You can wear it on the inside without collar jacket. Choose shorts and more fashionable. Not only is it high but also thinner


The popularity of coats in winter is very high,

If there is no jacket, people can’t be cold in winter

, So it is very important to choose a jacket with a fashionable atmosphere.

There are many styles in the jacket, and you want to make your own shape more personalized.

When choosing a jacket, you must adopt those stylish coat styles

For example, the unreasonable coat is a very good choice.

No collar jacket, as the name suggests, there is no collar jacket,

This kind of jacket feels very fashionable. If there is a short jacket, it is even more temperamental for women.

So how should I choose and match without collarless jacket?

Let’s take a look at these matching skills compiled by Xiaobian.

The collarless jacket can be worn inside or outside. Choosing shorts is more fashionable. Not only is it high but also thin, then a tasteful woman trys the collarless short jacket. The retro and fashionable temperament is beautiful.

The advantages of no collar short jacket

Retro and fashionable

There are many advantages of a collarless short jacket,

For example

It is a very retro jacket style. Using a neat short jacket to match themselves will make women’s shapes retro and full of fashion.



In order to enhance their sense of fashion, women will choose without collar short jackets, and then match a very fashionable item to make the shape more personalized.



Because the length of the neckless short coat is relatively short, it can highlight the woman’s waist.

The proportion of women’s figure is divided through the length of the unmanned short coat,

In this case, it will seem to be better visually, highlighting the good figure of women.

Style without collar short jacket

Bright diamond and short coat


There are many style choices without collar short jackets,

This article leads you to see some of the more fashionable styles of the neckless short jacket,

For example, add a sequin or a bright drill design to the neckless short jacket.

With the sequins or bright drills, the gloss of the short jacket will be brightened

, Make the overall shape look very bright, so naturally attract the eyes of others, making the temperament more attractive.

Printed jacket


If you want to make the shape of the collarless short jacket more colorful,

You can add printed elements to the collarless short jacket

, Use a variety of printing patterns to make women’s shapes more colorful.

But in order to make the image of a long -collar short jacket less fancy,

Therefore, it is recommended that you choose white as the background color of a collarless jacket,

In this case, the pattern of the color will not look too much and messy.

Small fragrant wind short coat

In order to make women’s shapes more intellectual, there is a lady Fan,

You can use the small fragrant wind dance -age short jacket to match,


Xiaoxiangfeng -styleless short jacket can improve women’s sense of service and nobleness.

Xiaoxiangfeng -style unbar short jacket is recommended to choose black,

Because black is relatively low -key in the shape of women, and at the same time, without losing the retro and noble temperament, it can be matched with shorts or skirts.

The combination of no collar short jacket

Collar short jacket set

Some of the combination of no collar short jackets are also worthy of everyone to learn from and imitate.

The simplest method is the matching of the suit,

Choose a suit with a collarless jacket to match yourself to make the shape easier.

Set the style of choosing a skirt style,

That is to use the collarless Xiaoxiangfeng jacket, and then with a skirt of the same set

This shape will give people a very noble and elegant feeling. A white T -shirt inside, the overall shape is very simple.

Collar short jacket+jeans


Unproof short jacket can be matched with jeans,


This way of matching will make the temperament of women more retro

There are many styles of jeans, which can be selected, such as double -colored jeans and light blue jeans can be matched.

Then you can choose the style of the flower material without collar short jacket

This style will make women’s shapes more temperament. If you choose a gray flower short jacket,

Then jeans can be used in dark blue styles.


If you choose a black flower short jacket, you can choose light blue.


Collar short jacket+trousers

In order to make the overall shape more capable and intellectual, can

In order to use trousers to match without a long jacket,

Because as a part of a suit, the trousers itself is capable.

So use a piece of black trousers to match with a short jacket,

It can make women’s shapes more capable. You can choose a sequin or a bright diamond model without a neat jacket. It can also be matched in important occasions.


Unlaxed short jacket+dress

Of course, you can also match the dress without collar short jacket.

It is recommended that you choose a white collarless short jacket with a black dress.

A black and white shape can easily show a noble and simple temperament.

When a female friend chooses a neat short jacket, of course, pay attention to whether the collarless short jacket can show its own capable intellectual sexy and charming femininity. Only by showing the temperament can it be worn out.