The charm of the suspender skirt is too great, Ni Ni is sexy and sequined, and Zhou Dongyu has a sense of girlishness.


I do n’t need to say more about bloggers. In summer, it is the season when a suspender skirt is. Only two slender shoulder straps, with different materials and designs, can make the wearer wear 10,000 styles. It looks good, and the charm is really big.

The simple ONE PIECE suspender skirt best reflects the feminine temperament. It is more suitable to attend the cool summer evening party party. The rose red sequin skirt complement her temperament. She supports the shape of an umbrella in the rain. There is no eye -catching accessories. The lighting is really bad.


And this glittering sequined skirt was also seen by Jing Tian. She chose the style of the fishtail skirt, with the same color with high heels to attend the event. The tall figure made her like a mermaid. People seem to have “rich flowers on earth”.

However, in addition to the sequins, we are more inclined to some conventional styles in daily life. For example, Zhou Dongyu’s look looks full of girls. She is wearing a simple white camonaku skirt and a waist belt. Pure and sexy. Especially the shining star high -value hair accessories on the head, do not work behind the ears, the whole person looks mental.


Of course, there are playful floral models. Look at Zhong Chuxi, a red floral sling skirt, very sweet and vacated. It complements her confident aura, with the beading handbags and hair bands of the same color, the girly feelings are full of vacation atmosphere.

Well, after watching the demonstration of female stars, what style of suspenders should we choose this summer? It is recommended to start with the following models.

1. Cotton suspender skirt


The blogger also said that wearing sequins in life may seem a bit Drama, so it is recommended that you choose the cotton material as much as possible. The red girl is full of power, and her youthfulness is complemented.


Xu Lu also added a hollow and fold design. Although the color is light, she is also very eye -catching. With a small and delicate earrings, the whole person looks girlish.

If you think the above two cotton skirts are relatively monotonous, if you are afraid of not being worn well, try the design of the cousin’s alien camisole. You can also add a pattern like a checkered striped. Essence


2. One -word shoulder suspender skirt


Added a sling skirt with one -shoulder design, which is actually more layered, visually extending the neck curve to create a swan neck. And it is applicable any occasion. Even attending the formal occasion, look at Jiang Shuying’s body embellishment of a rhinestone’s shoulder -shoulder suspender skirt, which looks really gorgeous and expensive.

When Yang Mi appeared on the red carpet in China, she also used the design of the bows design with a character strap, slim+slit design to create a sexy goddess fan. Such a big power is really full of aura.


If you want to be a little different, you can try Tang Yan. The black and white color looks very fashionable, the lines are classic and simple, and the bow on the shoulder strap adds a playfulness, making people’s eyes shine.


3. Saton camisole skirt

The satin suspender skirt is actually the focus of the two years. The satin material itself is a typical typical of the retro faction. Even if there is no gorgeous accessories, it can make the whole person look high -level. It’s right.

It is not necessary to have a supermodel figure to control the satin camisole. This selena is very stylish. Miss Gome is even more charm and a casual atmosphere of pajamas style.


This material with a suspender skirt can also appear in the office without any sense of disobedience. Put a well -tailored suit jacket and kick a pair of fine heels, a capable office female warrior.

Of course, for some little fairy who have some bugs, you can also choose the following models. It is not a matter for those who have thick arms and auxiliary dairy horse.

1. Width camisole

Many people dare not wear suspenders because of width of the shoulders. This kind of suspender skirt may be a bit strong. It is recommended that the wide -shoulder star people choose the style of the wide suspender and the sides of the arms covering the pair of breasts.

Because the wide shoulder straps are perfectly balanced, the sweetness and sexy are perfectly balanced. Compared with the fine shoulder straps, the wide shoulder strap accidentally adds a bit of cuteness and cuteness. Generally speaking, the wide shoulder straps are mostly “workers collar”. Such styles can well modify hand defects, so that your shoulders look not so thick, fair -skinned and beautiful, you can try this printed model of Reba. More style.

3. V -neck, square collar and other neckline suspenders skirts


Dressing is to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses. The shoulder wide arm can also use the method of moving sight. Angelababy uses deep V -neck and a beautiful back to shift its sight. It looks sexy and seductive. The neck holds the audience.

Do you need to say a small face? However, V -neck can make the shoulder and neck line more perfect visually. The suspender skirt can shorten the width of the shoulder and make your collarbone protruding. By the way, remember to choose a suspender style that fit the arm, Zhao Liying’s look looks feminine.


This year’s popular retro square collar can also modify the styles of the shoulder and neck line, which can enhance the sense of skin exposure, make the shape look more cool and refreshing, and better cater to summer.


Well, this summer when you need to wear a suspender skirt, you can start with a few models!