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On your foot your shoes, you know the goods app today with five good shoes!


Issue 0728

D️Air Jordan No. 1 Gang/Chicago Black toe



Since the end of last year, there have been news that it was engraved with AJ1 Chicago in 2020. It soon came to April 2020. Chicago did not wait. When a “Chicago”, the forefoot was still black. Nike designers really really made it really. Don’t you understand what consumers like? This is just a means of marketing.

S️Adidas Yeezy 500 soil gray


@a Persi teenager


This Yeezy 500 gray color is mainly gray, and the breathable mesh is made. The shoe body is superimposed with breathable mesh, fool leather, hot -melt trim, smooth leather, and 3M reflective trim to create a rich sense of layering. The tongue uses two shades of shades. The flat -designed shoelaces run through a whole tongue, and the elastic fabrics in the shoe body can effectively avoid the tongue bias.

I️Nike Air Force 1 low/Clot co -branded/fan


Tell me about my impression of these shoes. These shoes are the last silk of Edison Chen. At that time, everyone ran to buy the last pair of gimmicks. Well, I do n’t know if it ’s a straight man’ s thinking. I feel that pink does n’t have a macho like me until I get it by myself, and I ca n’t afford it. The face value is really super high. The pants are properly out of the street!


D️Air jordan 1 silk black toe

@小 光


The favorite is the 13 of the 13, but the lightning is very surprised. It is very surprising that I do n’t like it. I have so many …

U️Nike dunk sb blue anger

@C Yangjiang Tsai

Nike dunk sb project plush blue 2020, transparent crystal outsole, purple shoe box, white shoelace effect better


Which of the five sneakers today, which one do you like best?