“Toy Story” Bath Light Year Color Steel Model


“Toy Story” is believed to be the childhood of many model friends. Among them, many classic images have been created for everyone. In addition to Hudi, everyone is BAST Light. Fans of the Iron Man model, so some model friends want to integrate them together, and there will be the next Kwok0-0 “Toy Story” Bath Light-Year Color Steel Model.


The classic color schemes of Bathnian year are white, green, blue, and red. Model friends perfectly restore the color matching of Bathnon to the Iron Man’s foreign armor. The model friend who knows that Bashunnian sees such an Iron Man model can recognize that this is the color scheme of Bath’s light. If it is placed at the exhibition or at home, it is more individual.


After watching the “Toy Story” made by the above modelmates, is the Bath Light -year color matching Iron Man model inspired? Not only do you have a different color gameplay, but the Iron Man model is also available! Favorite model friends can also try Hudi’s color matching Iron Man model.