Autumn and winter baby dress guide, it is recommended to collect


How should a baby in autumn and winter wears clothes? The younger the younger baby, the lower the immunity, and many treasure mothers start headaches as soon as they reach autumn and winter.

Don’t think that the child travels more, the better! First, it is easy to get sick. In fact, the baby’s metabolism is faster than adults. In addition, it always loves it. If you wear too much, you can easily cover sweat and stick to your body. When the cold wind blows, it is easy to get sick.

It is easy to cover 4 problems when wearing too much

1. Weaken disease resistance

Excessive warmth makes the baby lose the opportunity to receive cold -resistant training.


As a result, the body regulation has deteriorated and the antiviral invitation ability becomes weakened.

2. Easy to catch a cold

The baby’s activity is large, the metabolism is fast, and it is easy to catch a cold when wearing too much.


3. Cause dehydration

Long -term excessive warmth, it is easy to make the baby’s body temperature too high and the water loss increases. If the supplement is not timely, it may cause “dehydration”

Affects action development

Wearing too many clothes to restrain the baby’s freedom of action and reduce the amount of activity will not only hinder the development of great movements, but also cause problems such as obesity.

It is too difficult to call Bao Bao Ma!


Don’t worry, let’s talk about how to wear clothes for your baby today.

1. Determine your baby’s warmth and warmth

The most important function of clothing is to keep warm. So before we are talking about how much wearing your baby, we need to understand how to judge the baby’s warmth.

One of the easiest ways is: touching the baby’s back or back of the back temperature. If the baby’s hind or neck is hot, it is just right without sweat. If the baby’s back or back neck is cold, you need to add clothing to your baby. If the baby’s neck or the back of the neck sticks to the lower neck, you need to reduce the clothes for the baby.


Therefore, many parents or elderly people judge the baby’s warmth by touching the baby’s hands and feet is actually wrong. Because the baby is still small, the baby’s blood circulation system has not been perfected, and the blood will give priority to the most important internal organs to ensure that they have enough nutrition, and the hands and feet are far away from the heart. Essence

Second, baby’s dressing rules: less or more

An old Chinese medicine medicine in ancient China has an old saying: if you want to be physical, three -point hunger and cold. With hunger and cold, you can dispatch the body’s moderate resistance. In fact, many pediatricians often say this, that is, this is also applicable to babies.

Studies have shown that too hot is a big reason for infant death. Therefore, you should wear the principles that should be worn for your baby.

In addition, when wearing too much, it will cause great hindrance to the baby’s movement and touch development. Many babies born in winter are very prone to lag in major movement development. If there are some step -by -step periods, if in the autumn and winter seasons, the baby’s steps will lag a lot. The main reason is too much. Because the baby wears too much clothes, on the one hand, the baby is not willing to perform activities; on the other hand, the baby’s movement is particularly inconvenient and bulky.

Third, baby’s dressing formula: +1 <3 months> -1

There is a very simple formula for dressed your baby. In fact, this is related to the baby’s monthly age and weight. That is, if the baby is less than 3 months, the baby’s clothes are one more clothes wearing clothes; if the baby is greater than 3 months, the baby’s clothes are one less than the clothes worn by adults.


Of course, you also need to refer to the baby’s weight. For example, some babies have low weight and they do not have much fat to keep warm, so parents need to judge the warmth by touching the back of the neck.


0-1 years old must enter the list, from left to right:

Top jacket (6 months+), sweater (3 months+), cotton pants (3 months+), sweater (3 months+), vest (month+) Clothing (month+), bag (0-6 months), fart clothing (newborn), butterfly clothing (newborn), shoes (6 months+)

Fourth, baby’s dressing skills: onion -style dressing

When the baby is dressed, especially in the autumn and winter seasons, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. There is a skill: like onion, try to wear a few more layers of clothes as possible, and the two layers of the outside are the best cardigan because it is convenient to wear and take off. If you want to go out, when you go to the car or indoor shopping mall, you must remember to take off a layer of clothes to prevent your baby from being too hot.

Below the small -age baby’s dressing guide is recommended. It is recommended to save it. In the future, you will not make an error when wearing your baby!

1, 0 ~ 6 months dressing guide

2, 7 ~ 12 months dressing guide

3. Reference

4. Size reference:


The principle of attribution is:


Belly should be protected

Babies will always wear less than adults. They are afraid of heat and love activities. They can wear and take off their jackets YYDS.

Baggish clothes can be used as a universal basement


Big butt pants can be prepared from thin to thick.

The vest is also a good cotton with a good cotton.


It is best not to wear two or three pants to wear and take off the urine, and the thighs will not be too cold.

If the basic formula should be good before, back pants, denim clothes, sweaters can also be used

Buy more hat and socks, there are a lot of e -commerce platforms, and it is very colorful to change it.

Finally, it is easy to wear clothes for your baby. You need to sum up your experience. Novice parents must believe in themselves ~

Wearing and wearing a baby, comfortable is the most important. Children can also have a good time. During the process of bringing the baby, it can record the growth time of TA ~