Learn makeup from scratch: 200 pieces to get full face cosmetics!


Novice makeup


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The first is to buy a set


Let’s talk about today

Learn makeup from scratch

How to buy a cheap and easy -to -use set

~ Novice girls who need to buy cosmetics come over ~


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Let’s start with the bottom makeup first. The girl who wants to see the skin care lotion can directly reply to the message keyword “Lotion” to see the articles pushed by Dudu before.

Base makeup

Amore Aritaum All Day makeup pre -milk milk

Price: 60

The uneven skin tone is particularly suitable for the yellow skin girl. If there is no flaw in the skin, there is no need to overlap the foundation. For office workers and student parties, the SPF44 sunscreen value is also sufficient, and no sunscreen is needed.


ZFC foundation

Price: 53 is currently doing activities ~

This is a domestic product. Dudu originally wanted to recommend L’Oreal or other liquid foundation products, but considering that today is the cheap price in parity, this one is recommended. This foundation is not only because it is cheap, but also because it has good makeup! I do n’t know if you do n’t visit the B station B. This is also the grass when you stroll around B. Dudu is a mixed skin, and the summer is mixed with oil and winter. This is suitable for summer or winter. Dudu is Huang Erbai. It is recommended to choose A03. Having said so much, don’t misunderstand that Dudu is advertising ~ Because this liquid foundation is indeed easy to use!

If you want to see the air cushion BB cream, please reply to the message keyword “air cushion” to view the article CC

Yue Shi Feng Yin Mint Sanfir


Price: 49

ZFC loose powder


Price: 22

Speaking of the biggest use of loose powder is to set makeup, Yue Shi Fengyin’s mint loose powder has a good effect, but the ZFC’s loose powder makeup effect is also bars, and the price is won! It is almost cheap to explode. I ca n’t buy losses. I ca n’t buy friends!

Concealer, jump here, because if the novice budget is insufficient, you can overlap the foundation as a concealer in a small number of defects.

Eye makeup

Shiseido hexagonal eyebrow pencil

Price: 18

Most people know this eyebrow pencil. It is a representative of the low price of quality and low price.


Thai Mistine eyeliner pen

Price: 32.5

I originally wanted to recommend Kissme. But now this Thai eyeliner is also too hot. The use of oily skin will not be dizzy. If you are careful to use makeup with makeup, you can try the eye shadow painting eyeliner.

Alice House Monochrome Eye Shadow

Price: 20


Since the novice enters the eye shadow, I actually buy a monochrome eye shadow, because at the beginning of the makeup, I bought an eye shadow palette, which may be matte or pearly. Difficulty, just take a monochrome eye shadow to practice your hand ~

Yabang mascara

Price: 12

Oh my god, domestic goods are so terrible! This is simply the rhythm of no money ~ Yabang has always been a brand that has been made for a long time in China. It can be said that the lipstick of its house can be said to be too good, but in fact its mascara is also very good. In fact, novice brush mascara should pay attention to pay attention There are quite a lot of, little fairies can reply to the message keyword “mascara” to see the mascara article summarized before ~

Lip makeup



Price: 9.9

Well, Dudu found that Yabang was just sprinkled with money. This lipstick had a color cutting number before, and the effect was comparable to big names, but the durability was not very good. Red ~

In the end, the cheapest product is the cheapest one to add 230 yuan together, and the four houses and five income is equal to 200 yuan! So affordable ~

Okay, then the cheap cosmetics that start to learn makeup from scratch today are recommended here. If you have any questions, please leave a message to ask questions ~