2021 Children’s National Band Contest “Huazhong Division” players selected


The “Children’s Midfish” National Band Competition was launched in 2016. After four years of development, more than 1,000 bands have been registered, and more than 1,200 individuals are registered. This year, there are more new regions, and gradually deepen from first -tier cities to truly recruit outstanding children’s bands and musicians for the country, and provide help for children with more music dreams. In addition to the conventional winning prizes, the band competition also has the “Best Original Works Award”, which encourages children to play music and gallop in a wider sky.

The winning band of the National Band Contest will directly connect the Midi Music Festival Tang stage to perform on the same stage with many well -known first -tier bands at home and abroad, and receive other various performances of Midi.

Band player selection



金 Venice Hippo Gold Award

Children’s group

Guitar: Zhao Ziqi, Zhang Hengyuan, Zhang Yuxuan


Bass: Xu Tao

Drummer: Yan Nairong

Established in 2019, the team name comes from children’s imagination of music and cool future.


Lord singer/guitar: Duan Peidong

Bazi: Cui Haoshe

Drummer: Duan Yifan


The Phantom Band is from Xinxiang, Henan. It was established in the Xinxiang Midi Club in May 2020. It is formed by four troublesome muna with an average age of only 8 years. Although young, it is outstanding!

▣ lemon

Lord singer: Wang Zhouke

Guitar: Wu Zihan

Bass: Geng Sing

Drummer: Zhou Changwei


The only band formed by singing Baoer Music to participate in the Children’s Most Band Contest, although there is only one summer vacation, although two members are in towns and villages and two members in the urban area, although there are many homework, although there are not much rehearsal time, there are not many rehearsal time , But still complete each song seriously.

▣ 123

Lord singer: Luo Yichen

Guitar: Rao Qianteng

Bazi: Wang Zhou Ke

Keyboard: Geng Sing

Drummer: Guo Zhaoyuan

It is a band with the average age of singing Baoer Music. The band has only one year, and there are many places that need to be learned. I hope to learn from more people who are better than themselves through the competition.

▣ Fresh bean skin

Lord singer/guitar: Yang Yiyi

Guitar: Tang Baichang

Bass: Eason Chan

Keyboard: Chen Yutong

Drummer: Wang Kexin

Fresh bean leather band is formed by five elementary school students in Wuhan with an average age of 12 years old. Wuhan’s dazzling prematurely not only has hot dry noodles, but also delicious fresh bean skin. Five children love to eat fresh bean skin, and at the same time have persistent pursuit of music. In the three years of the band together, they cried, laughed, argued, encouraged each other, and it was not easy to walk along the way. I hope that the fresh bean skin band will be able to compete for themselves on the stage of the nation’s Midi fans and shine the stage. Come on, fresh beans!

▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣


Lord singer: Guo Yunxiang

Lord singer/guitar: Tan Xinfei

Guitar: Jia promotes

Bazi: Wang Yixuan

Drummer: Chen Yicun

The band was formed in the summer vacation of 2020. Through the formation of the band to make us full of love for music, and let us hear more music that we usually do n’t know much, making our vision more open!

▣ Clown mask

Lord singer/guitar: Bloomberg

Guitar: Guo Jiaxuan

Bazi: Hua Zhengtong


Drummer: Fan Ziyi

The clown mask band was established in the Xinxiang Midi Club in May 2020. It is formed by four boys and girls who love rock and roll in four average ages. The vigorous and young toughness, the youth hormones are their unique charm. The good performance allowed them to be invited to participate in the first Central Plains Punk Music Festival in 2020, and 2021 appeared on the stage of the Jinan Midi Music Festival. Although young, they have unique insights on music. In their opinion, rock music is another teacher on the road of life, guiding them to thrive.

▣ Toys train

Lord singer/guitar: stone ink

Guitar: Hua Yitong

Both: Wei Haoxu


Drummer: Hua Zhengtong

The toy train band is from Xinxiang, Henan. It was established in March 2018 at the Midi Club in Xinxiang. Several elementary school students of different personalities and different ages came together because of music dreams and became partners of “fighting” side by side. Although the band has not been established for a long time, each member has paid hard sweat for the honor of the band, and continued to work hard in their respective majors, making the band’s level improve quickly and has a strong cohesion. The toy train band was invited to the stage of the Midi Music Festival twice in 2019 and 2021. In 2018-19, he participated in the “Mids of the Children” National Band Contest twice in 2018 and 19th. Essence

W Unknown

Lord singer/guitar: Han Mengyang

Drummer: Hua Yitong

The UNKNOWN band was established in the Xinxiang Midi Club in 2021. It is formed by four big boys who love music. The newcomer debuts, take care of it!

少 少 ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣

Guitar/lead singer: Gao Wenyu

Bazi/Follow: Hu Chendong

Drum/Following: Yan Nairong

The “Fourteen Dynasties High Energy” band / 14G Turbo is a new low -age rock band from Xi’an, China. It was formed in the spring of 2021. The team name “Fourteen Dynasties High Energy” comes with heritage and energy, and no one can read it calmly. English name 14G Turbo means “For Teens /14th Generation Turbo”

In Xi’an, the ancient capital of the Thirteen Dynasties, since the beginning of the Western Zhou Li Le Civilization, this land has never lacked the artist of the sky. As the ancient capital of the an average age of 11 years, he/they really control the traditional “three major pieces” Growing up, and at the same time, it also painted the trend of the times with its youthful colors.

Personal player selection

▣ Wei Haoxu


Children Group -Electric Bazi & Jazz Drum

At the age of 10, from the Midi Club of Xinxiang, the Douyin Internet celebrity “Rock Wolf”, eighteen martial arts talented genius teenagers. In 2019, the Children’s Faculty of the National Band Contest won the top ten nationwide of the Personal Tencer, and the current toy train band bass player.

▣ Hu Chendong

Children Group -Electric Bazi

Hu Chendong, male, was born in Xi’an in June 2009. He is a passionate, cheerful, cheerful and humorous boy. In my growth, music is my favorite.

Main award experience:

In 2018, the underground boy band was established as a bass player;

In the 2019 Children’s Faculty of the National Band Contest Finals, Personal Race Beds runner -up;


In 2019, the Children’s Finals of the National Band Contest Finals Symposium Drum Ten;

In 2019, the Children’s Finals of the National Band Contest Finals Top Ten; the third bass China Bestime Contest for the Youth Group of the 3rd Bass China Bestime Contest in 2020;


2021 Establish a 14G Turbo band (the Fourteen Dynasties High Energy Band) as a bassist.


▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣

Children Group -Jazz Drum

Three years of drumming, participating in domestic jazz drum professional competitions and achieved good results! In addition to playing drums, you also like to sing, play guitar, and jump hip -hop! Music makes my life more sunny!

▣ ▣ ▣ ▣

Youth Group -Electric Guitar


Wang Chenshuo has been practicing guitar since he was nine years old, dreaming of becoming a technical guitarist! come on!

▣ Fan Zijun

Juvenile Group -Jazz Drum

At the age of 14, this year, from the Midi Club of Xinxiang, burst punk female drummer, and the current clown mask band drummer.

▣ ▣ 彤 彤 ▣ ▣

At the age of 14, he was from Xinxiang Midi Club. He is currently a red scarf band, a clown mask band, UNKNOWN band Bassist, toy train band drummer.

Yahua Yitong

At the age of 14, from the Midi Club of Xinxiang, the current Red Scarf Band, the UNKNOWN band drummer, and the toy train guitarist.

Details of the event


October 4, 2021 (Monday)


Light sound Live

Sinking Plaza, Guandi Temple, Xinxiang City, Henan Province (negative one floor)


Draw time




Children’s personal competition player draw


Juvenile group personal game player draw




Children’s group band player draws


Teenagers group player draw drawing

Competition process


Children’s Personal Competition



10: 00-11: 00

Juvenile Personal Competition


11: 30-13: 00




Children’s Group Band Tournament



16: 00-18: 30

Youth Group Band Tournament


The actual time is subject to the scene


Xinxiang Midi Club

Brief Introduction:

Xinxiang Midi Club is the first modern music comprehensive education institution in Henan to pass the Beijing Midi Music School. There are professional music classrooms, band rehearsal halls, recording studios, live stage and musical instrument sales exhibition halls. Training majors involve: jazz drums, guitars, bass, piano, Ukri, African drums, band ensembles, music literacy, stage practice, vocal art test. On the basis of education and training, Xinxiang Midi Club aims to build a professional output platform to allow children to have a more comprehensive, more systematic, and wider stage of displaying themselves and society.

Institutional address:

Central Campus: A11-16, Wanda Plaza, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

East Campus: 50 meters south of Ximen, Xinxiang, Xinxiang City, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

West Campus: 200 meters of Hongli Avenue and Xihua Avenue, Henan Province, Henan Province

Venue introduction

Xinxiang music enthusiasts gathered, with music -oriented, hearing attitude, Rock, Hip Hop, FUNK or Jazz created a diverse music experience. Forever youth, let the music return to the scene to release the stressless entertainment space.

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Public transit


Xinxiang Station-Guangyin Live (2.5 kilometers)

Bus: 16, 62, K62, 66, K66

[Beijiekou Station] Get off the car and walk about 600 meters to reach

Tax: starting price of 5 yuan (the starting price can be arrived)

Xinxiang East Station-Guangyin Live (11 kilometers)

Bus: Low 66/K66 (get off at North Street Station), Route 45/K45 (get off the Cross Station), Route/K24 (Get off at Beimen Station of the Park), get off after the above three stations You can reach the venue about 600-800 meters walking

Tax: starting price of 5 yuan (25-30 yuan arrived at the venue)

参️ Note: For a taxi, please refer to the estimated costs provided, beware of not watching passengers; you can also choose an online car.

Self -driving

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Children’s group

Children’s group

Children’s group

Children’s group






Guitar: Guo Jiaxuan

Bazi: Hua Zhengtong

Juvenile Group -Jazz Drum

Juvenile Group -Jazz Drum

Light sound Live

Sinking Plaza, Guandi Temple, Xinxiang City, Henan Province (negative one floor)