Zhang Lei’s temperament is high -level, and white -knee dress is dignified and elegant. 42 -year -old is full of charm


The more temperamental women are, the simpler the wear. This is confirmed on the female host Zhang Lei. In addition to the strong business ability, Zhang Lei is also a good master, because it is the host of CCTV. Her figure is special, and she must wear a sense of fashion and not to lose dignity and elegance on the stage.


Zhang Lei’s styling analysis:

Basic color dress -dignified and elegant

Zhang Lei’s temperament is high -level, and the white -knee dress is dignified and elegant, with 42 -year -old charm. For mature women, if you want to wear a high -level feeling when you wear, the easiest way is to choose the basic color. Whether it is a dress or a partner, the simpler the color, the better, the simpler the better, the simpler Essence

Cross -knee dress -dignified atmosphere

As the host of CCTV, Zhang Lei has to wear a sense of fashion and wear a generous and decent effect on wearing. Therefore, it is best to try the length of the knee when choosing a dress. The dignified and elegant matching effect, the length of the skirt is too short, it will appear a little exposed. If it is too long, it will look a little procrastinating.

Three -dimensional flower decoration -increase the sense of styling


Although this basic white dress is very simple and low -key in color design, it is very routine and faint, but in terms of style cutting, it can show the richness of the shape through a very strong three -dimensional design method. The three -dimensional flowers extended from the arm not only increase the refinement and make the shape more complete.


Moderate -comfortable -both comfortable and stylish

This white dress is neither very loose or very tight in terms of style design. It is better to show sufficient comfort in the decisive style. More type.

Nude high -heeled shoes -gentle and feminine


Zhang Lei is paired with a pair of nude high -heeled shoes on his feet. The color combination of the basic white and nude color on the color matching of the body shows a visual harmony. The nude high -heeled shoes on the feet look very gentle that the whole person is very gentle. , Feminine is also very strong.

Analysis of other styling of Zhang Lei:

Purple shirt+same color velvet pants

The easiest way to match the same color is the same color. The basic color system of the same color can allow the upper and lower body clothes to show a visual delay in color matching. The purple shirt is matched with dark purple velvet pants. Both harmony and layering. The high -waisted velvet pants can not only show the effect of lengthening the leg shape by the upper lumbar line, but also through the design of the velvet fabric to wear more high -level sense.

White suit suit

The basic suit suits are very useful for mature women or workplace women. It is simple and low -key and can wear a capable effect. For those young ladies and sisters who are not very upright, the elements It can also play a very good effect of modifying the shape. This suit suit is very simple and low -key in color design. A basic pure white looks refreshing and clean. It is completely no problem to wear in the workplace or daily leisure.

Blue casual suit -dignified atmosphere


Light blue is very suitable for Zhang Lei’s mature women with a very fair skin tone. When wearing, they not only avoid the light and monotonous of black and gray, but also wear a moderate bright matching effect. It not only retains the capacity of the suit itself in style design, but also presents more comfort and atmosphere through the design method of leisure style.


Zhang Lei’s style of dressing is very simple and low -key, it will not be very eye -catching, nor offensive, but every appearance can give people a dignified feeling.

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