Winter elves airborne Chengdu “stubborn” to turn away from the end of the year


Cover reporter Li Xuedan

Winter is urgent to collect warmth, and the festival must be filled with happiness. Gathering warmth and happiness with mysterious surprises, that is, you can unlock the most warm ritual sense of festival. On December 3, the theme event of “Elves Are All Around Winter Elves” was officially unveiled at Chengdu IFS, thereby opening the “Winter Magic Season” at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. The “Gift Workshop” created by Chengdu IFS is moving, accompanied by the naughty winter elf shuttles, wake up the colorful and lively festive atmosphere with a vibrant and playful sense, lead everyone to forget the troubles, feel the carefree career, carefree and carefree. hapiness.


“Elves are all art, the Winter Winter Elves Out of the Stubborn Corps” theme event officially debuted

Slingshot pops up happy password Elf Create Dream Workshop

In the past few years, Chengdu IFS has served a gorgeous winter dream for citizens of Chengdu with a bright and dreamy large device. This time Chengdu’s IFS turns style. In this coldest winter in history, the exclusive “Elves Are All Art Art Winter Elves” theme “Gift Workshop” is created exclusively. In the dream world. The naughty and friendly elf will be surprised to appear around people in the cold season, and jumps into the most special gifts in the cold wind and put them into everyone’s arms.

Mysterious giant slingshot device

When winter arrives, a mysterious giant slingshot device suddenly appears on the Red Star Road. A red nose elf with a red hat stood on it with its gift boxes and sent a pleasant greeting to the world. Essence Once the giant slingshot appeared immediately, it caused everyone to discuss it. The curiosity that could not be reunited and the expectations of the grand holiday were accompanied by a series of sighs frequently sent out.

Following the direction of slingshot and small elves all the way up, Chengdu IFS’s outdoor panda art device I am here welcomed its new friend. The winter elves in the colorful dress are scattered in the seven -story sculpture courtyard. Among them, the main elves built around the Elf Dad are the most spectacular and bright. Especially eye -catching. A number of small elves who came from the distance from the “Elf Special” also ran out of the railway platform created by the Elf Dad, cheering and playing in the center of the city. They either call friends on the seesaw, either eager to release colorful festivals, or walk through in the tunnel, waiting for more new friends at any time. In addition, the enlarged gift belt, fireworks, and color balls were embellished with the desire to come out, and entered a pleasant and wanton “gift workshop madness” with the elf.

The exaggerated and vivid design style makes the existence of this small world lifelike, and the elves are becoming fresh. When the night comes, the golden device will exude a warm light under the surround of lanterns. With beautiful festive music, Chengdu IFS is even more like a happy Tibetan land that needs to be excavated, and more friends are joining.


The seven -story sculpture courtyard turned into a dream “Gift Workshop”

The stories that are happening on these elves can’t help but release their imagination, seeing their inner fairy tale world being opened and full of fun in life. In this unique “gift workshop”, happiness is both the basic principle and the ultimate goal.

Light in the name of love in winter and surprise “Du” to enjoy, warm and interesting

In addition to the humorous elves, this time, Chengdu IFS has also launched more interesting series of limited activities. I hope that people will continue to release the festival spirit of “sharing, friendship, and hope” while feeling joy. Winter.

There will be a beautiful “sound” -the wonderful music can also add wings to imagination. Chengdu IFS will invite the first domestic Akababra music label -Aka Planet to carry out two offline music performances, or to invite lucky lucky. The child completes the flash chorus, or uses Akabela to interpret the classic holiday songs, with music friends, vocal, and in the collision and blending of the sound of natural sounds, the spark of love is burst, and for every ordinary person who lives seriously Come on, explain the love of cities and life with music.

Two online AR interactive applets unlock winter surprises


There will be “essence” fell -in addition to the excellent offline activities, Chengdu IFS will also launch two custom line AR applets for the “finger masters” who love online surfing, invite consumers to scan the QR code by scanning the QR code Enter the magical AR elves, participate in a variety of interesting interactions and win the surprise award. The online “Elf Blind Box” with 7 different elves images not only fully meets the needs of the “blind box control” and “collection control”, but also can also send them at the end of the year to the end of the year. Elves.


At the same time, the small program of the “Stubborn Corps Surprise Party” makes everyone who wants to take photos with the elves for a long -time wish and upload their photos in the applet. The exclusive poster of his own activity has become the new partner of the Elf Kingdom.

There will be “Wang” warm companion -as a witness and participant in the city, Chengdu IFS always insists on conveying social energy in the name of love. During the event, Chengdu IFS will work with the Sichuan Qiming Xiaodian Protection Center to carry out a series of theme public welfare activities to guide the public to pay attention to the stray abandoned animal group in a stronger way of interaction. In the actions of donations and rescue, good partners who help humans with care and love, the animal elf to resist the cold and embrace warmth.

Chengdu IFS specially invited Akka planet offline to open flash chorus


Perfect the fairy tales and contexts, and use the fun series to connect the rich activities. Chengdu IFS uses a surreal and interesting adventure to make everyone happy and fun in the cold, and find the original intention of happiness. This year, when you come to the “Universe Center” to spend the winter, accompanied by the funny and cute elves shuttle around, maybe a wonderful and happy surprise will come to you at any time.

Activity information

“Elves are all art, the Winter Winter Elves Out of the Stubborn Corps” theme activity

Activity time: December 3, 2021-January 3, 2022

Activity location: Chengdu IFS seven -story sculpture courtyard


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