Is it good to use the plastic floor with glue? I don’t say, workers will never tell you the truth!


For some time, there is a fan of fans, “My family is renovating, the worker shop is used by the floor glue, asking what role in the ground floor, he doesn’t tell me clearly, there is a big taste after delivery Is it bad that is not good, causing formaldehyde over the standard? “

After reading this question, I would like to write a new house before I wrote a new house. Which glue will be used. It also mentioned the floor glue, but it is not very specific. Today, we will take the floor glue to pick it up. I hope to help this fan!

What is floor glue?


According to the fans, he said that the floor glue is accurately called the wood floor glue, it is a rubber, mainly used when laying the floor. The floor can be bonded into whole, high viscosity and long life. Suitable for composite floors, you can reduce noise after installation.

What is the role of floor glue?


1, combined, floor gum can penetrate the inside of the floor substrate, and the floors are connected together after the curing.


2, moisture-proof effect, floor glue has moisture-proof effect, forming a layer of anti-moisture waterproof layer after the floor gap is added to form a layer of anti-moisture waterproof layer, can isolate water vapor.

3. After the floor is solidified, the floor connection can be made more tight, so that the floor service life is longer and the separation is not easily hardened.


How to choose floor glue?

1, 气

Good floor glue water is an environmentally friendly test report. You can ask the merchant when you purchase. It is said that there is a lot of taste like this, which may be a short-quality glue. Because there is a very light taste after the good glue is opened, the color of the color will not change, after the glue is transparent, this light flavor is scattered.

2, see color

Inferior glue is mixed with impurities, the color is slightly yellow. I have to transparency in the ground, and the transparency of good glue is high, full of color, causing almost impurities.


3, viscosity.


The good glue is highly viscous, and if you pick it up with your hand, you will not stick to your fingers. The inferior glue is weak, and there will be partially sticky on your fingers. Moreover, good glue scratches will have a significant high and low, and inferior glue is relatively thin, and the scratches are not large.

The above is the answer to this fan. If you still feel the taste, I suggest you don’t have an urgent stay, you can ventilate, and then think about formaldehyde.

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