Seven types of stockings are tried on, see which beautiful legs, thin, and not hooking


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Stockings have always been an important part of women’s clothing.

Meat -colored stockings


, Comes with grinding skin effect;

Black stockings

, Is a must -have “battle” in Office;

White stockings

, Come with the sense of retro court;

Gray stockings

, Inexplicably exposed.

Looking at the more modified model maps, today we may wish to take a look at ordinary young ladies wearing different stockings in life

actual effect

If you like please please

Three consecutive arrangements


It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. Please close it silently, refuse to spray, thank you.


All the selected products tried on this time are all

Within 20D


Stockings, stockings types include

Middle Stockings, Long Mogo Stockings



Conjoined stockings

The brand includes the relatively well -known Langsha, Antarctic, and Arctic velvet. (I have also published a guide to buying stockings before. Interested friends can read the previous article)

Well, not much to say, let’s take a look at the trial effect of seven stockings now!

NO1. Antarctic letters black silk conjoined socks

Why do you want to say it first? Because it is in these 7 pieces

The most thinner

In, the landlord originally thought that the pure black silk had no pattern pattern. It would be the most thinner. After trying it on, it was found that the stockings defeated the other 6.

This stockings with letter patterns are quite

INS wind

, Suitable for salt and sweet young lady. The size is average, which can be worn by 150-175cm.

Sale: ★★★★★

Compassion: ★★★★


Anti -hook silk performance: ★★★★


NO2. Antarctic Pure Black Silk Sock

This one is a pure black silk conjoined socks, very

Clear, thin soft


Although there is no above letter stockings, but in fact, the effect of the body is relatively thin, and the leg shape is modified.

It is paired with black

Dress, leather skirt, denim shorts

It’s pretty good. It is the design of T crotch. The landlord is 52kg. Although it is not very fat, the thigh is still a little tight when wearing, so this is not recommended to enter the fat MM.

Sale: ★★★★

Compassion: ★★★




Science first,


It means that there is no stockings on the crotch. It can modify the landscaping leg shape. It is more sexy in terms of style. It is suitable for long skirts, skirts, short skirts and shorts.

There are 5 in this stockings

Non -slip design

The elasticity is positioned at the thigh. It is not uncomfortable. It is convenient to wear and take off with body socks. The fabric is soft and comfortable, dry and breathable, and modify the leg shape.

Short: ★★★

Anti -hook silk performance: ★★★



In fact, the original poster could not appreciate the fishing net socks before, but it seemed that it was well matched, and it was still pretty good. This net socks

Great elasticity

, Suitable for matching sweaters, oversizet shirts, Martin boots.

Both the landlord Zhongwang and the small net have been entered. It is recommended that thin people can try the small net …

Xiao Wang is really fat

Compassion: ★★

NO5. Langsha super thin sunscreen skin color conjoined socks

This stockings are really super thin and thin, right to get its slogan

[Thin as cicada wings, light and breathable, like the second layer of skin]

Essence It is one of the most daily wear rates and the most in stockings.


In fact, girls should know that many stockings in summer are disposable, and many are easy to break, but this is quite surprising. The landlord has worn three times and is still strong. The most important thing is that it is very cheap.

No money



Midtop stockings generally refer to stockings that do not exceed the knee, comparison in style

Cute, neighbors, small freshness

The kind of. The host of this stockings is usually worn with JK, and the white black landlords are all available, but the black black is obviously more modified, and the white is more pure.

Anti -hook silk performance: ★★★★★★

No7. Langsha super thin sunscreen gray conjoined socks

This stockings are purchased together with the fifth Belle. The style is the same, that is, the color is different, it is gray. As mentioned above, gray stockings are very textured and high -level. It is not as common as black and fleshy, and more attractive than flesh, but it

Very picky


It is difficult to wear.

After trying it on, the original poster found that gray stockings comparison


Show black legs

, So I recommend that the young lady with white legs can be purchased. Sister Huangpi can avoid it.


Sale: ★★

The correct way to wear stockings

Although girls love wearing stockings, they often encounter stockings

Pull, Goushi

In addition to ensuring the quality of stockings, it is also important to correctly wear stockings.

First of all, before wearing stockings, we must ensure that our fingernails and toenails should be trimmed smoothly to avoid cutting through stockings. Second, before wearing, compare the front and back, and try not to stand.

How to wear stockings to see


The correct way to wash stockings


1. Wash with neutral detergent

When cleaning stockings, it is recommended to use a milder cleaning agent, add the cleaning agent to the water to dilute, and then soak the stockings for about 5 minutes, and then gently rub it with your hands.

2. It is best to rub it gently with your hands

Stockings are best to wash in hand. If you want to put it in a washing machine, please put it in the laundry net to prevent scratching by other clothing accessories.

3. Do not expose to exposure


After the stockings are cleaned, dry it in a cool and ventilated place, just air dry.



Well, today’s trial report will be shared here ~ Regarding the experience and ideas of stockings purchase and wear, you are also welcome to share in the comment area ~

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Compassion: ★★★★

Compassion: ★★★★

Compassion: ★★★★

Compassion: ★★★★

Anti -hook silk performance: ★★★★

Sale: ★★★★

Short: ★★★

Short: ★★★

Anti -hook silk performance: ★★★

Anti -hook silk performance: ★★★

Anti -hook silk performance: ★★★