The facial cleanser is the same as the shower gel? is that true?


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Although Beijing is regarded as the north, it is not hot in summer. The hottest days ago, I felt that I couldn’t wait to take a bath every hour to refresh.

The students of the evolutionary theory asked such a question: shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, all three products were clean and used on their bodies.


Shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, are they three of them the same thing? Can they mix it?

What is the difference between each other? Is it a category that the merchant deliberately created for more money to make more money?

Simply put, they do have the same or similar parts, but they are also very different. There will be such a distinction, which is meaningful.

What is the same as shampoo, shower gel, and facial cleanser?

Whether it is shower gel, shampoo, and facial cleanser, it is essentially clean products.


And these clean products are essentially

Relying on the surfactant

Essence No matter what kind of products mentioned above, the “cleaning” role is the surfactant.

How is the surfactant “dirty”? I used to draw such a picture in the “Pop’s Laboratory”

How does the surfactant form a beam

Surface active agents are basically similar to this,

Wrap the fat through the beam, take it away with the water

Essence In fact, it is not just shower gel, shampoo, etc., including makeup remover like Bedma.

So from this perspective,


The shampoo, facial cleanser, bath gel, and even makeup remover we use every day, the most essential principles are the same.

Is that the same principle that the same three products can be mixed?

Of course it is not recommended!


What is the difference between shampoo, shower gel, and facial cleanser?

Because the cleaning objects are different, the cleaning power requirements are different, and the requirements after cleaning are different, resulting in many products different.


Shower Gel

Because the goal is to clean the body, and because the body is relatively small, the skin is considering the moisturizing of the skin, so many times

There are more considerations in terms of moisturizing agents and moisturizers



After the basic cleaning, it is necessary to consider how to design the formula to make the hair smoother and more smooth. The smoothness here is not necessarily the kind of smoothness after conditioner,

But if you want to do not dry, you need to have a special design

Like United Lea Hua and Procter & Gamble have many formula patents in this regard.

cleasing milk

Because the facial sebaceous glands are developed, they are relatively sensitive, and they have higher requirements for use. So it will add more

Moisturizers, moisturizers, thickeners, etc.

There are even many considerations for the amount of foam, the fine density of the foam.

In recent years, due to the attention of sensitive skin and overclaiming, more orientation of the use of amino acid tables and glucoside cosmetics, so that

The general cleaning power of facial cleansers and shampoo is weaker than typical soap groups and SLS.


Therefore, it can be seen that although it is on the surface active agent, for different needs, with different other additives and ingredients, facial cleanser, shampoo, and shower gel are still different.

Can facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo mixed?

Knowing the similarity of them and understanding their differences, this question is better to judge.

Theoretically, yes, but

In fact, it is not recommended

When it was said that when men used skin care products, some students said that their boyfriend/husband did not buy a cleansing. Every morning, when washing her hair and bathing at night, they used shampoos to touch two with their faces and then washed their faces.

In this case, as mentioned earlier, because there are certain similarities, it is not impossible.

If you want to say that you only choose one to wash your whole body, I think shampoo will be more appropriate. Because if you wash your hair with a cleansing or shower gel, like mentioned earlier, it is very dry that the hair is very dry.

But even so, still

Recommend everyone to be dedicated to this matter

Essence Special circumstances are not a problem with replacement, but it is recommended not to mix daily.

Which surfactants are clean, gentle and cheap?

There are many types of surfactants, but it is really not easy to really want a good, gentle, and cheap table activity. This is always the case in real life. There are always few beauty things. You are doing different choices in 99.99%.


SLS and SLES are currently clean surfactants, and the price is relatively cheap.

But if you use it alone, the mildness is relatively poor. In particular, many students in SLS have reflected that the cleaning power is too strong.

At present, the “moderate” surfactant is the most applied

Speaking of amino acids

I have introduced it in detail before. However, the amino acid table is relatively expensive, and there are some types of foaming that will be worse, and some students who have requirements for foam may be less satisfied.

Another type is


The watch is relatively gentle, and it is also the most friendly green table to live in the environment. But the same price is high, and

It is easy to appear “not clean”

It also affects the cleaning experience.

You see, 种 Several tables that are commonly used in facial cleansers and shampoo now have some advantages, but they are also insufficient.



The more common situation now is that different types of surfactants are reproduced and used

Essence For example, the complexity of Sles and amino acid tables is very common. In the one hand, it ensures good cleaning power, and at the same time, mildness is also improved, which can basically meet the needs of most students.

Like myself, now more will still choose amino acid table activity or SLES re -enabled amino acid surface cleansing. As a polarized skin with better tolerance, I think these two types of live combinations are enough to satisfy my. Demand.

In fact, I think the theme of today’s article is quite interesting, and it is also a problem I have before.

Although the surfactants are used as the main component of cleaning, the targets of the role, as well as different requirements for cleaning power and skin feel, are still clearly different from shower gel, facial cleanser and shampoo.

At the same time, this is also a good example, to warn us

“High effect ingredient content” does not mean that the product must be more expensive. This is still obvious in skin care products

Therefore, overall, it is recommended that you use shower gel to clean your body, wash your face, wash your face, and shampoo. It is not impossible to mix it in special cases, but there is really no need to do this everyday. Isn’t the development of science and technology just to make the experience of daily life better?

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