Introduction to the relevant knowledge of the kindergarten EPDM floor mat


The kindergarten EPDM floor mat is very common in kindergarten. It is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also provides children with a healthy growth environment. Adults and children like it. Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge of the kindergarten EPDM floor mat.

The kindergarten EPDM ground pad is very common. Whether it is in school or the leisure area of ​​the park, you can see the laying of the kindergarten EPDM floor pad everywhere. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also comfortable and polluted. It is loved by many people. There are many floor mats paved with kindergartens. On the one hand, it is to beautify the environment and bring a healthy and comfortable environment to children. On the other hand, to protect the children from being harmed. The soft floor mats can effectively protect the children. The kindergarten EPDM pad allows teachers and children’s guardians.

There are many colors of the kindergarten EPDM floor mat. We can choose solid colors, or you can choose a cartoon pattern of multiple colors. Generally speaking, children prefer cartoon patterns, and cartoon patterns are also preferred by many kindergartens. Kindergarten EPDM floor mats have good non -slip performance and abrasion resistance. They have unique water seepage types. Do not worry about drainage problems. The surface layer is high -density and very stable environmentally friendly rubber material.

The kindergarten EPDM pad has soft ground pads and hard ground pads. Generally, it is appropriate to choose according to customer needs. The shape of the kindergarten EPDM floor mat is also diverse. There are squares, circles, diamonds, and thickness of 1.5-2.5cm. According to the situation, choose the appropriate shape and thickness. It is a 100%environmental protection product. You do n’t need special maintenance and management, you only need to clean it regularly. It does not need to spend too much manpower and financial resources. It is very worry -free to use.

The kindergarten EPDM floor pad can be paved directly or glue, which is very convenient, and it is simple to install and disassemble. The kindergarten EPDM floor cushion can quickly absorb water, keep the ground dry, and prevent accidents.


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