot. The main reason for haze. In particular, China’s port diesel vehicles are very concentrated. The logistics of Tangshan area are very large. It is a heavy chemical zone. A city has more than 100 million tons of steel production capacity, which exceeds the sum of several countries. One ton of steel is about five to six tons, so what is the most convenient thing? Use heavy trucks to transport from the port to the steel mill. Among the more than 2 million vehicles in Tangshan, nearly 200,000 diesel cars have a large emissions and serious pollution. Therefore, we feel that in this place, it is necessary to effectively reduce the pressure of haze formation in Beijing, Tianjin -Hebei.

From the characteristics of the hydrogen fuel cell itself, it is suitable for heavy -length long -range battery life, so there is no problem with running 600 to 1,000 kilometers back and forth at the port, and there is no problem with heavy load.

The dense ports of diesel vehicles are easy to deploy hydrogen refueling stations, and my country’s domestic ports are on the logistics distribution center, all of which are heavy industrial areas, and industrial by -production hydrogen is also very rich. The port is also very close to the seaside, and the sources of hydrogen fuels on the sea are also easy. So I think that, it can first solve this hydrogen at the port to drive the development of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel to develop it. Therefore, the saying of “changing hydrogen”, it just represents the direction of our technical route. Each steel factory has its automobile management team. For example, Hebei Steel has more than 20,000 cars to uniform hydrogenation, and the layout of the hydrogenation station is very easy. It is necessary to lay out along the road of passenger cars. First, from the port of diesel at the port The car starts, which is very realistic.

Using hydrogen and densely, the construction scale of hydrogen refueling stations can be large.

Now we have two hundred kilograms, and the hydrogenation station of 300 kilograms and 500 kg per day is very low. Because it is useless to add more, it is not so many cars for one ton and two tons. It is very scattered. However, the port is different. My hydrogen refueling station can reach three tons per day or five tons. The efficiency of the hydrogen refueling station is very high. It can reduce the cost of hydrogen refueling station and increase the efficiency of the hydrogenation station.

The cost of hydrogen fuel cars reached about 40 yuan per kilogram, which is equivalent to the cost of diesel vehicles. It can be commercialized, instead of losing money to the state subsidy. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the cost of hydrogen is 65-70 yuan per kilogram, and the country has to make up 20 yuan per kilogram to run. The target cost of hydrogen -making and transportation to the hydrogenation station is about 22 yuan per kilogram, which is acceptable. Therefore, why the “firewood is changed” on the port on the port first. I think the meaning is in this place. Essence

Tangshan will be changed from the port to the steel plant on December 31, 2019 to a railway. However, the highway can not solve the final problem. it. If this goes through, we can actually demonstrate in the port cities. If we now establish a hydrogen energy utilization system in the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region, then less than 2030, we can solve part of the haze problem of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei in a short period of time, or fundamentally solve it. The dust problem can be solved, and the carbon dioxide gas can be reduced in large quantities.

As of the end of 2018, there are more than 400 hydrogen refueling stations around the world, and the global fuel cell passenger car sales have cumulative nearly 6,000 units. The main developed countries in the world put the development of hydrogen energy into the strategic height of national energy security. Since 2017, my country ’s plan to invest in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells is about 200 billion yuan, and about 60 hydrogen refueling stations have been planned to be planned throughout the country. About 200 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are produced. According to the “Blue Book of the Development of the Infrastructure of China’s Hydrogen Energy Industry”, by 2030, the output value of the hydrogen energy industry will exceed 1 trillion yuan; the number of hydrogen refueling stations will reach 1,000, and the amount of fuel cell vehicles will reach 2 million vehicles.

There is still a certain gap in the development and utilization of hydrogen energy with developed countries in the world. What is the layout of my country’s hydrogen energy industry? What challenges do you face?

Is hydrogen energy far from us?

① What is the status quo of the development of hydrogen energy in the world?

The EU has the development of hydrogen energy as a main plan. In 2017, they launched a planned project developed by hydrogen -powered vehicles. In 2019, Europe released a technical roadmap for the development of hydrogen fuel cells.

In 2015, the United States proposed in the development report of fuel cells and hydrogen energy technology that vigorously investing in development plans related to advanced hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, so now the 35 states in the United States have begun to run.

Especially California and California’s promotion are very interesting. California in the United States has nearly 37 hydrogen stations in 2018. Because California is a long strip, it has a reasonable layout on the road. At that time, the governor of California was Schwarzenegger, an actor, but he was very sensitive to the role of hydrogen energy as energy. In each batch of Toyota’s passenger cars, he asked to add a certain amount of new energy vehicles with a certain amount of quota, and proposed that there is a hydrogen fuel vehicle. He said that you do the plan well. How much do you provide me every year? I am equipped with a hydrogenation station based on the number of hydrogen fuel cars. This is very strategic. Therefore, California is currently in front of the demonstration application of hydrogen energy vehicles, and the layout of the hydrogen refueling station is also very reasonable, and a model model has been made. By 2019, the United States used about 31 million US dollars to carry out plans to promote the large -scale application of hydrogen.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that Japan. Toyota has not stopped the development of hydrogen fuel cells over the years. The engineering application of hydrogen fuel cells has made a lot of contributions. Of course, they also applied for tens of thousands of patents, nor did they say that all patents were blocked, because hydrogen was good for all humans. The Japanese government first took the development of hydrogen energy as a national strategy and formulated a strategy of “three steps”. By 2025, it will expand the scope of hydrogen use. The type of power generation is 5.6 million, which is equivalent to one -tenth of the number of Japanese households. By 2030, it will build a hydrogen energy supply system in an all -round way, and by 2040 it will determine that it will achieve a goal of a hydrogen supply system to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, this is mainly to capture, seal or use carbon dioxide in coal -made hydrogen or fossil energy to achieve this goal.

South Korea has also started the development of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen energy, and it is planned to establish 80 hydrogen refueling stations in 2020.

② What are the advantages of my country’s hydrogen energy development?

First, the state attaches great importance to the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

As early as 2006, in fact, the national and long -term scientific development outlines planned hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cells. Later, the main direction of development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles on Made in 2025 National Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicles. In 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the “Energy Technology Revolution Innovation Action Plan (2016-2030)”, which also includes the application of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. my country’s 2019 Government Work Report proposed that “promoting the construction of facilities such as charging, hydrogenation, etc.” The current application of the entire hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has set off a climax. Chongqing, Zhejiang, and Guangdong have begun the development and commercial operation of automotive hydrogen fuel cells.

In fact, the industrial foundation of Chinese hydrogen -made hydrogen is still very strong, and the hydrogen -making capacity is also the top in the world.

When hydrogen has not been used as an important energy source, it is used as a catalyst and a large number of applications, such as synthetic ammonia refining hydrogen. We have about 25 million tons of hydrogen capacity per year. It is the first. There are 97%of hydrogen here from fossil energy, with more than 10 million tons of gas hydrogenation, about 3 million tons of natural gas hydrogen, and about 8 million tons of industrial by -produced hydrogen. 10,000 tons. Of course, the hydrogen of our industrial by -production can now reach 99.999%of the hydrogen of the purity. In the future, my country’s development of hydrogen has huge potential and the market is huge. The quantity is large.

③ Multi -places compete for development of hydrogen energy

my country’s hydrogen energy industry is undergoing regional layout. Now 20 provinces and cities are doing the development plan of hydrogen energy and the development plan of hydrogen fuel vehicles, and 6 regions have been formed. The industrial groups of the six southwest of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have emerged in some representative cities such as Shanghai, Rugao, Foshan, Zhangjiakou, Wuhan, etc. We know that the Shanghai Automobile Group first launched a passenger car, light truck, etc. in terms of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and its 110 -kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell electric pile technology is relatively mature.

In addition, Foshan in Guangdong is developing as a strategic emerging industry in the future. Foshan Yunfu has a demonstration area of ​​hydrogen energy vehicle, and four hydrogen refueling has been running, and in 2019, there are several seats to be put into production.

Zhangjiakou is a demonstration area for the State Council to approve the renewable energy of the Winter Olympic Games. It is fully deployed in 19 counties and districts to fully deploy hydrogen refueling stations. In addition, China’s first engine of automated hydrogen fuel cells is formally put into production here.

Of course, there is Rugao in Jiangsu, which is the demonstration city of the United Nations as a hydrogen energy development. Rugao now has two 30 -kilowatt electric pile production lines. Hydrogen fuel cells require the scale to hundreds of thousands of vehicles at the end of the “13th Five -Year Plan” period, and the output value is more than 100 billion yuan.

Another is Shandong. The concept of establishing a “hydrogen valley” is proposed, and a overall plan is formulated. why?


At present, the development of the hydrogen energy industry in my country is broad, but it is necessary to change the rapid and healthy development. It is necessary to change the current status of the size of hydrogen energy production. Conquesting the technical difficulties of hydrogen core products such as proton exchange membrane groups, engines, sensors, etc., and reality problems such as the immature and insufficient commercial application of the hydrogen transportation network system.

How can we use existing conditions to reduce the cost of hydrogen -making? How to promote the development and commercialization of hydrogen energy chain?

How can my country’s hydrogen energy industry break through?

① Promote the development of the entire industrial chain of the hydrogen energy and deploy the hydrogen energy industry demonstration zone

At present, the domestic hydrogen fuel cells are still a little more and faster. The use of hydrogen energy should not be used first and then hydrogen, at least the car and hydrogen must be synchronized. We believe that the hydrogen system should be advanced, called “soldiers and horses do not move grain and grass first”. For fuel cells and fuel cell vehicles, it can be said that it can be strongly promoted, otherwise the desire is not fast.

Because the hydrogen energy industry chain is long, it spans many areas of energy and chemical industry, and the hydrogen system is also very complicated, so

To promote the development of the hydrogen industry chain, it is necessary to take the enterprise as the main body, and there must be capital as the link to focus on domestic advantage units to strengthen the team’s strength, and then take out the planning of the entire industrial chain of the hydrogen system.

In the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the hydrogen energy supply system must be advanced to develop in an orderly manner. Of course, we hope that it is best to standardize the development direction and development planning of each region based on its characteristics, its energy endowment, its environmental conditions, and its technical capabilities. The Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area We believe that it can recommend it to be a hydrogen supply network base; the Yangtze River Delta can start the construction of hydrogen energy fuel cells and pipe networks at the same time, driven by technology and environment, forming a comprehensive nature of a comprehensive nature The hydrogen corridor in the Yangtze River Basin; the area of ​​Hainan is very interesting. It can be closed. It has a highway around the island. It has set its planning. After 2030, it is not allowed to go to the island of fuel vehicles. The entire blue sky and white clouds are environmentally friendly. At this time, it can lay out the layout of hydrogenation stations on its island highway, so it can develop such a strategy.

Shanxi is a large energy output province. It has 600 million tons of coal to be output each year. It very much hope that it is not coal but clean energy in the future. That’s too beautiful. But an important technology is to break through, that is, the capture, collection and use of carbon dioxide produced during the hydrogenation of fossil energy. If this problem can be solved, this technology can make a very good demonstration in the world. This technology will break it up sooner or later.

Like Yunnan, there are many waste mines with rich water resources, so recently the Germans have come and say that there are thousands of waste ores such as copper and tin mines. Store here. You are rich in water and electricity. The water that abandons 30 billion kWh of water each year is abandoned. Use this electrical hydrogen to store it as energy storage? The cost is very low in the abolition ore.

② Establish a major national special project of hydrogen energy, and create a recovery era of hydrogen energy

We recommend the establishment of major national projects to solve major technical equipment and engineering problems in the industrial chain, such as the hydrogen pipeline network and large -scale hydrogen -making technology of 70 MPa storage tanks in liquid storage tanks, including hydrogen in the region, these three major technologies, these three major technologies. Some important technical issues of the system, and some materials and equipment. There are many dense ports in heavy diesel vehicles in China. From Zhangjiagang, Huanghua Port, and Lianyungang to Qingdao Port are all regional aggregates of chemical industry. There are more than 100 million tons of steel in Tangshan Port, and Huanghua Port and Handan are also 50,000 to 60 million tons of steel. Linti in Linyi, Shandong, is the largest logistics base with dense diesel cars. We propose a technical route of China in developing hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. We believe that the era of heavy trucks of hydrogen energy should be launched, and such a slogan should be proposed to drive the development of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Logistics vehicle.

Internationally, Toyota, Nicholas and Hyundai have begun to break through on heavy trucks. Domestic Shandong Weichai also concentrated its target on heavy cards and high -power hydrogen fuel cells. It is ready to engage in 200 kW of hydrogen fuel cells, and in Hainan, we all witnessed it with Shenhua Group with 350 tons of heavy mining vehicles of hydrogen car. Strategic framework protocol for fuel cells.

Our main ports: Tangshan Port, Tianjin Port, Dalian Port, Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port, etc. In January 2019, in just one month, the transportation volume of goods was huge, from 50 million tons to more than 90 million tons. According to the 60%highway transportation ratio, the entire weight is estimated to be 236 million tons and an container 8 million standard box. If it is a heavy truck of 30 tons per car, the transport distance is 1,000 kilometers, and the bicycle consumes 250 kilograms of diesel. Then, if you look at it, it will reach 16 million times, and you need to consume the diesel for 4 million tons. This emission of 4 million tons is incredible. The hydrogen is 2.4 million tons per month. Therefore, the amount of hydrogen consumed by a heavy card of 15 kg of 15 kg of heavy card is 30 million tons. After the hydrogen of 30 million tons comes up, we will reduce the carbon dioxide of nearly 400 million tons. Therefore, we must first start the establishment of the hydrogen system and the trial operation of heavy -duty hydrogen fuel vehicles in the densely logistics port area.

③ Make full use of waste electricity to reduce the cost of hydrogen making

Our country does have great efforts in renewable energy. Wind power, photovoltaic batteries, hydropower, biomass energy, including nuclear power, we have developed rapidly. In particular, wind power and photovoltaic batteries are only two of them. At present, almost half of the world’s installed capacity has been built.

There are two thousand solar panels in China in construction and installation. Two fans are built every hour, and the speed is fast. But the phenomenon of abandoning wind, abandoning water, and abandoning light is very serious. Why? Renewable energy wind power and photovoltaic are unstable, so many places have built wind power and photovoltaic in many places. In addition, it is difficult for Shanghai State Grid, and we have about 100 billion kWh per year. This part is very favorable as the power supply for hydrogen -making. The cost is low. It is reduced by the electricity. We picked it up. It can also generate a large amount of hydrogen, about 22.4 billion cubic meters per year.

In the state’s strategy of formulating the development of hydrogen energy, it is necessary to make good use of the 100 billion kWh of light, abandoning the wind, and abandoning water. Including the use of industrial by -production hydrogen, how much is the hydrogen of industrial by -production? 10 million tons. We need to use these two “1000”. For example, the white city of Jilin, it wants to build 30 million kilowatts of wind, wind energy and photovoltaic power energy, we can formulate some new energy development of new energy development with hydrogen energy. Hydrogen -making technology uses an alkaline electrolytic water to make water -making technology. In the end, the tax price of its cost was about 18-20 yuan per kilogram at the time of its cost to hydrogen. And there is room for further reduction of costs. Therefore, in the dense port area, starting from logistics or heavy trucks based on the hydrogen -building energy system, solving the current haze or environmental urgency problem, I think the current better development route. Of course, we also support the research and development of hydrogen fuel cells, but you must have considerable competitiveness, and have continuous research and development capabilities. To catch up with the level of foreign hydrogen fuel cells, we must put the power on the power. , The cost drops.

China is a country with a very fast process of industrialization. It establishes an efficient and reasonable hydrogen energy system, promotes the use of renewable energy, improves human living environment and improves the quality of life is especially important for us.

After we use the hydrogen system, our power grid will be more intelligent, more efficient, more reasonable, and more energy -saving.

Represented by promoting the era of hydrogen energy, the development of our hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cells is developing and promoted. Support us to build a strong country, human beings must enter the era of hydrogen society and hydrogen in the 21st century. We are confident to complete the tasks of history and give us this generation. Finish!

Speaker: Gan Yong