Sports pants are very comfortable, but a little boring. Open a ventilated port on the legs of the trousers, but it is much cool.


How do you always get cool and comfortable in summer clothes, after all, it is hot!

If you don’t want to wear too little, the loose lantern pants should be the first choice.

Then the problem comes, the pants are quite loose and comfortable, that is, the pants are a bit boring.


Today’s pants are here to solve this problem

Let’s take a look at pants style pictures


Is it particularly ordinary? It seems that it seems that the pregnant women’s pants released earlier, yes they are the same model. Prove that you are my iron powder. Essence Essence It’s just that the version is slightly adjusted.

Look at the side, do you see anything different. Does it feel a lot of coolness in an instant? Essence Essence

If you like the style or not, you can replace it with such a stuffy color.


Is this more in line with your standards?

Regardless of the fabric, how to change the color, the cutting drawing is the same.


The M number M cuts sharing, one black and one white is the same. Which one do you like?

M size 95cm hip surrounding 114cm Crotch Deep Calculation Formula: One-quarter hips-1.5cm

Those who need other numbers can push the board according to the length of the enclosure 4cm 1.5cm.

Below is the drawing drawing. Green is the front film, pink is the back film. They are all jackets. There are no sewing edges, and the production needs to be sewed separately.


Sewing process and sewing process commentary

The choice of fabrics, just cool and breathable, there are no special requirements. Just wear cool

According to the above -mentioned tailoring drawings, drawing the tailoring picture with your own size. This style is simple, you can draw it directly on the fabric

Those who need pockets can add side seam pockets to the side seam.

Summer fabrics can be sewned by the 9th machine.

1 Switch the front and rear sides, leave the position of the side seam pocket and the mouth of the pants. Switch to the pocket cloth in the mouth of the bag

2 Sewing inner sewing and crotch seam. The processing of the seam can be lock directly after the seam is flat, or the seam can be wrapped. The thin material can be made to sew.

3 The inner rubber band (the length of the rubber band, the waist fence-4-6cm) of the waist curls can also be surrounded by rubber bands on the waist.


If you don’t like the waist directly, you can just roll the edge of the waist. The length of the long crotch of the trouser will reduce the width of the waist.


4 foot mouth curls, the inner rubber band can be placed

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing.

If you like it, you can try it. If you don’t understand, you can leave a message or a private message in the comment area.

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Sports pants are very comfortable, but a little boring. Open a ventilated port on the legs of the trousers, but it is much cool.