Remind you, don’t look down at the baseball cap, no matter 30 or 50 years old, wearing foreign qi and reducing age


If you give you a chance to become beautiful and reduce age, are you still willing to bow your head to years? of course not!

As a fashionable essence that is never bowed to the age, I do n’t know how to wear a baseball cap that can be reduced when we put on? Whether it is 30 or 50, it has a good effect. Come and put it into the pocket ~


1. You must not underestimate the baseball cap

>> Because the baseball cap is too age -reducing

Don’t think that baseball looks like a single product that only seventeen or eight -year -old girls can wear, and women aged 30 or even 50 years old can also be worn.

The baseball cap itself is more casual, with its own vitality. With it, you can immediately make you radiant, and you can’t reduce your age?

>> Because the baseball cap is too fashionable


A baseball cap that can withstand the test of middle -aged female poisonous vision, of course, the effect is not only age reduction. On fashion and versatile, baseball caps are also difficult to pinch ~

Regardless of the basic model or fashion model, it can be easily held, and it can also create its own unique aura. Come and try, you will know how fashionable the baseball cap is!

2. The original baseball cap is still particular about the selection of the baseball cap, and any age is applicable

>> Different faces should choose different baseball caps

Short -faced sisters must choose cornice hat.

The brim with its own arc can stretch the vertical face shape to make up for the lack of our face length.


Sisters with long faces should choose the flat hats first,

By compressing the vertical vision, our faces become more delicate and three -dimensional.

The sisters with round faces must avoid choosing a baseball cap to choose a round hat,

This hat will only make your face look more round.

Of course, the sisters of the square face should avoid the square hat,

Otherwise, it will become a proper “TV” face shape ~

>> Soft top or hard top? You know after reading


The baseball cap is also divided into soft top and hard top design.

The hard -top design is not easy to collapse, and the sisters who are flat in the head are very friendly.

If you also envy others’ high skull tops, but you are a typical flat head, then you must arrange a hard top baseball cap!

The hard -top baseball cap is still very stylish to wear,

It is a good hand pretending to be handsome and handsome, you must not miss it ~


But the hard -top baseball cap also has its own flaws, that is, it is too easy to show big!

If you have a large head circumference, or if there is a defect in the head and shoulders, you must give priority to the soft top baseball cap.


Don’t worry, the soft top will be big,

As long as you choose a wide -cap design, you can still show a small face.


If you are still flat head at the same time, you are afraid of being big,

When wearing a soft -top baseball cap, you can tie your hair first, support the head shape, and then wear a soft -top baseball cap.


>> The shape of the hat must also be carefully selected


①. The elliptical/round face is suitable for long and narrow beheaded brim

For sisters with elliptical or round faces, the baseball cap design of the beheading brim can concentrate the visual center of gravity to the face, and can also stretch the face shape visually.

If the base of the baseball cap itself is not obvious,

When wearing, the sisters can also fold the baseball hat inward first, so that the brim curved to the ideal shape and then wear it.

②. Founded face/high cheekbone suitable for wide+slightly curved cap

But not everyone is suitable for wearing a corner.

If you are a sisters with a square or big face, when wearing a baseball cap, you have to choose a wide -haired brim and brim with a certain arc but not obvious design.

If you excessively remove the cornice, you will reduce the width of the original brim and expose your most fat cheekbones and cheeks. Isn’t this even more fat?

Third, baseball caps encounter these hairstyles, age reduction and foreign

>> Baseball cap+hair, no temperament

①. Short hair+bangs modification, baseball cap shape is clean and neat

The combination of baseball cap and hair styling is completely the ideal plain artifact!

When wearing a baseball cap with short and medium -long hair styles, you must pay attention to the capable of being capable. You cannot choose a baseball cap that is too dense and too exaggerated.


Using the side bangs to modify the face shape, you can also avoid the defects of the face with less hair ~

②. Long hair+accessories embellishment, baseball cap shape temperament fashion

Long hair with a baseball cap, you need to add a little care. Otherwise, it is easy to look too monotonous rigid.

Choose a simple baseball cap with a long hair style, leave the exquisite sense to accessories,

This will not make the whole look redundant.


Earrings, necklaces and handsome sunglasses are all fashionable things to create gas fields and temperament ~

>> Baseball cap+editing hair, exquisite and age -reducing age

①. Middle -aged people are more suitable for single ponytails > Double ponytail

If you feel that the shape of the hair is too simple and casual, then let’s take a look at the more delicate and three -dimensional hair style. The simplest editing, of course, the ponytail ~

But don’t be impulsive first, the middle -aged person’s temperament after 30 years of age is more stable.

Don’t consider the too playful double ponytail,

Otherwise, it will deliberately pretend to be cute. The second paragraph shown in the figure

The single ponytail shape is the correct way to open the baseball cap in the middle -aged person!

②. Baseball caps+back of the head, gentle and stylish

The gentle hair style is still suitable for the combination of the baseball cap. Coupled with the calm gas field that comes with middle -aged people, it will look extremely gentle and stylish ~

The hair style should be simple,


Like these two simple discs that are just in the back of the head position with a baseball cap,

With basic or basic clothing,


This gentle and powerful aura is simply too attractive!

③. High ponytail+no top baseball cap, the age reduction index is full

Of course, in addition to conventional baseball caps, we also have a special baseball cap that does not take the unusual way: that is, the baseball cap with a hat without hats or half hollowed out of the cap on the top above. This kind of baseball cap gives people a more fitness exercise,

It is appropriate to use in sports style.

This baseball cap is equipped with a vibrant high ponytail,


It is a middle -aged woman who properly reduces age artifacts, and it is easy to make you younger than dreams!

4. Different baseball caps in different ages, come to pick up

>> 30-40-year-old middle-aged man: emphasize fashion and temperament attributes

Middle -aged people who have not reached the age of 50 and a lot of youth can make themselves beautiful and bright. Sisters at this age wear a baseball cap, don’t rush to create a calm gas field, pursuing fashion and temperament is more important.


The baseball cap can choose bright colors or patterns, or it can be paired with exposed skin design, fashion elements or bright colors.

Let yourself be younger!

>> Middle-aged and elderly people who are 40-50 years old: emphasizing leisure is more important

But when your age is close to 50 years old, emphasizing that fashion and personality are no longer important, and you are becoming more stable and indifferent.

At this time, emphasizing leisure is the key.

Choose a simple foundation style of the baseball cap, with natural hair color, with simple or casual clothing,

Change the idea and change style, it can still be more beautiful than others!


Middle -aged and elderly people can’t wear too much individual and sexy trendy items, then wearing casual denim with white baseball caps, brightening skin tone can be reduced, and the effect is still not disappointing.

With a white top with a grinding effect, the fresh blue and white color shows the continuous vitality. If you are old -fashioned, we can be young forever!


Fifth, baseball caps are universal and age -reducing, when it is effective when we wear

Sure enough, you can’t underestimate the fashion magic of the baseball cap. Whether it is 30 or 50 years old, as long as you choose the right style and wear method, it is really too fashionable to wear ~

Whenever you have a heart that yearn for vitality and vitality. When life lacks motivation, let the baseball cap here give you new power!