Black drawing fashion casual sports dress, easily creating fashion leisure style


Black drawing fashion leisure sports dress, easily creating fashion leisure style, I think it looks good. In recent years, as people have paid more and more attention to green and healthy lifestyles, more and more young people have also begun to choose leisure -style costumes, because such clothes are unrestrained, very comfortable, and can make people people can make people people make people. The mood became relaxed and happy. However, how can casual sports clothes stand out in a crowd of design and become a beautiful landscape in the street shooting. It is estimated that it depends on its careful machine design.


The seemingly ordinary black casual dress worn by the younger sister in the picture, take a closer look, is actually full of design. From the length of the skirt, the length of the knee was selected, revealing the slender fair legs, and played a good effect of modifying the figure. The style of the dress uses a slim design, which perfectly shows the plump breast shape and hips of the beautiful girl, highlighting the good figure.

Under the skirt, there is a very popular drawing design element this year, attracting people’s attention at once, highlighting the highlight of the design of this dress. The drawing line design can be said to combine the practicality and aesthetic sense. On the one hand, we can use the drawstring to adjust the tightness and length of the wear to achieve the most comfortable dress state. On the other hand, the folds formed by drawing stump design can also make the wear more lively, get rid of monotonous, and create a playful and cute temperament. It really has the effect of “one arrow and double carving”, which is comfortable and beautiful. The tight “it” can not only modify the figure tightly, but also loosen the shape.抽绳设计让这件普通的黑色连衣裙摆脱了平庸的命运,并且起到了很好的减龄作用,让这件休闲款连衣裙看起来设计感满满,增加了它的时尚感,打造出立体、 A rich sense of layering, so on the street, do n’t mention it. It ’s easy to wear a girl’ s sexy style, like a small elf, which makes people look open.


Because I wear a casual dress on it, the beautiful young lady also uses the same sports shoes to match the choice of shoes. The color is selected with pure white, and the pure black dress on the upper body forms a visually comparison and comparison. Complement, so that the overall color is no longer just monotonous, dull black, which looks cool and comfortable